When Upside Down Becomes Right Side Up


By Sequoia Heartman

We are living in a time when the worldview we have subscribed to and identified with seems to be turning upside down. All the systems and beliefs our 3D self has held onto so dearly are coming under review with new energy and information making their way into the body collective. Our own personal attachments to the 3rd Dimension are being highlighted for us to feel as the ascension moves on in its own volition. As more and more of the collective begin to wake up to this, the rate of pace feels like it will pick up in an exponential fashion. This is where tensions will run high and conflicts may begin to be more common. Environmental shifts may follow.

But rather than seeing it through the lens of the 3D self, we can feel it through the greater context of the 5D heart. This is where things are turning right side up. We are coming back into alignment and into our more authentic crystalline/light nature. This world is literally upside down from the 3D perspective. Abundance instead of scarcity, cooperation instead of competition, No Time instead of linear time, Love instead of Fear. So for the 3D aspect of us, these are tumultuous times. Death is on the horizon and it can’t be stopped. But from the 5D perspective it is an Emergence. A time of glorious opportunity and thrival in relation to what we have experienced over the millennia.

This is a time of compassionate self-love and contextual understanding. We need to be loving and educating ourselves through alternative media and our own relationship to the guidance within us. The more you can go in and feel, heal, and release the more loving the transition will be. There is also support and guidance in heart to heart contact. That is what SoulFullHeart has been called to offer. An ark into this new territory. We live it everyday and are here to serve those that feel life is getting bumpy and need a passage through and want to be in connection with those that feel the same.

Here’s to Right Side Up and not Upside Down.

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Sequoia Heartman is a writer and a SoulFullHeart facilitator. Please visit soulfullheartwayoflife.com for more information and inspiration.