We Are A Quantum Reality


By Raphael Awen

We are quantum reality.

What that means is quantum in itself, in that the linear mind struggles to grok or describe that.

It may even be a bit foolish to try, but allow me if you would to play the fool…:)

You desiring a higher timeline of your awakening consciousness is the attainment of that. Desire alone is movement.

But not just desire, so is despair. They are both propulsion, if you will, when you are ready to feel them.

We know from emerging quantum science that when the observed thing is viewed and measured, it CHANGES, making linear measurement in our current paradigm of measurement silly and even a bit prehistoric feeling, not to mention frustrating to those clinging to outdated science.

So then, you feeling despair or desire changes it, moves it. Your attention is love, a grace, an ease in motion. You ignoring, resisting, battling with your ‘negative’ emotions is also an interface with your BEing that intensifies a dis-ease that radiates through your entire BEing.

This was such a huge awakening for me back in 1999 when I allowed myself for the first time in decades to feel my inner depression wanting me to get to know it and feel it. Intuitively, I was able to feel that this was a gift that wanted to take me somewhere. That was all I knew, but, wow, take me somewhere it did.

Embracing these kinds of awarenesses are like stepping on a fast moving escalator that increase the pace of change and adaptation in our lives. The synchronicities that mirror the inner in the outer are magical as you get attuned more and more to living out the story that you are writing and that your soul came here to feel every bit of.

I get the sense that our Higher Self knows so much more bliss and goodness than our conscious self is aware of, that on one hand, it doesn’t feel suffering is as tragic as we do, given it’s big picture awareness, while at the same time, so intensely empathizes with the suffering we endure to BE and exist here for the reasons we do.

You can dial in this Higher Self support through any free style approach you can imagine. What makes it alive is the intention and the desire. You feeling want and desire, and despair is alchemical, quantumly so…

Then when you take this another notch into the fractal reality that we are, where each part contains the whole, you get to a grounded ground of walking this out.

Like you are to your Higher Self, so are you to the parts of you that make up your psyche or personality. You are magically more than one, even many. Each part of you that was born in trauma holds access to your truer more authentic self, awaiting your awakening to get to know and feel them.

This in my experience has provided a dimension that is beyond religion, beyond therapy, beyond self help, beyond anything I previously knew as spirituality. I believe it to be the dimension that we are presently being given access to in spades, that changes everything!

As the beautiful song goes ‘everything waits to be noticed’, so the parts of you await your noticing of them, and so the parts of you and you are changed in the noticing.

Like Jesus said, ‘we shall not all sleep, but shall be changed in the twinkle of an eye.’ Who and what is the twinkle of your eye beholding?

Blessed Sun-day All.

Raphael Awen

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