Energy Update: 2/20 to 2/22 Offering Unification, Union & Feminine Codes

By Jelelle Awen

The energies this month have been INtense! They have been Inviting us into deeper inner spaces of our heart and soul for quantum healing at levels not possible before while still remaining connected to the body. All this “2” energy of unification, union, feminine frequencies and the portal of 2/20 to 2/22 feels especially powerful and important for this inner healing and transmutation.

You may be experiencing some body detox symptoms as these sacred feminine frequencies flush out whatever is needed, especially in the yoni and womb spaces for women. Period cycles can be heightened, yoni irritation/UTI like symptoms coming in and clearing as the feminine power centers are cleared and reclaimed. Men may experience these energies in their hara with digestive issues and not being able to eat what you usually can.

I SO needed some Divine Mother/Gaia codes as I’ve been in an intense ongoing karmic process with my medicine woman Metasoul aspect Ingrit from a middle ages timeline. She was both ostracized and ‘needed’ by the townspeople and eventually betrayed by them as well. These kind of persecution wounds are coming up now too for healing as the feminine empowerment activations occur.

We are blessed to live in a beautiful natural area in Central, Portugal surrounded by mountain ranges and rivers. Raphael and I went to a truly magical place today Fraga da Pena about 25 minutes drive from where we live…..a small gorge carved into one of the mountainsides here with beautiful, pristine waters flowing through it creating many natural waterfalls.

Waterfalls are always magical as the force of the water reminds us of the power within us that can also be given up to and surrendered to the Divine. These pictures capture the truly amazing light codes coming off these waters filtering through sunlight. These waters are full of quartz crystal rocks…very common here and why we spent three months camping right next to a river here last summer. I haven’t seen codes like these before in photos and the video in nature and it shows the high frequencies that are available to us in these magical places.

The energies were Pixie/Devic, Lemurian, Galactic/Arcturian…a heady mix of very ancient and cutting edge. Enjoy the transmission from them!

Oh, and you are invited to join Raphael and I today for our monthly group call transmission at 5:00pm GMT, exploring the separate wound and bridging to Unity codes from within…you can join us live and receive the recording! More info at to offer a donation of any amount to attend at or


Jelelle Awen

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