Karmic Persecution and Obligation Coming Up For Healing

By Jelelle Awen

Karmic persecution and the flip side, karmic obligation, are coming up for healing right now! The experience of being persecuted is very familiar to those of who have spent many lifetimes awakening, being healers/teachers, leading new edges of consciousness forward and been ‘ahead of our time.’

We trip the Matrix programming, we create anomalies, we offer new codings. The response to this from the ‘mainstream Matrix’ can be fierce, unkind, painful, and even life threatening. Reconciling and healing this soul wounding can cause us to draw more of these persecution experiences this life. This usually manifests in relationship struggles and conflicts, particularly with birth family members, in romances, and in friendships where they are more anchored to 3D consciousness still.

Parts of us can feel quite hurt, rejected, abandoned by these repeated experiences of condemnation and judgement from those who claim to love us. I have felt how deep this wounding can go so many times in sessions and within myself too. The heart of our inner child is blocked by the Inner Protector in response to this, shielding them for future hurts (or so they hope.) The light of our soul bigness shining can be dimmed too, hidden ‘under a bushel’ for a time that feels safer.

Karmic obligation is another side of this dynamic where your soul aspects and parts have taken on responsibility for these family members, friends and mates even when you no longer resonate with each other and even when there is judgement and harm/abuse from them toward you. Instead of feeling the pain of this, parts of you feel responsible for them, you take care of them, you become the ‘holder’ of their pain at the cost of your own growth. Parts of you feel guilt if you experience joy and love because they cannot in the same way.

These karmic binds are important to feel and be with as there is a healing opportunity to complete them…now more than ever! To go deeper than the triggers and reactions to how people are treating you (or not treating you) and into the emotional body and soul field. To explore the dynamics going on within you from one part to another that mirrors this same persecution/victim dynamic (such as between the Inner Punisher and parts that feel shame.) To go into your soul field to discover the soul themes playing out there lifetime after lifetime with these same souls.

In these explorations lead by curiosity and an open heart, you discover forgiveness and compassion…for yourself, for your soul aspects, and for them. This is what allows for completion of these karmic binds as the polarity they create is no longer needing to be experienced for your growth. Only authentic, felt out and emotionally digested compassion allows for this completion…not affirmations or mental analysis or spiritual beliefs.

You (and parts of you) may be giving still much focus and energy to the reactive experience you have during these relationships….rather than turning inward to explore WHY these dynamics are happening. Going directly to the source of them within your soul field and emotional body is possible now, rather than just looping over and over. Gratitude for the gift these other souls have provided you in this experience arises as well from this ground.

Going into these deeper grounds is, yes, now more possible than ever. The veils are so thin, the walls around our hearts are weakening, and our defenses are getting so tired of holding up any more blocks. The ache to move back into Oneness again is getting stronger and stronger! Any frequencies within us of separation are being illuminated, brought up, and amplified….seeking wholeness by receiving and becoming LOVE.


Jelelle Awen

More information about a free intro over zoom with me for women to talk about 1:1 sessions to explore these karmic grounds for healing and completion at soulfullheart.org/sessions.

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