A Day In My Life During High Energies

By Jelelle Awen
We are acclimating to these higher energies coming in….all days it seems, even as we can feel an increase in them during specific portal openings, gateways, and repeating number dates. This calibrating process feels like it is going on at all levels for all of us (whatever degree our consciousness can let it in)….cellular (definitely ‘every living cell’ is being UPgraded), emotional, mental, chakral/energetic, social. This is our NEW normal. How to BE with this activating and integrating of these energies is something that we are all learning as we BEcome sacred humanity together.

Yesterday, as the HIGH energies continued to flood in (I often ‘see’ them as waves, swooshing into Gaia’s atmosphere and our inner shores too), I felt myself naturally responding and adjusting to them. I wanted to share here a sort-of energy diary/journal of my day spent as a highly intuitive and sensitive person (as YOU are too, I imagine if you are reading this) during these higher peak energy days. This also shows how the SoulFullHeart way of life and parts process just weaves organically into my days as I respond to my soul purpose around offering it here.

February 27 – I begin my daily check-in with myself in the morning after my usual breakfast of smoothie and hot cacao tea. I start to get a sense of how my body is feeling, how my heart is feeling, how whatever parts or Metasoul aspects I am connecting with in the moment are feeling. I can feel intense dreams still lingering with me, the details starting to fade, the left over sensations of my astral self traveling to other dimensions and timelines during sleep. I begin to get a sense of the cosmic energies pressing ‘down’ on me from above and receive a visual of them flowing down into Gaia’s orbit too. My inner energy gauge offers that they are at a “8” on a scale of 10.

With the energies so high today, it is a time to be gentle with myself and to breathe. The inner time is particular important on these days as I have experienced if I try to push through them and just do things without consciously bringing the energies into my body and heart, it is more difficult and even painful. Meditation space for me changes every day, depending on what my personal needs are and where the Divine, my Higher Self, and Guides are leading me. Sometimes my meditations are quiet and still with little thought; sometimes they are epic feeling, multidimensional journeys to engage in galactic love ambassador work on a collective level; sometimes they are very personal with tears and pain moving through while connecting with my Metasoul and parts.

Today is a recalibration day. This means that I place my beloved crystals and stones over sacred geometric cutouts laid over my chakras. I move my selenite wand over all of my chakras, checking in as I do, cutting cords if necessary, moving energies from others that are stuck in my field back out again. I do this with love in my heart and gently, not with a desire to ‘cast out’ negative entities or coming from a place of fear. If I feel fear then, again, I check in with my parts to see what is going on. I listen to activating music that pulses through me, that seems to shift every molecule and every cell in just taking it in. Today, I am guided to this new one from Lokos TV: https://youtu.be/-8odB7lxjUc

My Arcturian Metasoul sister named Binkh is here, smiling at me sweetly. She tells me that I am backed up in terms of letting in the new energies from not going into self care spaces enough recently. I understand immediately what she means and soft tears start to flow as I reconnect with my inner spaces and her love. My focus has been more outward during the last week as we have all been working hard in SoulFullHeart to launch our new programs and I am designing a new year-long process for us as well. It is love work, soul joy work that just flows out….BUT on higher energy days it is even more necessary for me to take spaces for self love too.

I let the binaural tones flutter through me, feeling Kundalini start to activate, swirl, and twine up and down my spine in response. I ask the current ascension energies to infuse me, activate me, and invite them into my every living cell. Doing this consciously allows parts of you that might be resistant to the process to hear and feel your declaration that you actually WANT these upgrades. If I feel resistance to the latest activations, I then check in with my parts or Metasoul Aspects to connect with them and see what is going on. Today, there is no resistance, especially as I have recently integrated a big shadow piece from my Metasoul that was playing out karma and self sacrifice patterns in my service of love with others. My most recent Metasoul sister (an Aryan Draco named Metsbet) is ‘tucked in’ and happy, safe, and loved in the moment when I check in with her. I feel a new flush of even deeper self worth that is grounding into my Metasoul and multiple timeline expressions too, along with my emotional body. I feel Divine Sophia smiling at me, sending love.

