Worlds Within Worlds Are Within You To Discover

By Jelelle Awen


All is magic arising in every moment to be seen, felt, and let in. Worlds within worlds inside of you to explore, to discover, to uncover. Let in the magic that you ARE and SEE it all around you as your filter changes. How you see the world is how you see yourself. How you feel about the world is how you feel about yourself. How you experience the world is how you experience yourself.

In a place of self loving discovery, you are curious about all the dimensions and expressions of yourself. You are collecting and investigating your soul aspects, the fractals that come from the same source, the versions of you in so many different forms and expressions.

As you are curious about the star being YOU, the galactic you, the version you have been much more than you have been human and for so very much longer…..this aspect of you can begin to give you messages and show you signs of your galactic nature. You may hear and experience and feel this as ‘outside’ of you and you may become a channel for this energy and the messenger of the stars. Yet then when you embrace these star beings as versions of you does the intimacy go so much deeper. They can take you on a journey of remembrance and embodiment, they can bring you UP into higher frequencies. You become them more and more and their frequencies integrate into you, become you, and you are that much more galactic because of it.

As you are curious about other lifetimes in other ‘periods of time’, versions of you living different experiences in different settings connect with you. Stepping through the portal that opens with your heart eagerness and your soul’s desire, you are transported to the scenes that these parallel selves live in: the courtyards, the stables, the castles, the fields, the space ships of light, the mountains, the churches. Backdrops that hold the setting for this scenes of soul expression. You can dial in a year: 1930, 1100, 1880 and then see what you can see. You can go there to these places and be with and feel the aspects of your soul in these settings and what they are experiencing. You can help them heal and move on. And you too can become them eventually as they integrate into you and the energy of their existence is released and ascended.

Worlds within worlds are inside of you to discover. Sign up for the trip, earn the trip by your self love and willingness to go within and with your willingness to feel. Follow the guideposts to the next place and the next. And, if you want the support and some guidance and loving space holding, let us know at SoulFullHeart because these kinds of inner adventures and discoveries and movements are what we LOVE to do and be part of and hold space for!

Life IS magical and so are you. Believe it, feel it, live it, experience it. And so it IS.

Note: We will talk more about this exploration into soul aspects and terrains and offer you a personal sense of this ground through a guided meditation during our group call coming up this Saturday, February 18th.

Jelelle Awen is a writer and co-creator/teacher/group facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information about sessions with her, online group calls and circles, community, videos, and more.

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