Gifts Of Connecting With Your Inner Teenager

By Jelelle Awen

Your Inner Teenager is the part of you representing the phase and stage after childhood and before adulthood, usually between 11 and 18 years old, although that can vary. This is a very important period of life as it is very often when awakening is happening on a Metasoul level with timelines starting to bleed-through into your reality. In many timelines, the teenager phase of life is honored as a sacred time of initiation. It is recognized in these other lifetimes that you are in, as the beginning stages of becoming/identifying your soul gift expressions and purpose. In many timelines, the community provided support for the teenager to mature into that expression.

However, in our 3D modern era, for teenagers, there isn’t usually initiation, honoring, and training in how to follow their soul’s purpose or any recognition of it. Instead, 3D culture overlooks teenagers and often judges them harshly. Instead of receiving initiation in all areas of life around relationships, sexuality, spirituality, and passion purpose, your Inner Teenager received, most likely, invalidation in all these areas. Deep 3D-based conditioning just serves to feed and amplify growing fears, dualities, insecurities, and polarizations inside of them.

The Inner Teenager is often hanging out in the sanctuary of their teenage bedroom and can be connected with there. Your Inner Teenager is often stuck there with strong feelings of angst, depression, even suicidal feelings of not wanting to be on this planet and in their birth families anymore. Instead of a healthy phase of individuating from birth family, there is often push-pull, over attachment, and other unhealthy dynamics experienced by our inner teens. They are hiding from the family dynamics, yet there can be both longing for connection and pushing away from the family vibe at the same time. So often the teenager is torn between the necessity of bonding with their birth family for their very survival and a growing sense of dissonance and lack of resonance.

There seem to be two kinds of ways that this expresses in an Inner Teenager during this very challenging phase of life. Either as overt rebellion and acting out in behaviors that are not approved of; or in nearly complete-seeming acceptance and conformity to the family. In the case of rebellion, more inner truth and empowerment is able to be expressed, even if it isn’t always in healthy ways. When there has been conformity, a conforming 3D Self (almost like a robot self) is created to fit in and the rebellious and angry part of the Inner Teenager is usually hidden away in the shadows.

I have discovered that the Inner Teenager is the part of us that is often responsible for our social interface in life, even as adults. They are stuck in the trauma they experienced in social interactions and haven’t been able to mature beyond it until we connect with them and help them heal. It is often the Inner Teenager’s energy that is leading in romantic relationships, which is why so many of them can be dysfunctional and not as mature in transaction. This isn’t the fault of our Inner Teenager yet rather a reflection of where they haven’t yet matured in their expression of relationality with others.

So much intense rage, depression, and anxiety can be bleeding through from other lifetimes/timelines into your Inner Teenager’s reality. Your soul is starting to awaken and there is more coming through. The veil may be thinner during this time and there is not as much protection being provided by the Inner Protector to keep it out. Later on in adulthood, the Inner Protector and the Gatekeeper are able to create a stronger veil around your 3D Self using layers of densities from undigested traumas.

Connecting with your Inner Teenager in a conscious way allows them to receive the initiations and individuation that they most need in order to mature in all areas of life. By receiving a bridge to you in your current maturity, they are able to receive a template for who they will become and what their potential is. Like a visit with their ‘future self’ in the form of a loving mentor, they finally receive what they have most been needing and longing for.

Going into the world of our Inner Teenager brings us closer to the passion, imagination, and creativity we had to set aside for various reasons as we became adults. It is about feeling the loss of innocence that led us to so much serious, repressed, and conforming expression. They are the bridge from our youth to our maturity. They are truly seers of new worlds. Healing our Inner Teenager brings a new vision of life that has technicolor rad-ness and infinite vision. It brings a joy and lightness that seeks to learn and have fun at the same time.


Excerpt From my book Free To Be 5D about the Inner Teenager, with links to purchase as audio, print, ebook, and PDF at

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