Boys Will Be Boys…And Sensitive Too!

This is a question that was asked in response to my recent post about my engagement to Kalayna:

¨I am wondering if uncovering the sensual/sensitive part of the masculine is a deepening in your masculinity and if it is asking you to be more feminine than you are comfortable with?”

This was a very intriguing question to me and one that I feel is a part of any man’s sacred human journey. This journey is an exploration, uncovering, and integration of both poles of our being. These energies are a part of our Divine nature and in search of a dance of balance.

As a boy and young man growing up, I always felt different than many of my other friends when it came to such things as playing sports, construction, conflict, and girls to name a few. My emotional body just seemed different too. A bit more sensitive and was attributed to me being more of a mama’s boy rather than seeing it as a closer relationship to my feminine. So in a way, the sensitive side of my masculinity was always there, just not recognized as such.

As I am connecting more with a feminine part of me, I am beginning to see where she was always trying to be ‘one of the guys’ while not really feeling comfortable with it as it approached the more shadow edges of masculinity. (I prefer not to use the term ‘toxic masculinity’ as that seems to undermine and judge this part of us as bad or unwanted. More on that in a future post). Yet, to ‘fit in’ I assumed many conditioned behaviors to adjust and be more of what was considered a culturally acceptable male.

So, there was a conflict between my traditional masculine part and my feminine part looking for a way to feel safe and authentic in the world. Until this process of differentiating between the two, the conflict was a bit maddening to both of them. Now that I have cultivated a relationship between both of them, I can begin to feel myself as a bridge to them in my daily experience.

I am learning to feel less concerned about how that femininity expresses and how it is perceived. My traditional masculine is learning to feel the gifts of the inner feminine and how much healing and beauty there is in her. My feminine is beginning to feel safer in the outward masculine leadership and the showing up as a masculine presence. There is more to activate in my masculine that I realize has been shielded by my feminine. This is what I feel leads to a deepening of both poles of my being.

Raphael and I will be addressing this and many other topics for men and spiritual ascension in upcoming videos that we hope to begin today. A woman’s perspective is also very much encouraged to give us reflection and direction as well. We look forward to taking in comments and suggestions as we explore this very important topic to both of us, and to help bridge the inner parts exploration with guided meditations.

To hear more about masculine healing check out these videos from Jelelle Awen’s 33 Day series where Raphael and I were guests:

Inner Masculine/Feminine Balance:

Healing The Sacred Masculine:

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The Poultice Of Love And The Fear Of Intimacy

Wow! What a response the last couple of days to our engagement. Thank you so much to everyone who left your well-wishes and congratulations.

One thing I took away from it all is that one way or another we all seek Love. Maybe there are parts that may feel despair, doubt, or indifference to it, but at our core we love Love. The only thing that gets similar reactions is anything based on Fear. So in some ways, we have parts that love Fear too. Yeah, I know, an oxymoron.

This is the sacred dance though. The two poles of our BEing that seem at odds but are just trying to reconcile each other. As we all continue to heal our Selves with Love and for the sake of Love, we enter a new relationship to Fear. Something shifts in the power structure. The deepening commitment and claim of this romance with Kalayna will certainly bring up another layer of this relationship to fear of intimacy. Deep transformational intimacy that takes us to the core of our deepest traumas and pains that can only surface from the poultice of Love.

So the collective response is saying to me, “YES! Keep going! Keep feeling the edges of this because I want this too!” or “YES! Bring more of this into the world as it adds to mine as well!”. Even if Kalayna and I don’t “make it” in the long run, we are committing ourselves to this deeper healing that has collective and personal consequences. “Success” is only determined if we feel everything we to feel and say everything we need to say while we are engaged in this marriage of Soul and Heart. We are bound by this in desire, not duty.

I feel to continue this exploration of marriage, intimacy, love, and fear through the heart of the Masculine. What is its relationship and desire to those very things? Right now it is about being centered in Heart while exploring the Soul in healing the parts of me still in shadow around intimacy with the Feminine. It is a sacred one that I accept with dedication and passion.

