Belief Systems Anonymous

By Raphael Awen

Life is relating to all of me, and I in turn am relating to all of life.

It’s happening in the background with or without my awareness. I may be thinking about something pressing, but while I’m given to that awareness, a million other potential concerns are moving along effortlessly.

This is such a bizarre reality for each of us, so much so, that we screen it out and normalize it into everyday waking reality. We toss around the ‘hey, how are you’ greeting out of need to do something with the reality that an I and a you coexist somehow together. But behind our polite or impolite interface with life, is this awesome awe that none of us really knows what to do with. We look and we can only sustain contact for brief moments, and we must turn away, for the fear of the awesomeness that will most surely consume us, leave us no more. But, make no mistake, each of us feels this awesomeness and lives in total fear of it, on a deeper level.

This addresses why we form looking glasses and belief systems with which to look at life, for to look without a looking glass would surely be to die. Even everything I just said above and will go on to say is being produced and filtered by my current belief system.

You cannot live without suitable clothing and unprepared in a harsh cold climate and so it is in this harsh climate of duality that we live in everyday. We must choose one thing over the other and then busy ourselves in that pursuit. Our looking glass is what provides the data to interpret what really matters and what doesn’t. Who’d want to be without that? What would be left in life without that?

Feel for a moment the You who doesn’t know life outside of its looking glass. Feel the myriad of different looking glasses that people choose, how different and opposing they are to one another. Feel how defensive we are about our looking glass being challenged. Then feel in this myriad of difference, the commonality of the fact that we all cling to the need to have a belief system.

We should all check into Belief Systems Anonymous. ‘Hi, my name is Raphael and I’m a looking-glassaholic. I’ve been sober for going on thirteen years and while I still use my looking glass everyday, my sobriety is found in my acknowledgement of that. Prior to being sober, I couldn’t admit or take responsibility for my looking glass. So many were the problems of this fusion to my belief system, so many the judgments of myself and others, which led me deeper and deeper into a form of OCD so insidious, for the simple fact that everyone around me were also unrepentant looking glassaholics. My sober years are opening me more and more, with awareness and admission, to more and more glances of unfiltered reality, to the infinity of love that I can’t begin to describe, but my feelers feel it, and I am overcome with tears. These kinds of nervous breakdowns are the best. I need one quite often just to be able to go on. I need to tell you who I am and what my challenges have been and are before I can feel sane attempting to relate to you any further. Thank you for listening to my story.’

Where is life asking you to feel the edges of your belief system now? What parts of you hold different and even often opposing belief systems inside of you? How is life’s relationship with you wanting to change and shift into new ground of your ongoing awakening into the deeper infinite love that you actually are!

Raphael Awen

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