Coronavirus As A Portal

By Jelelle Awen

I haven’t watched or taken in much mainstream news about the spread of the coronavirus, interestingly named considering it is the sun’s energies being offered through coronal holes in its surface providing us with much sacred masculine activation during this phase of Ascension. Even choosing not to take in the 3D news perspective and energy, I can feel the growing fear, panic, and sense of powerlessness growing around it within the collective. I can feel it, yet I am not of it.

Whenever there are reactions of fear, there is an opportunity to discover what it is actually about within your own soul and consciousness. One of the deepest fears we can have as humans when we still consciously feel separated from the Divine is of physical body death. Physical body death brings up a recapitulation of the original separation wound that is so painful. Anything that threatens our ‘lives’ in our physical body can then push up this fear. If we haven’t conceived of our spirit and soul beyond our physical bodies, then we are totally attached in consciousness to our physical experience and bodies. This is a good way of understanding what 3D consciousness offers….little beyond the physical experience.

From this place of 3D reality, something like the coronavirus feels very threatening and pushes up an extreme fear of body death and therefore Divine separation. There isn’t much sense of trust and Divine surrender in this perspective. There isn’t much connection and trust to the light body, subtle energy systems, and prana/chi/life force frequencies that can be brought in to respond to something like a stronger virus. Because mainstream medicine is reactive rather than preventative, there are so many in 3D consciousness living in extremely poor health and vitality, for which this virus can greatly impact and harm them.

As we feel from a higher perspective the soul’s choices here, we can start to tune into the bigger choice point and transition that is happening collectively. As I’ve mentioned in other writings, it is a time of ‘stay or go’ on the soul’s level as we move into a deeper phase and stage of Ascension. Those souls who want and need more 3D experience (as it does offer so much growth opportunity if you can emerge and awaken out of it!) would choose to leave the Earth plane now as it transitions to more 4D and then 5D Gaia experience. In this way, these souls may choose the coronavirus as the means to exit now.

Something like a virus is a portal for us to feel into our soul’s history and experience of viruses in previous lifetimes and timelines. From the black plague to other epidemic experiences, the reactions of fear and panic can sometimes stem from another timeline when these viruses were truly and deeply devastating to us and this wasn’t processed on an emotional body level. If you are finding yourself in strong reaction to it, this may be a place to go exploring to see if there is a connection for you in your soul’s experience.

I have been asked if it feels like this virus has been planted by the Cabal, Illuminati, etc. as a population control means or by the alliance to be able to collapse the world’s economy and bring in alternative currency, etc. Both of these feel possible and yet the interesting piece there is what reactions that brings up in you if either of those are the case. Feelings of outrage are also a portal to feel the parts of you in activist and protest modes that could, again, be from another lifetime. The invitation is to return to the Ambassador’s sense that we are ALL players in this Divine play and whatever ‘roles’ we are choosing benefit this experience. Offering forgiveness and compassion to others and self can help navigate this.

I’ve been mentioning the 3D/Lower 4D Matrix rumbles and reboots and this virus feels like an aspect of that. Viruses reboot and disrupt programs, such as the Lower 4D Artificial Intelligence Program running from the Reptilian 4D Dimension. Love is a good kind of virus that leads to mutual liberation for all of us. If we are trusting that ALL energies ultimately come from the Divine than even this coronavirus serves a purpose of love that comes from the Divine. The loss of human life, when seen from a soul’s choice level, becomes a sometimes necessary aspect of that.

I’ve also been asked if I feel tension or anxiety about my own future plans to relocate and travel in Europe starting in May due to the possible travel restrictions, quarantine, etc. When I feel into that, I get this sense of Divine trust and surrender that moves through my heart. If I cannot travel at that time, as much as I desire and want to, I do feel a sense of surrender inside me around that. Trusting the reboot process that is needed and that I am just a piece within that, I am in flow with whatever happens. I can serve love from wherever I am in the world.

My deeper sense is that the Divine desires for me to be in Europe for my own process and for the service opportunities of love that can be seeded there once Raphael and I are there. I really can only be in Now about that and will respond to whatever comes up in reaction inside of me if/when it does. Projecting worst case scenarios is so often what causes anxiety. If you are feeling anxiety about your future travel plans, you may feel into the part of you that is worrying about it and why they are. What are they not trusting? What can you feel with them that will help them move into more Divine surrender?