If you are a man or a woman with this rising desire in you, stay tuned for more. I am also available for sessions to support you along the journey of this sacred healing and letting in of Love. Thank you so much again for all the outpouring of support and love for us both. ❤


Painting by Eduardo Rodriguez Calzado

Gabriel Heartman is an emoto-spiritual men’s and women’s facilitator, energy healer, writer, poet, and heartist with the SoulFullHeart Way of Life.  Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc. Visit our website to offer a money donation to support our offerings at https://www.soulfullheartwayoflife/donations.

The Burning Illumination Of Our Collective Shadow

I have been following the latest drama unfolding in the US around the Supreme Court nomination. When I used to go into these stories I had something inside of me that wanted to get to the truth. Who was ‘right’ and who was ‘wrong’. I felt my own suck into the density of anger, fight, righteousness, and principle. Us vs. Them.

These days I feel a desire to step back and just feel what is at play here in the heart and soul of humanity. While I get there is a charade going on in many ways, there is also something very real. Affecting real people. Yes, there are forces on high that are stoking these fires. But maybe these fires are here to get us to see something about ourselves as a culture. As a group of souls that are acting out a greater drama within each of us.

There is a patriarchal consciousness that is feeling an encroachment on its position of power. A lash out against any claim of inexcusable and threatening behavior, no matter what level of truth there may be to it. The burning fires of our collective ‘past’ still live within us. We hold those in our psychic memory. We are the actors, conscious or not, of our soul’s karmic echoes.

There is a sensitivity to this inside of us of all that we hold in the collective. Women feeling/being persecuted by men/society, men feeling/being unjustly accused by women/society. The privileged against the other 99%. The seats of power using all they can to create division, conflict, and doubt. This whole episode clearly illuminates all that is needing healing within each of us. The body politic can be a brutal mirror of what we need to see and feel.

There is a sadness that comes over me when I feel this in my heart. There are people whose lives are being turned upside down and inside out, but it is also what they have chosen on some deep level. To be the actors upon this stage that serves as a Shakespearean reflection of the misplacement of our goodness, respect, and honesty. The heart of a nation is on fire and this event is a symbol of the rising smoke.

I don’t feel to weigh in on what ‘side’ I am on. I am on the side of Love if there is to be one. Maybe it is love that is illuminating this one for us all to see. Maybe it is Love that is the fire itself. The idea of ‘justice’ is being highlighted and what it truly means to each and every one of us, both man and woman. We all have a relationship to it that goes far deeper than what we may fully understand and it is seeking its resolution sooner rather than later.

For me, it is a time of feeling the conflict within, holding my center in Love and as Love. That I believe is what is being asked of us. The fate of a nation lies not in the outcome of a committee but of the desire and choice of each to heal the pain that it reflects within.


Gabriel Heartman is an emoto-spiritual men’s and women’s facilitator, energy healer, writer, poet, and heartist with the SoulFullHeart Way of Life.  Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc.

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Masculine Space Holding For Women

Lately, I have been holding session space for two amazing women as well as witnessing other women’s processes in our group calls. This has been an interesting experience for both myself and them, especially when there is masculine wounding in the emotional body due to abuse.

What I have been experiencing with these women is a deep and profound healing between the masculine and feminine within. As a space-holder, I represent and reflect something to the parts of a woman that are in trauma. This can be father, son, friend, and/or romantic partner. I become a symbol of the masculine himself, embodied in physical form.

As I have been in the process of healing my own inner masculine, as well as my feminine, I am able to be a new presence in the experience of these wounded aspects. All of this, of course, is only possible through my connection to the woman’s Inner Protector, her inner masculine that has been around a long time in response to the patriarchal dominion.

This connection and relationship helps to bridge a relationship between you, the feminine, and the Protector. He gets to be seen and felt as more than just a tired and dutiful guard. He gets to see how he has been relating to you, how he sees you as a being. Usually, at first, they may admit to seeing you as child-like, yet capable at the same time. An interesting dichotomy that creates confusion in their ‘role’. By having this inner masculine connect to another masculine energy seems to relieve something in them that permits more of the authentic feminine within to arise.

