The Isles Of Your Consciousness

The Isles Of Your Consciousness

By Raphael Awen

In the murky depths of our emotional bodies lie the super intelligent reasons for the way our lives look and feel the way they do.

Consciously we may feel so overdone with an imprisoned like feeling towards a circumstance or relationship in our lives, but subconsciously, a part of us is deeply attached to keeping that life configuration intact.

From our unawareness of this reality, seeking a fix and relief, we have created some of the most barbaric ‘treatments’ imaginable, yet well intentioned given the level of awareness we were operating from.

We are waking now. What once contained some answers and movement for us no longer does. We’ve changed. The world has changed.

Something new is real now that wasn’t real before. And in it all, we are realizing that we profoundly create our own reality.

Now, we are being invited to get deeply honest with both our desires and our frustrations, as they both are access portals to the emotional body, from which flow all of our life configurations.

Immediately, if we are honest, we see and feel a polarity of realities inside of us. One part of us so wanting one thing and another part of us paralyzed to take the next step towards that thing.

Given this arising awareness of these individuated and polarized beings living inside of you, through you, as you, a higher level of consciousness is invited to feel and get to know as well as take responsibility for every aspect of your being that has formed and deformed in your psyche.

Forget the mission to convert the heathen in Borneo.

Go inside your own unexplored jungles to find the living loving beings living in your subconscious that often live under a quite tyrannical rule of a one world type government – the single personality disorder, led by your Inner Protector, that is understandably bent on perpetuating this reality – albeit for its own loving reasons.

If you are really ready to see why your life looks and feels the way it does, then go within, with a maniacal love and Ambassadorship that won’t stop until the farthest reaches of your being have filled up every cell in their being with all the love they are able to drink in, then get up the next day, and do it all over again.

Short of this, a part of you is choosing to stay stuck and there isn’t an other you there who wants to get to know why. The Isles of your consciousness are waiting for your ship to arrive on their shores, bringing a new culture that on one hand, they long for, yet on the other hand, they need to know that you can really continue to deliver.

Raphael Awen

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