SoulFullHeart Weekly Museletter: Lion’s Gate Offering Unity Abundance Activation With Archangel Metatron


What a week this has been!  A huge opening into a new phase of support and guidance into a glorious time for humanity.  The Lion’s Gate portal is open and two huge eclipses have sent many of us into a plethora of emotions.  Jelelle Awen received a major download from Metatron around the invitation of this new timeline.

“As I tuned into the energy of this gateway and asked Archangel Metatron about it, the main piece I received was that it offers a ‘Unity Abundance activation.’ The Unity activation is from within primarily…an invitation to unity between each of our aspects and parts WITH each other. The unity within of masculine and feminine healthy frequencies to move out of wounded and congested expressions of the wounded matriarch and patriarch that have played out for so long. The unity offered as we become conscious of our Metasoul/other lifetime aspects and bridge to them ourselves and WITH each other. This bridging is what heals the polarity within our soul field and our emotional body. Polarity exists between opposing energies that have not yet found or discovered the unifying energy of LOVE that unites all things together.”

So much happening for all of us personally in SoulFullHeart that is reflected in the collective.  A birth of new writing to digest all that has been moving individually but with a universal context.  Included are more recordings of this week’s writings as well as information on this Saturday’s group call that is certain to be a big one as Jelelle and Raphael will be focusing on this Abundance Unity Activation.

Enjoy all of this and more in this week’s trove of love.  So much love and support from our hearts to yours.

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