Through this relationship, you and I get to explore the ways in which the personal experience of the masculine has created pockets of pain hidden deep in the caverns of your heart. With an open and compassionate heart, we feel where this has MANifested on the inside both in wounded feminine and masculine parts and Metasoul lives still in deep suffering. Holding a different masculine frequency from the one that has been experienced, can bring up a lot of distrust and a lot of painful memories that get to be transmuted from you to you as you hold these parts of you close and dear.

The healing moments are tender, touching, and quantum. They create new experiences within yourself and help to draw more of what you really want, need, and deserve into your life. It is a service that has been an honor to participate in and serve. It has brought a lot of gifts and a deep sense of admiration for all that Woman as held and been through. There is no sense of duty in this for I am healing that wound from my own experience. There are boundaries and loving nudges along the way.

If you feel that an open-hearted and direct masculine presence is something that is a curiosity to you and could serve a deeper dive into your healing and ascension, I am available for a 90-minute 1-on-1 Bridging Session for 55 USD. We can feel together where you are and where we may be able to go on this journey together of reconciling the masculine and feminine within.

Much love,

Gabriel Heartman

Gabriel Heartman is an emoto-spiritual men’s and women’s facilitator, energy healer, writer, poet, and heartist with the SoulFullHeart Way of Life.  Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc.

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How Do Men Relate To Acension?

I wonder sometimes how we, as men, relate to ascension. How does it live in us? What are our desires and needs? I can read a lot about ascension in regards to religion and men, but there seems to be a dearth of information connecting men with the non-religious aspect. In my limited algorithmic Facebook world, I have read a lot about women experiencing emotional and spiritual openings, awakenings, and deepenings when it comes to ascension, but very few men are commenting or relating their own experiences.

I know that there is a trove of men that are on a path of releasing, healing, and growing. They are striving to ‘better’ themselves, seek understanding and discover Truth, both within and without. I feel the collective spiritual masculine in a lonely place at times. That is certainly something that lives in me, as well as my soul brother-in-heart Raphael. This desire for a community of men to serve, relate, and heal with is alive in both of us. Maybe it is because of the specific process we offer. That can be a turn off for many men as there is something real to parts of us about sovereignty and personal power that is rubbed wrong when it comes to an offering that is emotional and feminine in its offering, yet holds much reverence and need for masculine heart-centred energy.

I feel the ongoing feminine awakenings and their significant life changes will be a catalyst that rumbles in the souls and hearts of men everywhere. The influx of divine feminine, masculine, and galactic energies are shaking the foundation of something that is in much need to be awoken and addressed. As the holders of the larger portion of the masculine, the awakening and spiritual man is a much desired and needed representative in this global and cosmic shift. It is the gift of our penetrative and creative natures that will help build the means for the feminine power to arise and transform. To burn and recreate.

There is a wound that lives in each of us as men. Those that pursue its roots, understanding and healing pave the way for others to awaken to the same. We are the heroes of our own journeys. We have the ability to reclaim the lost power within that we invested on the outside for a period of time. We also have a desire for connection and brotherhood. It is reclaiming the brothers within, feeling their sorrows and rage that heals us to our true gifts as the keepers and handlers of the Divine Masculine expression of Love.
There is an ache and a desire to connect and to serve those that feel drawn into their own inner journey of discovery and reconciliation. To heal the ghosts, the pain, and the fear. To have power WITH and not OVER. Whatever choice is made is only ever determined by your own authority.

I am curious about what is moving in other men’s hearts and souls during this energetic UPticks and showers. How are they affecting you? Are there curiosities and questions? I know I have them. I feel guided to start a weekly live stream that wants to digest what is moving in men during this process of ascension/catching up to ourselves. Feel free to leave some ideas for topics that are of interest. I will feel them through the SoulFullHeart lens and see where that takes us together. Women are very much invited as the masculine in them is in need of the healing as well.  I look forward to a new arising community of male explorers of heart and soul that brings us to a new way of relating to ourselves, each other, women, and love. Your presence and participation are a gift and a blessing.

More to follow…..

Gabriel Heartman is an emoto-spiritual men’s and women’s facilitator, energy healer, writer, poet, and heartist with the SoulFullHeart Way of Life.  Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc.

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Going Yin: How Women Can Help Men Awaken To Their Feminine

Great question today during Jelelle Awen‘s Livestream this morning from a woman asking, “How can we (women) help men get in touch with the feminine energy more?”

