Digestion Of My Visit To Fatima’s Marian Apparition Sacred Sites

By Jelelle Awen

I’ve needed a couple of days to digest our recent visit to the sacred sites in nearby Fatima, Portugal as quite a bit was activated within my soul by going there. Nearby the town of Fatima is where one of the most famous Marian apparition visits occurred in 1917 when three rural children Lucia Santos and her cousins Francisco and Jacinta Marto experienced several visits with Mother Mary.

Many pilgrims flocked to Fatima and Aljustrel (the nearby village where they lived) to witness the visits as word of them spread, which occurred for six months on the 13th of the month. They culminated with the Miracle of the Sun event on October 13th, 1917, in which over 70,000 people reported significant shifts in the location, light quality, and intensity of the sun during this visit.

Only the three children could actually see Mother Mary and only the two girls could see AND hear her, yet many people reported being able to feel a sacred presence during her visits. Some pilgrims reported healings of disease and disabilities as well.

You can feel from the photos I’ve shared the massive scale and size of the group of Catholic religious buildings and structures in Cova da Iria that honors these visits. These sacred sites, including the nearby preserved houses of the children, draws several million pilgrims/tourists every year and thousands during the main processional days on the 13th of May and October.

The Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary built in the 1950s is a massive church with beautiful marble columns and tombs containing the remains of the children’s bodies, stunning stain glass images depicting the stations of the cross, and vivid paintings and exquisitely detailed sculptures of the Marian visits.

While we were standing in the main area near the Chapel of the Apparitions, a tiny chapel that Mother Mary commissioned for them to build to honor the site of the visits, a processional began at noon with a long line of pilgrims following behind priests holding up a rose laden platform with a statue of Our Lady. As a priest with a beautiful voice sang a song to honor the Fatima visits, the whole group walked right past us and through the church area. This was a special surprise as we did not plan to see it, although it was the 13th of the month. Witnessing this processional was a moving experience for all of us as we felt devotional energies move through toward Mother Mary and the Divine Feminine. We also lit candles in honor of Divine Mother and offered prayers/blessings as well (I lit one in honor of Jacinta.)

I was previously aware somewhat of the Marian apparitions in Fatima and definitely the ones in Lourdes and Guadalupe, Mexico, yet had not connected to any in an exploratory way that could open up deeper healing. This exploration is served by being able to actually visit and take in the sacred site, as I repeatedly discovered when we were in Avalon/Glastonbury, UK and also when we went to the stone circles in the UK. I am now understanding more about why we were guided to settle here in Central Portugal where so much devout Marian energies are centered.

I started connecting in my Metasoul to a lifetime as the youngest seer and supposedly the most fervently devout child, Jacinta, a few weeks ago. I’ve been in healing spaces with her and Mother Mary, first visiting with her in the hospital where she died alone of the Spanish Flu in 1920 while in great pain and personal sacrifice (as did her brother Francisco in 1919). Mother Mary bridged to Jacinta patiently, repeatedly offering a reframe of the self condemning message of sacrificial suffering for all sinners that Jacinta had internalized during the visits.

Mother Mary shared with us that while the first visit with the children was genuine as it was only the three of them (which was Jacinta’s favorite one), the visits after that were somewhat hijacked by the Matrix False Light frequencies. The purity of Mary’s message of peace, an end to wars, and hope/love/support for ALL of humanity was distorted by this hijack and used to convert even more souls into the religious trap of self condemnation, seeking salvation outside of themselves, and False God Worship of the Papal ‘corporation’. Mother Mary offered that the Miracle of the Sun event witnessed by so many souls was also a Matrix hijack and tweak of the Matrix hologram in that moment.

Even with this hijacking and the eventual amusement park spectacle made of the events by the Catholic Church, there was still a genuine and sacred purpose to Mary coming to deliver messages to the children at this time. These children are Magdalene souls with high levels of mastery related to psychic access to higher realms. Before incarnation, there was an agreement between them and Mary Anna (as she is known as a Magdalene) for her to return and seed into them a message of peace just as the first world war was ending and before the second one. The hope was that these messages would usher in a new paradigm of peaceful resolution and diplomacy that might help avoid the second world war.

These seeds of peaceful resolution were planted by the Magdalenes into Gaia’s grids during their most important incarnational lifetime of Yeshua’s crucifixion and ascension. This seeding is beautifully and viscerally described in the Anna, Grandmother of Jesus book by Claire Heartsong that I highly recommend if you are drawn to connect to the Yeshua-Magdalene soul family lineage.

As Mother Mary’s TRUE message landed in the heart of Jacinta, her childlike innocence could return and transmute the self punishing shame that had led her to sacrifice herself. Jacinta became like the sun then, vibrantly curious and wanting to connect to other aspects of our Metasoul from other timelines and learn from them…..such as Lorna my high priestess of Avalon, and Ingrit, my witch/medicine woman. Jacinta didn’t like the ‘rules’ of the Church, so much emphasis on Hell and being condemned, the patriarchal energies of the Church, so she was fairly able to let the programming go when offered another option that was more resonant to her soul.

As with all modern visits to sacred sites and especially those so blatantly and commercially leveraged by the Church, there is a mix of both inspiration and frustration when you visit them. By going inward after the visit there in the physical, I was able to discover the core purity of the message and help free it from the hijack of the church….at least within my own soul and in whatever ways that could ripple out to the Collective.

I am so grateful for the SoulFullHeart process that I have leaned into myself for so many years as a means to lift the veils, transmute karma with love, end the suffering/self sacrificial energies within my relationship to the Divine Mother, and connect directly with these soul aspects so deeply on an ongoing basis. The richness of what our soul has experienced becomes once again accessible and also purified.

This morning, I got to host a reunion between soul sisters and cousins Jacinta and Louisa, who died in 2005 after devoting her life to being a nun in devout worship to Mother Mary. Their reunion was touching and we could connect to their bond together in Yeshua’s lifetime as two of his beloved Marys. Louisa’s healing digestion of the apparition visits was more integrated over her long lifetime, yet, also she tended to move into much self recrimination and unworthiness around being a chosen messenger of Mary’s. Connection with Jacinta now and with the TRUE frequencies of Mary Anna feel like they will offer her deep healing around this.

I am honored to be an ambassador of love to help heal and free up the message offered by the Divine Mother. All of us have a Divine Child within us that is pure, innocent, and a spark from the heart of the Divine. As our Divine Child heals from their separation wound and pain and reunites with our Divine Mother and Father, they arise into their embodiment as the bright, bright light of the Divine.

As Mother Mary keeps offering, “You cannot be unworthy of my love as it is always yours. You cannot be outside of my grace as it is always within you. You cannot be condemned by me as my acceptance of you is always there.”

If you feel a soul resonance with these events, I recommend watching the recent film Fatima as it recaptures a lot of the sacred experiences that the children went through yet also the challenges for them in facing the fear and skepticism it brought up in others.

Love from Fatima!

Jelelle Awen

More information about 1:1 sessions to access these soul grounds within, group calls, books/ writings at soulfullheart.org

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