Accessing Your Lemurian/Atlantian Metasoul Aspects In The Now: SoulFullHeart Weekly Museletter (Oct 15, 2018)

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This week has been a week of deeper self-discovery for many, though of course this journey is ongoing for all. This week in particular, Jelelle Awen digested some inner movements in her own Metasoul related to Atlantis and Lemuria. She offers in the featured article this week, that these timelines are bleeding through right now, and that sometimes overlay onto your current reality:

“I am seeing in sessions that the bleed through of these and other timelines can create a ‘twinning’ effect on your current reality. It is as if these timelines are sandwiched in with yours. This is beyond just an overlapping. What is happening to and with your Metasoul aspects in these other twinning timelines feels AS IF it is also happening to you. Your and their emotional realities are entwined too with much of their despair and pain flooding through to yours.”

She goes on to explain that there are many gifts offered through the process of connecting with these and many other Metasoul Aspects:

“As you open UP to the multidimensional nature of your soul, you discover the gifts that are waiting. The WHYs and HOWs of your current life expand much beyond the present timeline context. You receive answers, clarities, and lifted memories that offer huge self empowerment as a reflection of your Divine nature!”

There are several new articles and audio recordings offered this week by Raphael and Jelelle Awen, and Gabriel Heartman. They include energy updates and personal process digestions, as well as different ways in which you can feel and live into change and the impact it has on your parts as well as the desire you may have for it.

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Energy Update: Ramping Up To Heal 3D Wounding, Other Timeline/Lifetimes (Ancient Egypt)

By Jelelle Awen

These are the days and nights of near constant energetic influxes coming into Gaia’s atmosphere through Lunar/SOULar/planetary sources (that represent our inner cosmos and galaxies and star systems too.) There is a sense of ‘ramping up’ as we move into the total lunar eclipse tomorrow on Friday, July 27th and Lion’s Gateway on August 8th. This ramping up is personal to each of us, offering what we most need to see/feel/become aware of to move more into alignment with our highest timeline.

The ramping UP energies could be an illumination for you of more 3D-based and anchored woundings/traumas from this life, often held in parts of you such as your Inner Protector, Inner Child, Inner Teenager, etc. Life situations and relationships can come up to mirror these woundings and offer a way for you to become aware of them through getting to know the parts of you that hold them. Soft, compassionate, curious spaceholding toward these parts of you and becoming separate from the energy of them helps to emotionally digest these traumas.

Many 3D anchored parts of people are being triggered right now in response to these more intense energies….sometimes in sudden outbursts and conflicts or with strong emotions such as despair/depression, acute anxiety, rage/anger…..all coming up to be felt. This is the ‘trailing edge’ of your BEing, the deeper core wounded frequencies of your emotional body, that just want to be loved, bridged to, and integrated into your growing Divine Self.

The ramping up energies could be lifting more of the veil of amnesia for you to see/feel/remember other timelines/lifetimes in your Metasoul (your personal Higher Self soul source). These timelines can be strongly bleeding through right now, especially with whatever frequencies the Divine is amplifying for collective/personal healing. That seems to be the ‘ancient Egyptian’ timeline in the moment, especially as we head into the Lion’s Gateway. This timeline is not actually in the ‘past’ nor ‘ancient’, yet energizing in the Now and contains many dark/difficult/polarized frequencies in it. As we relate with these timelines in the current and feel their present day influence on us, it helps us to separate out from them.

I have been connecting the last week with my Metasoul aspect/sister from ‘Ancient Egypt’ named Ashme. She is not just a ‘past life’ and she is not ‘me’, yet rather she is a sister from the same soul source, a fractal (if you will) from the same source, that is alive in the Now. As we bond together, I feel her life in Egypt, where she belonged to a cult of Sekhmet (a form of Divine Feminine Goddess that has strong warrior/wounded masculine tones in its representation).

