Energy Update: Moving Into Your Highest Timeline

By Jelelle Awen

Sweetest energies of your highest timeline are coming in to be received, downloaded, and let into your heart space! These downloads may come ‘in’ through your upper chakras first as inspired visions, vivid dreams, and grand ideas. Soul purpose clarities can flood through as you connect/merge with your star family, soul family, guides and Metasoul aspects from higher vibrational timelines. You start to remember as your veil is lifting WHY you came here and what you are to BE/DO here during this lifetime.

Then, the desire bakes in your heart as a fondness, a warmth that spreads through your whole BEing. You feel both excitement AND some anxiety as the passion mingles with trust…. pushing up any remaining distrust in parts of you to feel and love. You are invited by the Divine to surrender into this desire, letting it lead and alchemize in your life with less and less effort. This is how you kNOW that you are moving into your higher timeline because synchs, connections, and support come forward from all directions to assist you. It feels as if the heavens themselves are making it all happen WITH you.

I noticed that after some ‘quiet’ energy days, we are being offered more energy waves to support this shifting into our highest timelines too! The Schumann reading from the last couple of days shows a period of elevated frequency with a couple spike beyond 40 Hz at some points.


AND we are in an elevated SOULar winds phase again (in the upper 500’s km/sec) with a geomagnetic storm that came in the evening October 14th, according to

As I flew over the United States and Mexico on my way here to Canada the other day, I felt the MAGIC of moving into your highest timeline as I am doing now. I could feel it in my BEing as a rightness, similar to falling in love yet at an even higher frequency. There really is an ease to everything as the details come together to serve the bigger picture.

It takes a focus, for sure, and sometimes some difficult choices of saying “no” to what doesn’t support the higher timeline. It takes a trust in the money continuing to flow, even if you aren’t sure from where. Sometimes it takes just pure physical work too, although the heart and soul experience this ‘work’ with joy! What better reason is there than LOVE to change your whole life around?

The bigger picture of serving love as you are connected to your soul purpose makes ALL of the effort worth it though as love brings more love and joy brings more joy!

Photos are from the hours long sunset from the air that we got to experience as we headed across the south western U.S.! Amazing codes! And we were seated on the wing, of course!


Jelelle Awen

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