I take in an hour or so of ‘energy therapy’ with Binkh hovering over me, working on me in ways that I can’t track with my mind, yet always make me feel better. My trust in her has deepened greatly over the last couple of years as I healed from trauma held by my Star Seed (4D Inner Child) from being ‘abducted’ for many years in my childhood. When this therapy is done, I then ground it into my body by doing yoga for awhile. We all in the SoulFullHeart Community love to engage in yoga with Adriene programs as she is funny, approachable, and brings a seemingly fresh spin to it. Her videos are available online here: https://www.youtube.com/user/yogawithadriene Finding a way to ground the current ascension energies into your body through some form of physical activity and exercise really seems to help lessen the intensity of ascension body systems. Stretching especially offers a deeper integration into every cell.

I then help Gabriel, Raphael, and Kalayna to film an introduction video to our new programs, enjoying to be in the alchemy process with them. Because I have given myself some ‘me spa time’ with meditation and yoga, I’m able to be more expansive and present with them as we collaborate together. We all live in the same building, so we see each other quite often and lately have been meeting every day as we work together on the new programs. Living in a close community like this, I find that I need my inner space even more and also in order to serve others in session space and to share my writings and respond to them.

Throughout the day, I keep feeling into if writing will come today to share on my blog and on facebook, and to make into a video to share. My writing (soul scribing really, as someone has sweetly called it) is not planned or strategized, as the inspiration for it usually comes in the moment. I have the idea for this energy journal writing while I am doing yoga, yet it feels like it is not ‘ripe’ to share today. My writing on the recent energy surges has gotten a lively response with many shares and comments, for which I read every comment, took them into my heart, and responded to almost every one of them. I ‘hold’ response to my writings this way and my videos too. This is the service of love aspect of it that goes beyond recognition as a ‘good’ writer or even for the ‘goal’ of sharing my ideas or perspectives in an educational way. It is about the energy exchange, the love collaboration that happens as two souls see each other through a shared, resonant experience. THIS is why I write, to engage in this energy, to serve love through this exchange….and also to share the SoulFullHeart way of life perspective and energies too to those who may be resonant with them.

I don’t have a space holding session today, so my focus turns toward SoulFullHeart projects. An outline for a new, year-long SoulFullHeart Process births out of me. This process brings together all the things that I have heard and felt as needs, desires, and interests from those that we’ve served in sessions over the last year, plus over the last 15 years of working with parts and soul awakening. This birthing of the new process is a welcome surprise as I have felt it gestating in me for awhile. Creativity such as this is possible on these high energy days especially, once the codes have been let in and you are in the flow with it rather than parts of you resisting it.  You can read more about our new programs here: soulfullheartwayoflife.com/sessions

I finish my day by enjoying a dinner at a veggie buffet restaurant with my beloved mate Raphael and my daughter Raianna. We laugh, we share stories, we engage in lighter content even as the deeper soul context holds it all. I look at them across the table from me and feel such gratitude for their presence, their sharing of this reality with me….so grateful for their love. THIS, then, is one of the biggest ways that I can integrate the energies of New Earth coming in…through being in and with this commUNITY of beloveds and our group Merkabah together that flows abundantly with love and gratitude.

Thank you for taking in this sharing of my day into your heart! Maybe it inspired you to feel and approach your integration of these ascension energies in new ways. Much love to you as we undergo this exciting and transformational time of transition into the NEW…..together.
Jelelle Awen is Co-creator/Facilitator/Teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is a Soul Scribe and author of three books about Ascension. Visit soulfullheartwayoflife.com for more information about our NEW SoulFullHeart process programs, group calls, videos, etc. Visit our patreon page to offer a monthly or one time money donation to support our offerings at https://www.patreon.com/soulfullheart.

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