Necessity Of The Deep Dive During Awakening

By Jelelle Awen

Awakening is the eventual and inevitable sovereignly led going into the deep dive….into the places, nooks, and crannies of the emotional body and the soul that previously haven’t been known and cared for and seen. This deeper work can be avoided, bypassed, and diverted for only so long. This is true for ALL of us, it seems, no matter what place we claim as teacher, healer, way shower, etc.

Even those souls long awakening and having done ‘so much work’ are finding that there is still deeper to go, especially into emotional body healing. You are maybe discovering that the previously cherished joy and bliss states are becoming more temporary, fueled by transmissions from other souls perhaps more than being self generated and self empowered.

Eventually, the pain bubbles up again….showing itself as a seemingly unshakable depression or an acute anxiety that can move into panic that feels like it is attacking every living cell. Maybe this pain can be covered over for a time by a Protector part with buoyancy but that can be more superficial, like a smile whose joy never really reaches the eyes.

The vibrational frequency of the trauma calls you back again, over and over, in ways that are sometimes conscious and very often not. It mirrors through situations in your life that recapitulate it…through relationships with others primarily…..asking you to see it. Inviting you to finally FEEL it. Wanting you to relate with it rather than resist or push away.

Leading with curiousity….leading with compassion….being able to create space and separation….you are then able to BE with this pain and the parts of your self and soul that feel it. You are able to relate with the traumas expressed in specific scenes that may loop over and over like ground hog’s day until felt by you and offered to be moved into a higher vibration of light and love. You form relationships WITH these parts and aspects of you in this life and other timelines too…not to fix them, yet, rather, to KNOW them.

Through this inner relationality, soul gifts OPEN up in an authentic way that is led by you, empowered by you….owned and managed by YOU. The initial highs experienced from receiving readouts and intuitions from other healers are fading and the questions of ‘now what?’ and ‘how do I integrate this into my life?’ and ‘Why didn’t knowing that take away the pain?’ are becoming more pressing. The necessary phase of looking outside to others to tell you about your soul is completing as you are being invited to lead your OWN exploration and discover your own answers.

Your Protector/Gatekeeper becomes you main collaborator and guide as you journey together to discover, to bridge, and to transform fear to love in whatever forms and ways it shows up. More about this part and Metasoul aspects here:

This is the way we navigate the deep dive that the Divine is inviting us into during awakening. This is the way that we’ve found in SoulFullHeart leads to transmutation of trauma and pain back into love again. It is one part at a time. It is one journey and exploration at a time.

The Divine supports beautifully the bravery to go into these deeper places and will always reveal the love that is there if you are willing to look, open to feel, and trusting in the process. ~

Jelelle Awen
I and other SoulFullHeart Facilitators Raphael AwenGabriel Heartman, and Kalayna Colibri offer 1:1 90 minute bridging sessions over zoom for $55 USD min. donation to journey into these inner spaces in a safe and supportive environment. I have session openings this week for women over 35 if you are interested in experiencing one! Gabriel and Raphael meet with men and women; Kalayna with women under 35 years of age. PM me on facebook or email
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