More Schumann/Gaia Spikes October 5-6: Are You Feeling Them?

By Jelelle Awen

More sustained periods of HIGHER frequency Gaia/Schumann resonance yesterday (October 5th) and today, October 6th…already!! As you can see from the graph, these spikes seem to come in around 14:00 or 2:00pm….I’m honestly not sure which timezone this particular graph is from as they measure from six different places in the world. Yet, the specific and exact timing seems to matter less as the vibration carries out in a non-linear way and you may feel it hours/days even weeks later.

As I am tuning into these fluctuations more and more in recent weeks (being guided to honestly, like Metatron has these graphs on a long scroll and is passing them in front of me to look at and study lol!)….I am feeling that this awakening activation works on a similar level as listening to high frequency music and sounds does on a regular basis. Raising our consciousness through the sustained offering of higher vibrational frequency, impacting our brain wave patterns…with Gaia being the broadcast center for it!

I’m finding that listening to high frequency/solfeggio tones/ASMR music is actually helping with the calibration and adjustment to these increasing frequencies. Sound bathing will very often relieve the physical aches and pains and especially ‘third eye’ headaches. My favorite is Lokos Music Youtube Channel with hundreds of offerings there and a new one each day:

It does feel like we are being calibrated to Gaia’s higher frequency as She also dips into and moves into 5D vibration. It feels like this is in preparation for ongoing disclosure and navigating the necessary rumbles going on in 3D to 4D timeline adjustments….politically especially. This rumbling transition pushes up denser emotions to be felt and processed: rage, shame, guilt.

Vibing in with Gaia happens as we raise our own frequencies too through emotional body healing, soul awakening, soul/star family connections, and physical vitality and health. Through connecting with ourselves and all parts of us too and caring compassionately about the reactions and feelings going on.

It feels SO clear that Gaia wants us to come along on this high vibe journey and adventure WITH Her!

Jelelle Awen
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