Golden Earth Now

By Raphael Awen


Golden Earth Now.

Feel those 3 words for a moment.

What do they stir on your insides?

I feel golden earth is real. It’s a place. It’s a dimension. It’s a dwelling place…and you can validate it for yourself. And, sadly, you, and only you can exclude yourself from knowing it as well…but why would you want to?

The realm you live in now, the one you are aware of, that you have no doubt exists, that doesn’t seem in any way to require any faith to see as real…..I’m going to ask you to rethink, refeel…

New science is proving that the world around us that we feel as real has the properties and experience that we feel it to have precisely because we see it and feel it in the way that we do. We’ve become really good at it, so good in fact that most of the time it appears seamless. Let’s call it 3D reality.

If there’s one thing that 3D living leaves us with, it’s unanswered desires, aches and a hunger for something more. If you disagree with that idea, can I ask you why you are reading this article? Even the desire to disagree is a desire to contend, to fill a need.

It all points us to something. That ‘something’ is profoundly true and it can’t be contained in any one of our religions, spiritualities though they all point to it. It’s bigger than that.

At the danger of diminishing it (in my own perception at least) I relate to this something by the name of Golden Earth. Naming something is always a dangerous thing as labels can so be used to minimize awe and wonder, but this is equally true of everything.

Golden Earth is here now. It actually exists in its fullness and entirety inside of every single atom of your and my being. There is actually very credible science for this, and yes, it changes everything. The divide between science and the mystical is evaporating.

If this heaven is a future hope that is real, it actually can’t be true unless you can access it in the now. If the hell that many live in, (and I’m deeply sorry for any deep pain that you may be living through right now) in the present moment is real, that reality is only real to the degree that it’s opposite of much greater glory is also real.

Even our pains and our distractions point us to our pure centre of infinite love and connection for ourselves and every living thing, time and space.

And God forbid that you spend another moment reading about this at the expense of feeling it inside of you. In glorious fact, if you forgot I existed and the world around you currently clamouring for your attention, and instead placed your awareness on this inside of Golden Earth Now inside of you, and let it find its way in and through you, that orgasm of your being would be your greatest address of your deepest response-ability to your world around you.

I’m going to go back to my own orgasm now, and leave you with a song that comes from a Christian source.

I invite you to feel past that label and see if it opens you out. This song captures the feeling of letting go of deep karmic pain in order to let in, and I’m feeling that so many need this is a first step to enter their own Golden Earth Now reality.

Just be re-membered to the fact that all this song is speaking to is all you. The river, the water, the lord is all you….

Enjoy, and thank you for joining me in a stunning orgasm of heart and soul and reunion….

Raphael Awen is co-creator, teacher, and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Please visit for more information and inspiration.

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