Connecting to Divine trust and surrender allows for a sense of flow through the sometimes turbulent times ahead. Detoxing from 3D energies within your body, bringing in more light, healing traumas at the self and soul levels can help to boost your immune system as needed. Here is a recent video to activate your light body:

Remaining anchored in a higher consciousness frequency while bridging with love to all parts of you that need support and love can help ride the waves. As you find that sense of trust inside yourself, you can extend it out towards others as as beacon of peace, of love, and of possibility.


Jelelle Awen

Jelelle Awen is a Divine Feminine Love Ambassador and Co-Creator/Teacher/Group Facilitator/Ambassador of SoulFullHeart Way Of Life, a healing process and paradigm offering New Gaia Ascension frequencies to transmute trauma into love on emotional/spiritual/physical levels. For more information about  1:1 individual sessions with her for women and with other SoulFullHeart Facilitators, virtual group calls, writings/books, and videos, visit

6 thoughts on “Coronavirus As A Portal

  1. Very well said.

    I’ve had my own challenges that come years after my own ascension completion, but then I got used to within an inch of my life for Energetic Service Work for the planet and collective. In a nutshell, I’m pooped. I quit being used for energy work in late 2014 because I could not be used any more. There was no bounce back at that point. So, here I’ve been for almost 5 1/2 years since, in this depleted state. The only thing that has made me feel better is when humanity raises frequency, which it has been doing very steadily since about December of 2018. Finally. But for worn out, weary me, that has had its own frustrations since it feels like we’re about to have a major break through… and yet here we are yet another year+ later.

    On top of it, my outer circumstances are uncomfortable. The Divine of course supports me, but the world I have supported doesn’t really, and doesn’t really know how to. I’m beyond their paradigm. They want to offer “solutions” to me, but they have no idea what I’ve been through, no framework to put it in. The only real “solution” is just one foot in front of the other, accepting Divine Guidance and support, which is always there when I need it.

    I knew many would be passing through the death portal over the next several years. I saw it as those who are basically “committing slow suicide” because they won’t get turned around, no matter how many messengers are sent or how many good examples.

    But then comes along this coronavirus thing. It may indeed give some a good, swift kick out the death portal. But it’s funny, because such things have not scared me for many years. I heard the news a couple months back and a sense of calm came over me, because yes, like you, I knew many would be very caught up in fear. And it’s time for those of us who are not to not only be coherent, but to demonstrate it.

    You bring up the cabal. It has been found that this was indeed an engineered bioweapon. The who and why of its specific release or was it accidentally released is still a bit up in the air. But yeah, everything happens for a reason. I keep reminding everyone that this is the Apocalypse. I always have to go on to say that doe NOT mean “the end of the world” as many have been conditioned to think. Well, I guess it would depend on how you define “world”. End of the planet? No. Earth is headed for an extinction-level event but this won’t be it. One way or the other, this will definitely play big into the end of the cabal-influenced world. Apocalypse means “uncovering / revealing”. Much is and will continue to be revealed about this.

    This will be a fine balancing act for folks indeed.
    Support your immune system!
    But yeah, even if not looking at such info, you’ll soon come to know who is behind such things.

    See my post “Massive Apocalypse” and the comments there for updates on current events. You can search on coronavirus there for news specific to it.

    Also see my post “Are You Living or Dying” for biological / physical-level reasons why one does not want to succumb to fear or constant fight or flight mode. It will literally shut down your immune system. Not a good idea right now.

    But I will also re-mind everyone that it’s not like “criminal” to have fear. The idea is to release the fear. You cannot Release what you Repress. So, let it surface, then let it go.

    1. Thank for this sharing….I think many can relate to what you are sharing here about being tired and burnt out, wanting for the next level of Ascension of the collective and yet surrendering it to Divine timing at the same time. We picked a challenging timeline to be here for sure! Blessings, Jelelle

  2. Yes indeed thank you! I am not interested in the pandemonium and so it’s not a portal for me haha but I love your language for around trauma and reactions being portals to a healing or multidimensional aspect.. I’ve been reminding myself of that while facing personal family stresses. 😉

    And couldn’t agree more about travel.. it will happen or not and to be free of that weird-worry-drama-rigamarole seems like these are different worlds. I’m not in that one – been there done that … on to bigger fields of dreams!! 😉


    1. Not interested in pandemonium is an interesting piece to realize isn’t it? Everything being a portal to more self and soul discovery feels like such an invitation for ongoing navigation of life! Surrender to the Divine around travel, etc. just feels more and more natural as you connect to the bigger picture as well. Love, Jelelle

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