As I go into her timeline with her through meditative visits, I am able to help her heal the textures of patriarchal abuse and misuse of Divine Feminine magic/energy that she is needing relief from, along with a co-rescue from this timeline into a higher dimensional space (for my Metasoul, that is almost always to 4D Avalon). As Ashme lets go into my heart space and trusts more all of our Metasoul sisters that have awakened, she releases her gifts of higher dimensional consciousness to me.

It is this gift exchange between us and our Metasoul aspects that heals and releases karma on a quantum level as unification of the soul happens on a profound and deep level. This is also the work that we do in session space with people to connect with their Metasoul aspects and the timelines they are living in.

There is more about parts/Metasoul aspects/the Gatekepper that we connect with in our SoulFullHeart process through bridging and ongoing sessions here:

While karmic timelines can come forward, it is also possible right now to connect more fluidly to higher dimensional timelines such as Sirius frequencies. These are being activated with the Lion’s Gateway as the planet Sirius comes into its closest proximity to Gaia all year. Sirians have a beautiful, wise, spacious feline energy that can be very soothing/comforting/empowering as you connect with your Metasoul aspect from there. Kalayna Colibri shared a beautiful conversation with her Sirian aspect in this writing:…/message-from-the-lyrans-yo…/

ALL of this ramping UP is an opportunity to move more into embodiment of your higher self in your body and in your heart. It is an opportunity for sacred union within as the masculine and feminine relationship within you from parts/Metasoul aspects of you to each other is revealed and healed. It is an opportunity to BEcome service of love in an embodied way without transcending or bypassing your humanity.

Raphael Awen and I will be hosting a live stream Q & A and guided meditation on my Jelelle Awen FB page and our SoulFullHeart Experience Youtube Channel on the eclipse day, July 27th, at 12:00 pm CDT!! We will offer a bridge to these ramping up energies for you to receive whatever you need to see/feel/know from your Higher Self as your next steps of integration.

MUCH love to you as we move into the embodiment of our sacred humanity together!

Jelelle Awen
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The Magic Of The Metasoul

From the Soul’s perspective, you have seen and been through more than you can possibly let in at one time. It is a galaxy of experience that has been veiled for your protection and conscious integration. There is so much that lies in between you and Source. Each of our metasouls is like a planet unto itself. A light side and a shadow side. This planet is rich with emotive stories that live in our BEing. The scenes are playing out. Some searching for redemption, some forgiveness, and all for a connection. A connection to you and itself. You are the one you and they have been looking for to be found, witnessed, felt, and brought into the wholeness of your Divine Heart that lay at the center of that galaxy.

The Metasoul is a vibrating, pulsating conglomeration of individuated aspects that hold so many gifts for each of us. We are connected to different timelines for many different reasons be it past, present, or future. This dimension or the multitude of others. The scope of it is immense. Permitting the imagination to fly where it needs to intuitively, you can pick up on a particular consciousness/energy that is meant to be felt at that moment. It can be connected to a specific situation in your life or it can be a general theme that has pervaded over the years and has yet to find its ‘solution’.

There may be some dark and tragic pieces that are at the root of any karmic cycling. It is as if these aspects and parts are caught in a tumble dry. The part of a river that where nothing seems like it can escape for it hasn’t been able to get outside itself. In the course of my own personal process, there have been many of these ‘lives’ that I have come in contact with that seek a closure, a heart to land in, and a perspective to lean into that is not the one that has kept them stuck and in pain. Some have been known figures, but many are just known to us and our heart.

Whether any of this is ‘real’ or not really is beyond the scope of what matters most. How does it feel? Is it alive and breathing inside of you? Can you see it or sense it in your body? Does the pain feel real? Are the tears real? Then it is real as you need it to be to heal. When there is another heart for it to land in then it creates a space that is full of human heart-open lushness that is beyond words.

Set yourself on a path of selves-discovery. There is a treasure to integrate on the way back to Source even as we hold Source close to us in the process. It a value-add for the very reason why we chose these lives in the first place.

Gabriel Heartman is an emoto-spiritual men’s and women’s facilitator, energy healer, writer, poet, and heartist with the SoulFullHeart Way of Life.  Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc.

