You Can Have What You Want


By Raphael Awen

You CAN have what you want.

If there is any catch to this, it’s this: You CAN have what you want. Yes, you read that correctly. Actually having what you want is what scares the crap out of us, and subconsciously keeps us at bay from drawing what we most deeply want.

You and I both may say “Oh, I’d drop this dump in a heartbeat if I could afford a nicer place”. But thinking and feeling that we are limited because we can’t afford a nicer place is a perception coming deeply from the 3D conditioned self. From a 5D perspective, there is nothing that doesn’t belong to you. There is nothing that is off limits to your pleasure and enjoyment. If your and my 3D experience is going through some experience of lack, that is because we dialled that up.

Lack is a very rare and precious thing from a 5D perspective. You can’t find it just anywhere. You need to dial it up in a 3D world and reality and enter a weird thing called the time, space and material reality in order to experience and learn from what it feels like to taste and be in lack.

There are things you as a soul just can’t learn, being the infinite abundance that you are, without a forgetting and remembering experience. You are actually seeking to be born into what you already are and always were.

Which is kind of cool when you think of it. Becoming a millionaire or has got be way more fun than just being a millionaire. It’s the process we are seeking, because it is in experience that we have these ‘birthing into’ experiences that make us more than we were, and even more than we infinitely at present ARE, if your mind can grok a piece of that. You already are infinite love, but in a process of forgetting and remembering that you are infinite love, you become more than infinite love. Infinite love that doesn’t know and feel that it IS infinite love, is of no felt value. It is worth everything, but it has no identity, no healthy ego yet to go about and strut its stuff.

You are the hottest stuff the universe is made of, and the fact that you are able to dial up a shitty apartment is utterly astounding to the 5D consciousness that also lives in you. Holy f*ck. It’s all so holy in fact, that no polite or impolite language can take away from it or add to it.

You already are having from a 5D perspective exactly what you want. If a better apartment on a 3D level is what your 3D self is wanting, then you have some negotiating to do with your 5D self, because YOU are the only one pulling the levers here. You’ve got some lessons to finish up.

Where this gets really interesting is to systematically and methodically open the door to getting to know and feel your 3D selves, your 4D selves and your 5D self.

We set out to do just that through SoulFullHeart process and I’d like to give you a taste of a piece of our curriculum that we work through in early session space with facilitants. It’s an awesome blend of heart opening, intuition, the imaginarium ALONG WITH a system, a method, a discipline… The feminine and the masculine blend as a vehicle to take you somewhere. Get ready though, it’s a bit of a long article and video that will only secure your heart and soul attention if you are ready for it, meaning you may well have to negotiate with your 3D aspects just to be able to get into this. It will take time and heart and It will change you, as it has and continues to change us.

The article and video offers a self guided aspect that we wanted to share with people for free to let them feel into if committing the time and money to working more directly with a facilitator and regular committed SoulFullHeart process is something that calls to them.

Here is that article:

I am really curious to hear how it lands in you, and to digest it further with you when you are ready in a free ½ hour intro session that we offer as a bridge for people feeling into deepening process together.

Raphael Awen

…and if you’d like to connect with our energy tomorrow on our group call around Sacred Union that Jelelle Awen and I are leading, here are the details for you to do that here. It’s gonna be good…, they always are when deeply interested people like you show up with heart and desire.

Raphael Awen is co-creator, teacher, and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information about sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc.

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