Solar Flare Ascension Energy Update & Video | Raphael & Jelelle Awen

By Jelelle Awen

“In the last 24 hours alone, the sun has produced more than 19 solar flares. The tally includes five M-class explosions and a powerful X2.2-class flare. The fusillade is likely to continue as colossal sunspot complex AR2993-94 turns toward Earth in the days ahead,” according to

19 flares in the last day, including the most powerful type of X class……..and more are expected from this very active sunspot region, including CMEs triggering auroras! There is a definite acceleration now in the sun’s activity since the Equinox and as we move into a more active solar cycle.

This morning, Raphael and I were talking together about the many ancient prophecies about solar flares leading to mass transition/death of the old and change for Humanity as we move out of the Kali Yuga phase (dark ages since Atlantis fell along with humanity’s consciousness into 3D.) It does feel as if the sun’s transmissions as downloaded from the Great Cosmic sun directly support our awakening, even as the magnetics and photonic light can impact our auric/soul/physical/emotional/bodies in sometimes intense ways.

In this video recorded live on April 20th on FB, we share about the recent increase in solar flares, how they connect to the bigger picture of Ascension and how you might be experiencing them. We also talk about how solar flares and solar activity relates to healing the patriarchal wounded masculine control matrix through transmission of sacred masculine potency combined with care.

We share ways that you can bring these sun codes into your field consciously negiotated with parts of you (including your soul guardian aspect that we call the Gatekeeper) that allows for more upgrades and less negative/challenging impact. And we will offer our bigger picture sense of Divine trust and surrender around these solar activations.

The sun is helping humanity to awaken and rise!!


Jelelle Awen

Image is of the X2 flare as it burst out of the sun (lower right corner)

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