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A ReLOVEution To End Inner Violence And Violence-Based Choices

by Kalayna Colibri


“These violent delights have violent ends  

And in their triumph die”

– Romeo and Juliet, ActII, Scene VI


Our suffering so often comes from violent choices.

Violence is chosen when parts of us decide to bury themselves, to bury their pain, covering it up, numbing it out, putting makeup on it, pretending it either doesn’t exist, or in some cases hiding it in plain sight through sabotage of this relationship or that job or through self-harm in the form of addiction of any kind.

Violence is chosen when parts of us decide to see the world as personally oppressive, racking up reason after reason, building a case for their victimhood, making it inevitable that an intense push-away always becomes necessary and the world feels like ‘us’ against ‘them’. As we assuage the battles within, there ARE times sometimes when we receive violence and abuse or aggression from others and DO need to advocate, to turn away, to all-out walk away from what needs to collapse for the sake of our self-worth and also at times our survival. Sometimes this has a violent playout and fallout. If this situation lasts, there is likely some deeper violence still happening within, because this relationship on the outside represents a battle raging on the inside. It is a climate that your parts have gotten used to… and have not learned how to be or even imagined how to be anything different towards each other.

Violence is chosen when parts of us hold rigidly onto ways of seeing and feeling others. In some cases, parts don’t want to feel others’ perspectives, or, would prefer to feign compassion rather than be in the process that allows them to feel genuine compassion for the first time. This serves as a numbing of the self. It is a focus on keeping the victim inside alive and pushing away the budding King or Queen of heart and soul. It is also violent when we try to press our point of view on another who isn’t ready or doesn’t want to take it in. It is violent too, to use aggressive energy behind our words and point of view. These examples are another way to become numb to the needs of others and the ways in which they need to walk out what they are walking out, without name-calling or unfair readouts. This is a hard thing to avoid doing when we have so much tension inside from us to us and part to part… this does move over time though and is so important to keep feeling as it comes up.

Violence is chosen by choosing to eat foods that are violent to the planet and/or to our bodies. I don’t offer this as a piece to feel shame over, but rather something to just feel into. It does feel important to let this in and to make new choices, feeling the parts of you that have resistance to this along the way, so that they can come with you and not feel as if THEY are experiencing violence against THEM, as this dynamic can happen too…

Violence and revenge in different forms have become a strong underpinning in our cultures worldwide. It is a way to see war as an option, protests as the only means of revolution, and aggressive, ambitious efforts the only way to be ‘successful’.

A reLOVEution can be and IS so different than this… than even those subtle twinges of wanting to fight fire with fire in some way. There is a way that we can stand up for ourselves through boundaries and vulnerability that doesn’t need to result in withholding love in any way. We can find a way to teach ourselves new ways of being in life and in LOVE without committing any sort of violence, suppression or oppression inside.

This is as much an ongoing process for me as it likely is for you too. I have had many years inside of a process of peeling back the layers of inner violence and battles and even recently have felt a Metasoul aspect that still lives in the era of Women’s Suffrage in the UK. Really intense timeline, that one. Talk about fighting fire with fire! She and I have been able to feel that there IS an alternative to these violent means of ‘fighting’… feeling how bringing vulnerability is actually the key to deep inner and outer change. She is still being convinced of the truth of this, as she understandably lives in an intense time and hasn’t really seen this in action, but she is trying and that is enough for me to feel something MORE wanting to come and be inside of me and thus from me to others too. I actually feel her helping me write this piece today… it’s helping her digest her reality and new possibilities that are arising for her and for others.

A new, violence-less horizon is calling, wanting to help us end our personal and collective suffering… how deeply you are able to heed this call is a very personal choice and it feels like any healing of this on any level of your being is a fantastic start!

LOVE to you, fellow reLOVEutionary!


Kalayna Colibri is a SoulFullHeart facilitator for women around (and under) the age of 30, energy healer, indigo-crystal bridge, soul scribe, and poetess. Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc. Visit our Patreon page to offer a money donation to support our offerings at

Beyond Redemption: The Search For Self-Forgiveness



What if we are never redeemed? What if we are already redeemed?