Whenever Raphael and I have written about the topic of men and ascension/awakening there has been a huge response from women around this very subject. There is a deep desire for men to go into their shadow for healing and to encounter and embrace their inner feminine. Now, I do feel there are many men that are actively engaged in this very thing. However, what seems clear is that it is not quite at the numbers and passion of the numerous women that are feeling so much rumbling in their inner worlds. These women are reporting from an individual and collective perspective.

To address the question “How?” really comes back to what each woman feels within herself. When a woman goes into her own heart and soul and connects with her own inner masculine she goes on a journey of finding her deeper feminine. This eventually creates a dance between the two within and offers an inner romance that can be quite profound and exquisite in its own right.

The feminine within a woman can only invite the men in her life to feel what it is she needs and wants, without tug or plea. The choice to Go Yin (as I have called it) lies in his own personal and sovereign desire. When Jelelle and I were divorced yet still connected in heart and soul, as well as raising Raianna, I sensed a great change in her being. I found myself intrigued and curious. I would ask all sorts of questions but eventually, she drew a boundary around that, for it was up to me to go into the work and no longer pull at her for answers for they were within me. We had little communication outside parenting until I chose to do the work.

This landed me back in me, while she advocated and continued to do her own healing and growth. That is the help. That is what you can ‘do’. Go into You. Heal your inner energies (that we offer through parts work) that bring you to the place of being a shining beacon for others to be gravitated to, yet hold a self-living boundary as to how much you give. Continue to invite but not problem solve or care-take.

Raphael and I will be continuing to explore and invite other men into the healing ground that we both hold so dear and believe can offer so much in personal power, self-love, and sacred brotherhood and romance. The courage that so many women are garnering within to shift their personal timelines is an inspiration and deeply needed by men everywhere even as parts of them may react with fear and/or indifference. Thank you for your service of love by embarking on your next steps. They do make a difference.

Gabriel Heartman is an emoto-spiritual men’s and women’s facilitator, energy healer, writer, poet, and heartist with the SoulFullHeart Way of Life.  Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc.

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Change Your Life By Finding Your Courage

by Kalayna Colibri

Bravery. It’s a good topic to get into, isn’t it? We’re living in times where we SO need our bravery, both the masculine and feminine versions of it. We all have these energies inside of us. We’re all capable of so much beyond our wildest dreams and somehow you know this and can feel it… but not always. Being born into 3D conditioning is like having a lead balloon over your bigness. That is, until it’s not what’s true anymore and you’re remembering how to soar again!

Yesterday I posted just a couple of lines on my Facebook page that said, “If you don’t feel challenged to find your bravery, you’re living a life that supports your stuckness, not your growth…” and got a really big response! It feels like these are words that so many parts and Metasoul Aspects are NEEDING to hear and feel. It’s an invitation that’s meant to bowl you over with love. You’re always invited into your bigness through finding your courage. You find your true courage by finding your heart. If there’s no heart in your choices, if you aren’t truly feeling them, parts of you are keeping you numb out of fear and wanting to just exit the whole situation or relationship without feeling the loss or mourning. This is more bravado than bravery and comes from the Inner Protector wanting to just get OUT already… there’s nothing “wrong” with this though, especially because leaving abusive relationships can really require you to feel as unsentimental as possible on your way out the door. This is about survival in some cases and bless your Inner Protector for doing their job!

What I just mentioned about the Inner Protector brings us to the point I was making about masculine and feminine expressions of bravery. Since the Inner Protector for both men and women tends to be very, very masculine in energy, a very protected and armored version of bravery is expressed through this part. This is more wounded masculine than healed masculine of course, yet there’s no judgment about that because this is just how this part of you has HAD to be. Masculine bravery also expresses through the inner matriarch/patriarch (Inner Mother/Father). Matriarchy, the way it’s been expressed so far, has been intensely masculine in many ways. Any picture of a warrior woman is a masculine one, for example. Feminine power and bravery are different in my experience than anything that requires contention and battles on any level. The more healed version of masculine bravery lives in the heart. It helps you set intentions and not waiver from the course of action chosen, though your heart is still open to feeling your way through it (which is more feminine). It also helps you set boundaries when necessary and quite often it IS necessary in order to exit one door in your life and enter another.

