Relationship Conflicts Offer A Powerful Mirror

By Jelelle Awen

It can be challenging to remember that everything and everyone is a loving mirror (ultimately) of YOU and of parts of you. Especially when the mirroring comes in the form of what can feel like ‘attacking’ or ‘kicking’ energetically. This is happening more lately with the increasing Ascension energies coming in to support higher vibrational choices. These conflicts can come very often as a result of raising your frequency and collapsing timelines that you were previously anchored to. These kind of responses can be a sign that you are truly leaving something old behind and moving into the New…as difficult as they can be to digest at times.

The parts of others that were connected to you and yours can ‘lash out’ as the previous agreements dissolve. As you shift the ground of the relationship during your awakening, this releases the previous congestion/toxicity that you BOTH transacted with each other. They were as ‘bound’ to you as you were to them, in the sense of on the Higher Self/soul level signing up to exchange together for a phase of time. This is especially the case in 3D birth family arrangements, as this kind of ‘bound for life no matter what’ conditionality is so supported in 3D culture.

Parts of them can feel like you have abandoned them and the response is very often hyper critical judgement, disdain, disappointment, and defensiveness. