Energy Update: Powerful SOULar Wind Stream, Bright Auroras

By Jelelle Awen

We are now IN the SOULar wind stream….bringing in accelerated wind speeds and heightened geomagnetic frequencies. Wind speed is and has been close to 500 km/sec (‘Normal’ is around 250 to 300.) This is a powerful stream as the larger canyon-sized coronal hole to make us whole is facing us in the moment. It’s producing really bright and vibrant auroras in the higher elevations, as you can see in the image I shared.

I am now like a person who can feel an ache in their joints when it is going to rain…I can FEEL tension in my head and neck when the geomagnetic frequencies are higher. This is both a blessing (an easy barometer) and a bit of a literal pain for awhile. Stretching via yoga, selenite cleansing, salt baths…. all seem to help move this tension out. Head/neck/shoulder pain is common with these energies too as those of us sensitive to energies can feel the ramping up.

More geomagnetics seem to increase emotional tensions too….the irritability, impatience….even moving into full on rage and outbursts. It’s as if the setting on your emotional reactions is turned UP and parts of you may respond with whatever needs to come up and out. Rage is suppressed passionate truth telling and often needs the outlet of being expressed and heard by you. These energies offer that opportunity.

I am digesting with my Star Family and Inner Earth guides the bigger picture of what is going on with the spikes in Gaia’s frequency waves, Gaia’s inner earth ‘ringing like a bell’ recently on 11/11, unexplainable seismic activity, increasing geomagnetic activity….all seeming to lead up to a magnetic pole shift possibility. This is not so much about finding specific answers and timelines/dates for all this, yet feeling how it is ALL held with love to bring about a much larger scale collective awakening and ascension! I’ll be sharing more soon what I am downloading about this….

Self love and self care, tuning in and going in……and just BEing with the parts of you that need you are all important during these elevated energies!!

I’ve written often about SOULar winds and geostorms and how they may impact you on emotional/energy/physical body levels in energy updates, which you can read here:…/energy-updates-with-jelell…/

Jelelle Awen
1:1 sessions to emotionally/physically/energectially digest and let in these energies with parts of yourself and Metasoul….more info above!

WOW vibrant aurora picture taken by Chad Blakley on December 1, 2018 @ Abisko National Park, Sweden