When Your Mate And Other Relationships Aren’t Awakening With You: Sacred Feminine Blog Series

By Jelelle Awen


She is expanding, growing, learning. Each drop of remembered kNOWledge waters the seed of her sacred human self and she so WANTS to grow now. Looking and searching for resonance to mirror her growing sense of soul, she needs the NEW reflection to transform into the NEW her that is waiting, spring loaded to become WHO she REALLY is.

She aches for MORE….more love, more light, more growth, more newness, more connection, more intimacy, more joy, more passion, more realness, more authenticity, more health. She feels this desire for MORE most of her moments and the ways and means to suppress it with distractions are not working as well as they used to. The part of her that wants to protect her from pain and keep her safe TRYS to suppress the wanting and the growing, yet THAT doesn’t seem to be working in the ways that it used to anymore.

Her friends, her family, her mate…they are watching this transformation as witnesses who, on a soul level ‘signed up’ to witness it. Maybe they are uneasy about it. Maybe they are resistant about it. Maybe they are inspired by it. Maybe they are coming along. Maybe they are not.

Oh, and her mate….if he is not feeling the same stirrings and call of healing the heart and awakening the soul, her heart aches to share this WITH him. Staying on her side in moments (let it arise in him through him) and then venturing over onto HIS side again (please come with me!) and back and forth. This is an uneasy dance with it can feel like no easy answers with neither partner doing anything wrong or BEing wrong.

As the dance plays out, she may reach a place where she can no longer ‘shrink’ to the old dynamic ground in the relationship to be with him. The place where they used to ‘meet’ each other has literally collapsed through her own growth and this has CHANGED the ground of their ‘usness’….the third energy created when two people come together in mateship. The usness has shifted from wherever it was when they agreed to BE together as it is based on energy and NOT an actual contract at all.

She may reach this place of not being able to allow the dynamic anymore in a dramatic sweep of realization that leads to immediate changes and transitions and completions. She may reach this in small increments and through negotiations with self and with him along the way. Through this negotiation maybe he WILL come along because it is his time and his desire to be and do so. OR he cannot and yet…..on she moves because now her growth cannot be contained without staying in suffering or in a lower frequency EVEN as love remains.

This is written for and inspired by women I have connected with through SoulFullHeart recently in this situation, finding (and ultimately choosing on the soul level) themselves HERE….in this place of awakening while their mate doesn’t seem to be coming along with them. I feel how this situation can be reversed too, with the man awakening and the woman choosing to remain in the same consciousness frequency….yet it feels to me that most often it happens in this way as yin has tended to lead in these grounds.

Drawing this situation is a reflection of the woman to look into herself. It is an invitation to feel how her mate’s (and those in other relationships) lack of resonance reflects a shadow aspect of herself that is ALSO not in resonance with her growth, a part of her that may resist awakening, or is very afraid of it. If she is deciding to stay within the relationship even without the deeper soul resonance and even perhaps outward resistance and maybe even abusive frequencies, then there IS a part(s) of her that feels the same way for which his lack of resonance represents. Without access to these parts of herself, she will make it about the outside, about him, about others RATHER than about herself for which they are just a reflection. Focusing on the outside in this way leads to disempowerment feelings and more sense of suffering and impotence.

She is not a victim but rather willing participant in this dance until she no longer chooses to be. Going within to find the parts of her that are represented here is the way to access her inner power, to feel possible next steps and choices, to navigate from HER side.

Living within a relationship with mutual resonance of body, heart, and soul with Raphael for close to nine years has filled my woman’s heart with loved UPness, compassion and I can template a NEW way for women to experience themselves within a sacred union ground. And a new way to relate to themselves for which ALL aspects of themselves (even those in shadow) are held and explored with a loving curiosity and tenderness WITH internal boundary setting also happening when it is needed.

There is a NEW way of 5D relationship in which their mate is inspiring them to grow, supporting ALL of their movements which support their soul, and which love becomes more and more pure between the two partners as they dedicate themselves to their inner healing and soul awakening. Often what people feel is ‘love’ in romantic relationship is actually a sticky, codependent frequency of need from one part of them to another part in their mate (example, inner child in the woman hooked up with the patriarch in the man, the matriarch in the woman hooked up with the inner child in the man, inner punishers in both hooked up together.)

It is a complicated dynamic and yet love will steer through it if there is willingness to feel, to heal, to grow, and to be REAL with what the emotional reality actual IS and the degree of suffering over suffering exists from inside. No more suffering becomes the motivation for change until love leads the way more and more with suffering becoming a rarer occurrence. It IS possible to experience this PURE love ground in relationships to the degree it is happening from within, from inside, from one aspect to another.

If you are a woman in this situation, you may need someone to hold space for this process of going within, accessing these aspects of yourself, and I would be honored to serve love with you in this process as it was my own in the past. Go here to read more about that: http://www.soulfullheartwayoflife.com/jelellesessions. I know that Raphael Awen would be honored to serve the male side of the relationship (or if the situation is reversed.):

Jelelle Awen is an emoto-spiritual teacher, soul scribe, wayshower, multidimensional bridge, lover of love and co-creator and facilitator of SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is author of Keep Waking Up! Awakening Journeys To Avalon And Beyond and an upcoming book, Sacred Human, Arising Wonder. Visit soulfullheartwayoflife.com for more information about space holding sessions with her, group calls, videos, community, etc.

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