Manifesting Your Dreams As You Become Your 5D Self

By Jelelle Awen
Do you feel your dreams? The desire dreams that remain preserved even in a life that offered that they weren’t OK? The dreams that remain even with a 3D culture that taught parts of you to flatten and modulate the extremes of your desires, so they could fit in a box? A culture that supported parts of you to shrink to fit your passions within the straight line of a linear reality?
So, your soul and Higher Self says, “I will hold onto the dreams. I will keep them close to my heart. I will reveal them when the timing is right. When you have let go of enough of the OLD life and the OLD conditioning that limits me and my expression in your world, I will help you manifest these dreams then. I will serve as a bridge to the Divine so you can hear how these dreams connect to your soul purpose. I will motivate you to keep awakening, keep healing, and keep feeling, so that these dreams can come into your waking consciousness more and more.”
As you give space to your soul and your 5D Self…..feeding it, nurturing it, swimming in it. As you identify what is your soul and what is NOT, your conditioned self and other aspects that are not….then, the dreams become your LIVING reality, your heaven on earth, your deepest fantasies realized.
And, at this point, you are grateful, humble, surrendered…..letting go even as you are deeply wanting what you most want. The parts of you that previously felt entitled or expectant or unworthy to receive these dreams are receiving the love they need to release their false attachments and to let in the LOVE that is coming to them as these dreams manifest.
So, your soul/5D Self says, “This is what I always wanted for you. And now I can BECOME you more and more! And THAT is the best realization of the dream that there IS and what we are here to experience together.”
The Divine’s dream for us is to BE in this experience of SOUL coming through human body, human heart, human mind… feel how we are Infinite Love in human form and to FEEL the potential and the possibilities of this as Its dreams for us manifest through and AS us more and more.
Jelelle Awen
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