Coronavirus & 3D Matrix Reboot Q&A, Unity Consciousness Guided Meditation Video | Jelelle Awen

SoulFullHeart Divine Feminine Teacher/Facilitator and Ascension Guide Jelelle Awen hosted this live Q&A, energy update, and guided meditation that originally aired March 17th, 2020. She answers questions, responds to comments and digests the coronavirus/COVID-19 outbreak and the 3D Matrix dismantling that she feels is going on behind-the-scenes of it for which the virus is being used as a smokescreen.

The questions asked during the livestream were about the time frame of the ‘shut down’ and switch over from dark-based systems into New Earth systems, preparation steps to take during it, how to relate with those who are not quite yet awakening, how the coronavirus connects to the 5G rollout, and more. Jelelle shares her personal collapse experiences and offers an invitation for ALL to step into more service of love and sharing in whatever ways they are called to do. She also offers how to take care of and feel yourself, your parts, your Metasoul Aspects in other timelines/lifetimes (especially those experiencing collapse such as in Atlantis, Lemuria) in the midst of so much intensity.

The guided meditation during the last fifteen minutes offers a unifying energy that brings us all together, even while in ‘isolation’, and helps us open our hearts to the world and each other, in service of love and in heart and soul connection together. Divine Mother and Divine Father emit their loving energies into the group circle and parts of you (including your Inner Child and Inner Protector) are invited to join us!

You can see the comments and questions that Jelelle was responding to here on her FB feed:

Here are all of Jelelle’s and other SoulFullHearts writings about the coronavirus:

There are many guided meditations on this playlist with Jelelle and others in SoulFullHeart that are a helpful bridge into connecting with different aspects and parts of you:

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