These are words spoken at the end of the movie Wild that I watched last night, from the book authored by Cheryl Strayed.  They were words that seemed to go into me on a soul level as I have felt redemption being a strong theme in multiple lives.  When I was in my 20s an intuitive woman had said she told me I was living a life of  “redemptive suffering”. It all just made so much sense.  I could turn anything into a suffering loop.  A way to keep me from fully inhabiting the joys of life as if they were not permitted for me to have as much as I longed for them.

Through the process of accessing other Metasoul lives, I have been able to piece together a tapestry of lives seemed to revolve around this theme.  Choices that led to experiences that caused pain to others and taking that on as a personal cross to bear.  Then returning that pain upon myself in order to be redeemed in the eyes of a God that would accept me when the suffering was acceptable enough.  All the while not understanding the God I was asking for forgiveness from was ultimately me.

This idea of redemption and persecution is one that spans so many lives and souls.  It is one that can be a core wound for many.  The root of many of our personal unconscious choices.  A plot arch for many of our current soul playouts.  When we begin to become conscious of our Metasoul wounding do we begin to gain an understanding of who we are and what we would rather choose to be.  That we no longer have to unconsciously fuse to this karmic cycle.  We can connect to a larger story that is infinite in its possibilities.  But first we must feel the tug of the wound from these soul siblings and help to heal them into the largess of our own hearts.

As we start to feel these lives and access the gift they are presenting to us we can begin to see ourselves in a much different light.  We become more Light in fact.  We start to let go of the heavy emotional ties to those lives and hold them with the love of forgiveness they haven’t been able to give themselves.  The redemption was already bought and paid for. We were never “wrong”.  We were, or ARE, a part of a huge experiential learning ground where we lost track of that.  Got lost in the wild so we could find ourselves again with a new and larger vision of what we forgot we were.  The redemption aspects of us have been looking for already exist inside of us.

This may be a big part as to why some continue to stay in life situations that are not fully serving their greatest good.  This unconscious need to be less than in order to cash in on our soul IOUs.  It is becoming time to let go of that old story.  To go into the wilderness of our “history” and forgive ourselves for what has been serving fear and heal it into service of love.  For ourselves and others.  You have access to all of it inside that creative arena called your imagination.  It just needs to be negotiated with the part of you that guards this access.

Through this process a new world will open up to connect the dots you may currently may be unaware of.  The stories and timelines that have yet to be let go.  From there you can begin to unfurl the true gift of your inner Joy that is waiting to be remembered back into your heart and soul, remember where it was you actually came from, and what your true purpose is here on this glorious New Earth.

Gabriel Heartman is an emoto-spiritual teacher, men’s and women’s facilitator, energy healer, writer, poet, and heartist with the SoulFullHeart Way of Life.  Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc.

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Worlds Within Worlds Are Within You To Discover

By Jelelle Awen


All is magic arising in every moment to be seen, felt, and let in. Worlds within worlds inside of you to explore, to discover, to uncover. Let in the magic that you ARE and SEE it all around you as your filter changes. How you see the world is how you see yourself. How you feel about the world is how you feel about yourself. How you experience the world is how you experience yourself.

In a place of self loving discovery, you are curious about all the dimensions and expressions of yourself. You are collecting and investigating your soul aspects, the fractals that come from the same source, the versions of you in so many different forms and expressions.

As you are curious about the star being YOU, the galactic you, the version you have been much more than you have been human and for so very much longer…..this aspect of you can begin to give you messages and show you signs of your galactic nature. You may hear and experience and feel this as ‘outside’ of you and you may become a channel for this energy and the messenger of the stars. Yet then when you embrace these star beings as versions of you does the intimacy go so much deeper. They can take you on a journey of remembrance and embodiment, they can bring you UP into higher frequencies. You become them more and more and their frequencies integrate into you, become you, and you are that much more galactic because of it.

