Energy Update: Powerful 22:02:2022 Portal!

By Jelelle Awen

A powerful day today 22:02:2022 (if the day of the month comes first)…a palindrome (same backwards as forwards) and an ambigram (reads the same upside down as well) AND it is TUESday as well. ALL of these ‘2’s provide a potent activation of union codes from within, with others, with your soul aspects/Metasoul, collectively, and with the Divine.

In meditation today, I went into the multiples 2s portal and my Inner Earth Lemurian Guide/Aspect Ruma came forward to connect with me. She met me in etheric space at Fraga Da Pena, the heavenly natural gorge with waterfalls near us that I shared about a few days ago. I felt this place as a portal between our surface world and Inner Earth Lemuria.

They are many such portals on the surface to Inner Earth, usually near or on Mountain ranges such as ones here in Central Portugal where several ranges converge, Mount Shasta, the Rocky Mountains, Mount Bacharach in France, Andes mountains, the Himalayas and many others. There are usually Inner Earth cities within these mountains with much galactic activity coming and going from the peaks and summits of them.

We mostly engage with these portals during meditation, through etheric and astral visits, although sometimes in the physical body as well. I felt the invitation from Ruma to open up the portal to Inner Earth Lemurian today for those drawn to go there to feel the possibilities they hold for us to some day experience Lemuria again on the surface. The Inner Earth Lemurians who went into

‘hiding’ during the fall of Lemuria can return to the surface when the frequency of humanity is high enough to support their 5D consciousness.

Ruma’s message today was one of opportunity to heal the separation consciousness within us as we connect to the places/parts/aspects that feel and experience it in often deeply profound ways that can lead to ongoing suffering and pain. Being in the Matrix reality since the Fall has amplified the emotional trauma from fragmenting out of the Divine, out of our Soul Family Monad, out of our pairbond/twin flame, out of our Metasoul, and even within us as parts of us form to reflect this fragmentation. All this fragmentation has been a necessary aspect of Divine Play and experiment, yet has left undigested wounding in our emotional and soul fields.

All these 2 codes feel like an invitation into wholeness again, into unity, into completion and to remember what it FEELS like to be in these Unity Consciousness states. Being willing to FEEL the separation is what allows it to heal, being a bridge to the parts/aspect that feels separate over and over again as needed. until they no longer do.

Raphael and I shared much more about this in our recent group call and a meditation to connect with Union consciousness, your bridging self (what we call your Divine Self) and with your separated self. We created a bridge to allow space for this energies to connect with each other. You can purchase the recording via offering a donation at or

I also highly recommend any video that draws you today from our recent 31 day Deepen guided meditation series:…

This TWO day invites us to bring whatever energies are feeling separate (and the tension and fear that creates) INTO Union again. Perhaps your Inner Earth Lemurian is waiting to connect with you to assist in that movement from within you!

Happy TWOsday!


Jelelle Awen

This photo was taken yesterday while we were exploring the nearby town of Coja, near an ‘idyllic’ feeling creek and park. It’s amazing what Gaia and the sun can transmit to us when we are open to receive!

8Raphael Awen, Kasha Rokshana and 6 others



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