Your Own Sphere Of YOU

by Leena Colibri


“What’s in your ‘Leena Dome’ today?” Archangel Metatron asked me once during meditation.

Immediately I realized what he was talking about was the bubble I was forming around myself now, creating a sacred space that is all mine to claim and is the place of refuge and healing I go to often without consciously realizing it. It is a container for me that is all about me and all about love.

He had me look at an array of choices hanging in the air like suspended paintings above me. They were all images of places I could go in my meditation. I could walk through a doorway or portal into a specific process I’ve been holding, or I could visit the Akashic Library, or I could go to a sweet place to just be and be loved… I’m sure there were more choices than that on that day, but these are the ones I remember.

Today I learned more about my Leena Dome while introducing it to a soul aspect-part of me that I am now working with. My objective for today was to help raise her vibration and re-introduce her to love – a process that we began this weekend, on our won and in a SoulFullHeart group circle yesterday. This is important for the work we will be doing together, which will involve a few dark soul memories she holds and still lives in. It felt very important to establish this sacred space of love and refuge with her today before going there. Otherwise it can be easy to fuse to only the darkness of it and not really move through and begin healing it as easily as when we are fueled and accompanied by love.

It helped that I put on some epic music to aid the exploration and adventure today! There is a lot of great music on Youtube. This is the one I used today if you’re curious:

This soul aspect of me and I met and flew around with many magical creatures (including unicorns and dragons!), landscapes, and archangels today. She had tears of appreciation and letting in as we ventured around and felt the hearts (and EPICNESS!) of all beings residing there. The reminder that this is all created from and within me felt so incredible and sweet to both of us. It doesn’t matter to me at all that it is all “made up” if it gives us a place to land and be loved, especially when the intention is to heal deep wounds…

We were both struck by the beauty of my Leena Dome… the far reaches it extended to and the comfort and love in it all. I feel like I have been cultivating and building this inside me for a very long time and it does feel as if it represents a bigger me that can contain and create all of this magic.

Today Metatron invited me to share this with you. He and I both feel want to invite you to begin to feel the sphere or dome of YOU that will be and is so unique to you… your heart and soul and epicness.

If you do try this out, I would be curious to feel with you what it is you discovered that you have there! Deep woods to explore? Infinite galaxies in your skies? A series of white sandy beaches? Palaces? Humble cabins? Maybe a little bit of everything? Whatever you have there is a key to you and will offer you a reflection of who you most deeply are and perhaps what you most deeply need to feel you have already there with you…

Let your imagination and portal into your creativity FLY!


Leena Colibri is a SoulFullHeart facilitator, writer and poetess. Find out more about the SoulFullHeart Way of Life at


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