As you are curious about other lifetimes in other ‘periods of time’, versions of you living different experiences in different settings connect with you. Stepping through the portal that opens with your heart eagerness and your soul’s desire, you are transported to the scenes that these parallel selves live in: the courtyards, the stables, the castles, the fields, the space ships of light, the mountains, the churches. Backdrops that hold the setting for this scenes of soul expression. You can dial in a year: 1930, 1100, 1880 and then see what you can see. You can go there to these places and be with and feel the aspects of your soul in these settings and what they are experiencing. You can help them heal and move on. And you too can become them eventually as they integrate into you and the energy of their existence is released and ascended.

Worlds within worlds are inside of you to discover. Sign up for the trip, earn the trip by your self love and willingness to go within and with your willingness to feel. Follow the guideposts to the next place and the next. And, if you want the support and some guidance and loving space holding, let us know at SoulFullHeart because these kinds of inner adventures and discoveries and movements are what we LOVE to do and be part of and hold space for!

Life IS magical and so are you. Believe it, feel it, live it, experience it. And so it IS.

Note: We will talk more about this exploration into soul aspects and terrains and offer you a personal sense of this ground through a guided meditation during our group call coming up this Saturday, February 18th.

Jelelle Awen is a writer and co-creator/teacher/group facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information about sessions with her, online group calls and circles, community, videos, and more.

Healing Karma And Integrating Selves From Other Lifetimes

By Jelelle Awen


“You are not wrong. Nothing you can do is wrong. Nothing you can be is wrong.” So says my heart to yours. So says my sense of Divine Source to your sense of Divine Source. So says my higher self to the parts of you that feel like you are wrong or have done something wrong.

Karmic wounds and binds, soul entanglements, and the playout of soul themes and patterns over and over can make you feel ‘wrong’ or that you have done ‘wrong’ actions. Yet, still, even in these things or scenes that feel intense and where you have been accused of wrong…you are NOT. You may have done things that are not polarized to love, especially in other lifetimes when the consciousness was much lower and during a dark night of your soul phase. You may have explored grounds of influencing others or being influenced yourself to do things and be things that vibrate at a lower frequency of fear and even hate. You may have caused harm to others or allowed harm to be done to you.

As souls, our higher selves remember that we CHOOSE these explorations to grow, to transform, to understand more about the polarities of life, and to ultimately return to the love essence that we ARE. To heal these karmic wounds and to understand the soul patterns is to LOVE ALL that you have been and done and all fractals of you from your soul group (which I call Metasoul and has also been called Oversoul and Monad), all expressions of you, parallel selves of you spread across many eras and periods. To heal these karmic patterns is to integrate these soul fractals with LOVE, to embrace them into your heart where forgiveness lives and breathes.

In SoulFullHeart, we explore this karmic ground through an aspect differentiation process during sessions with one of us (Raphael Awen,Gabriel Heartman, Leena Colibri and myself) as a space holding facilitator. We teach you to open up portals of exploration into these other lifetimes through meditative creative visualization journeys. This is primarily accessed through the Akashic records yet can also be a simple doorway meditation process too. We can help you to raise your vibrational frequency, activate your seven main and ascension chakras, and connect with guides who can assist with this process of accessing your ‘Metasoul line.’

You step through the portal or doorway into the ‘scenes’ of other lifetimes which we help you access and remember through your own deepening connection with your higher self. Your intuition guides you to where you need to focus. Usually there are impulses and interests to certain time periods or eras. There are draws to watch certain movies from specific time periods or about aliens or space exploration. Dreams can reveal the next places that the soul needs to go through images and memories. Your star being selves (Archturian, Pleidian, and so many more) begin to get your attention through offering channeled messages from others to you or through activation of light language (or star language).

This goes along beautifully with your emotional pain body healing process too. They weave together wonderfully as every parallel self has pain to heal and move and often this pain connects to your current life patterns and play outs. You then form a relationship with this other aspect of yourself, this parallel self, this Metasoul brother or sister from the same soul group, and in that relationship gifts are exchanged, wounds are healed, and energy is released. Then, integration happens and you organically move on to the next and next. It is limitless healing and transformation with limitless possibilities released.

