You Are Love In The Process Of Remembering: Message From The Divine

By Jelelle Awen

This was written today in an afterglow state following sacred union/sexuality connection with Raphael. I felt these words come to me as we continue to heal the separation consciousness experience within our pair bond together in many lifetimes. Our souls seem to chose the impossible configuration of ‘good king during hard times’ and ‘powerful yet cautious priestess’ as a way to experience this separation. Our Metasoul aspects have always been attracted to each other, yet not able to claim a sacred union and actually BE together out in the open in a committed, long lasting way or at least not very often within the Matrix lifetimes.

As we celebrate the anniversary of our marriage vow renewal and with Valentine’s day coming up tomorrow, I feel so grateful for our capacity and ability to BE together this life in an ever deepening way…here to heal this separation experience and remember union!

These words offer a recoding for you to take in as well….and you could put ‘I am’ to replace “You are” for some powerful affirmations! ~

“You are an infinite being living within a finite body.

You are a beloved member of a soul family anticipating your return.

You are one half of a pair bond/twin flame partnership inviting you into eventual reunion.

You are unity consciousness temporarily experiencing separation. 

You are unconditional love limited only by illusionary fears.

You are light seeding your beacon into the darkness.

You are a power force…stoppable only by your own choices.

You are FREE with no other being/energy/forces able to truly enslave you.

You are the Divine surrendering into the experiment of being human.

You are LOVE in the process of remembering.” 

Reminder from the Divine and your Higher Self ~

Hope you can join us for a group call on Sunday, February 20th to explore healing the separation wound to move into Unity Consciousness. More info at

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