Feminine bravery expresses through the heart. It’s a deep-seated courage to keep feeling all there is to feel. Courage to be WITH the mourning of leaving relationships, career, etc. Courage to be WITH the entering and letting in of new ones, too. Interesting that I’m using the word “courage” instead of “bravery” when talking about the feminine expression! I think this is because cour-age is of the heart, with “coeur” being the French word for “heart” and the feminine lives and thrives in the heart space. It takes a ton of bravery to stay in your heart, even when the world seems to support parts of you not to stay there and when it’s understandably tempting to follow along with that…

It takes a lot of YOU in your growing and strengthening essence to keep fnding your next steps in your life though every single awakening experience and every integration of these experiences too. You’re not meant to stay the same, and your life isn’t meant to either. You have a choice to be with the parts of you that are afraid and take brave steps anyways, trusting in your heart and soul that you WILL be and ARE held by something bigger within you and that life is on your side, not against you. This is a big one to feel and let in. And it takes a lot of bravery to even begin doing so. ❤

you are living in your stuckness


Kalayna Colibri is a SoulFullHeart facilitator for women around (and under) the age of 30, energy healer, indigo-crystal bridge, soul scribe, and poetess.  Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc. Visit our Patreon page to offer a money donation to support our offerings at

Uniting Without Diminishing – The Masculine And The Feminine


By Raphael Awen

I’m finding myself wanting to blend the masculine energies of choice, intention and action with the feminine energies of intuition, resonance and inspiration as Jelelle Awen and I feel through (feminine) and sort out (masculine) some new directional pieces for SoulFullHeart.

We are finding people being drawn to us who feel a huge resonance factor with us, our writings etc, along with all kinds of intuitions about a deeper connection with us, yet often not taking a next grounded step towards what we offer.

It felt really important to not make this about ‘them’ as that just puts us in a victim/defensive/reaction place, but to instead feel into what is the universe asking us to feel and choose in the midst of this….as an opportunity.

This week, we felt guided to offer a free ½ hour intro as a way to bridge interest, and already this is proving to be a really informative exercise, that several people are choosing. On the one hand, I don’t really want to be ‘inundated’ with doing free intros where we simply just hang out in some good vibes together that don’t really amount to anything. But on the other hand, really helping people bridge their interest and intuition to some further choice points would be really rewarding, and I can feel myself loving it.

This highlighted the need to ask deeper questions about what we want and why, and how only from such an inquiry could we come to structure some guidelines about what we want with people, how to lead with that and how to be in that.

We know, through our own personal years of work, that we have opened our hearts deeply, and offered session space to others along with naturally arising community around that, but we are also feeling the opportunity and desire to take that to new places of structure and increased numbers where the masculine and feminine both get to come out and play in a way they couldn’t before; where the pure service of love is served by the ingenuity and balance of system and clear objective; feeling what’s working and what isn’t, and asking why.

We’re in some brand new places and it feels important to be transparent about it (as we trans-’parent’ a new way of life into being for people) as well as invite those who are feeling their choice points to contact us and enter this space of alchemy together, being really clear about what we want.

If this movement rhymes with a heart and soul movement you are having, you might want to check this out deeply and you can do just that at the link below.

Much love,


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Feeling Feminine Stillness In Shifting Times

by Kalayna Colibri


stillness in movement


In moments like these, with much rumbling and shifting and changing going on, I feel my feminine stillness arising alongside a deepening trust more and more often. I feel my body, heart, soul and mind too, soaking in a pool of still yet steadily flowing water. A paradox, yes, as we all are too it seems, always in motion somehow or other, always moving with some sort of current, finding our new breath on our way out of birth canals. We find our ways to BE with what IS but still find ways to hold the rumbles, trusting that even as parts of us quake in the emergence of NEW, we will find our desires being answered. Without entitlement, I can feel what is coming and that it’s already here too. I can feel the impending life shifts that are coming and the parts of me that are scared. I can feel the humility this offers too, as I allow in these fears just don’t fuse to them as I used to so often, not all that long ago. MY version of arising feminine stillness and deep trust has been an intense journey of forks in the road, sharp turns around jagged corners, and collapses into the processes of NOW.