This way of feeling and healing karma is so effective and efficient that you can move hundreds of lifetimes worth of patterns and issues quite rapidly. The intention and holding love is what moves it. The forming of a relationship with it is what moves it. The curiosity about the soul patterns is what moves it. The supportive space holding with an open hearted facilitator is what moves it. This is quantum healing of karma that allows for truly leaving it behind to arise into the new…. freed from the anchor of the karma and unhealed unworthiness, guilt, shame, disconnect.

“You are not wrong. You are perfect as a love expression from Divine Source. All of you have done is perceived and held with love.” And so it is.

Read more here about the SoulFullHeart Heart and Soul Healing And Ascension process:…

Jelelle Awen is a writer and co-creator/teacher/group facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information about sessions with her, online group calls and circles, community, videos, and more.

Introducing The Metasoul: Connecting, Healing, And Integrating Other Lifetimes



I’m feeling, experiencing, and becoming open more and more to the sense that guides (angels, spirit guides, ascended masters, etc.) are versions or fragments of what I call Metasouls (similar to the concept of Oversouls) which exist in a higher dimensional reality (11th or 12th) and project onto different ‘eras’ of time and dimensions many versions coming from their original source essence and energy. I feel as if when we are experiencing guides, we are experiencing in some ways an aspect of ourselves, a fragment of the same Metasoul. Or we are experiencing a fragment from an Universal Consciousness Metasoul (which would be fragments such as Yeshua, Kuan Yin, Buddha, Magdalene, Arch Angels, etc.). These Universal Consciousness Fragments or Aspects seem to be available for anyone to connect with.

If fear, resistance, or just inability to access guides comes up it feels to me like it just isn’t the right time for integration of that particular frequency. There is other ‘work’ to do first, usually within the emotional body (often connected to unworthiness) or with an ‘other lifetime’ aspect that may be feeling the fear or resistance due to unhealed issues of persecution when inhabiting soul gifts, abuse of others related to soul gift expression or being a recipient of abuse, etc.

Getting to know, connect with, heal, and integrate the aspects that are usually known as ‘past lives’ allows for navigation of your Metasoul’s legacy and themes.These legacy and themes are often connected to archetypal frequencies and the collective unconscious.

I experience my other lives as existing in the NOW until their ‘time is up’ and their energy can ascend and integrate back into the Metasoul that we originated from. This way of relating to other lifetimes is dynamic, visceral and emotional yet also brings huge gifts of higher vibrational frequency access as some of the ‘fragments’ are in higher dimensions (such as Avalon, Atlantic, Lemuria, other planets, parallel dimensions, etc.) Because time is an illusion, ‘past lives’ are not really past and the energy they generate and take up (esp. related to emotional and soul traumas) can be huge and I think goes largely untouched in many people. There can be a lot of energy caught up in these other lifetimes that influences and impacts our current lifetime. This especially seems to be the case when the other lifetime(s) is one in which being famous or still currently well known is involved.

Raphael Awen and I have been connecting to the Akashic records recently yet before then discovered it to be quite simple to access these other lifetimes (and we feel it is simple for others too when the time is right in their process), meet our Metasoul brothers and sisters (as we are calling them) and form a relationship through creative visualization during meditation, verbal dialogue exchange, and journaling. A simple creative visualization process can open up this gateway as well, especially if your upper three chakras are open, healthy, and activated. It is within this mutual relationship between you and your other lifetimes that healing occurs on BOTH sides.


This is one of the concepts we may explore in our group call on Saturday, January 14th if you would like to join us live or we will be sharing the recording of the call as well.

If you are interested in exploring this Metasoul ground inside of yourself with the guidance and support of a facilitator, please visit to read more about the process and sessions.

Jelelle Awen is an ascending teacher into 5D consciousness, Divine guide-scribe-author, group facilitator, and co-creator/teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information about sessions, online group calls and circles, community, videos, and more.