I feel so much in my heart that can hold just about anything that comes up now… after having processed so much, I feel as if my container has expanded and can hold as much as it needs to. The next step is really letting in the care of this container, feeling what energies are okay right now, what my body and heart need right now, what my parts or Metasoul aspects need right now.

This process… is the one we are invited into as men AND women. It is a going in to find stillness, to bring this gift into our daily life moments, our relationships, any emotional underpinnings that are being unearthed, any spiritual endeavour or discovery. It finds us like the river finds the ocean. It finds a way to breathe outward while going inward. It is paradoxical and yet it is just what IS, without mental framing necessary. It is the ultimate in self-love that will be more felt by women than by men, in themselves at least, yet this stillness holds an offering to men too, to find their portal in it in a mate, in any feminine connection, and inside of them too to the degree that they can let this in and embody it. More paradoxes there, yes. It is endless.

Where the resistance ends, the stillness begins. And the trust your soul has always somehow had, finds its way to your consciously held life structure, whispering to you of new possibilities, and offering to you some NEW pictures of what is to come, if you can do the work necessary to let it all in… ❤


Join Jelelle Awen and I at our next SoulFullHeart Virtual Group Call for Women NEXT Saturday, June 15th. We would love to have you! Go here for more details. ❤


Kalayna Colibri is a SoulFullHeart facilitator for women around (and under) the age of 30, energy healer, indigo-crystal bridge, writer, and poetess. Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc. Visit our patreon page to offer a money donation to support our offerings at


The Inner Dance of Sacred Romance



INside every MAN lies a Queen to his King.  A Goddess to his God.  For any MAN who seeks sacred romance the journey begins in his own heart.  An active engagement to find Her among the settled ashes of the old relationship to WOMAN.  For she is not of that mold.  She has no cage yet is the container for the arising King to shine.  This is new kind of hunt, one that doesn’t seek to dominate, but rather to integrate.  One that experiences the union first INside in order to set the ground for what can transact on the outside.  

This has been referred to as Heiros Gamos, or the Sacred Marriage.  More an external ceremony that represents what happens internally.  This inner mating gives birth to your Self.  Your inner belonging and self-love that cannot be taken away, unless by your authority.  This union fills you with your own worth, power, and desire as a MAN.  You feel your own goodness, vulnerability, and sensuality.  It courses through you like electric pulses and flowing water.  This sends out ripples that cannot go unnoticed by the one it is intended for.  

Feel Her come in and out of your field like a dancing flame and a wind swept leaf.  Let Her command your attention to that which is unattainable.  Unknowable.  Smell the sweet scent of lavender and jasmine.  Sense the grace of her movement and the softness of her touch.  Let it enter you and enliven you.  Taking away the edges and straight lines that can get too rigid and tight.  Take flight into Her grounded chaos and stellar flight.  Beauty is elucidated and never held static.  She is always arising, shifting, dying, and birthing,  She is alive with the passion of presence.

Bring to Her your desire for MORE.  Your passion to feel your own core masculinity shine by the reflection of Her vibration.  Your need for growth and Self-knowing.  The awakening of your soul gifts and to feel the glorious ecstasy of Her portal to heights unknown.  Build your castle within to honor Her presence INside you… as YOU and for YOU.  She is a gift to your evolving Self, your sacred emerging MANhood.  She is always there but you must woo her and pursue her.  She will make it all worth it.  

As you do unto Her, you do unto WOMANkind. This shifts the old dynamic collectively and She can’t help but to notice.  You are a light of tender heart, brave soul, and passionate lover.  You seek Her NOW for you are filled in your own BEing for it can’t help but to want to MANifest itself in this physical dimension.  Like a reservoir ready to tear down the dam.  It cannot, will not, nor does not wish to be held back any longer.  It is ready to find its counterpart other to enter into the unknown dance of Sacred Romance.

Gabriel Heartman is an emoto-spiritual teacher, men’s facilitator, energy healer, writer, poet, and heartist with the SoulFullHeart Way of Life.  Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc.

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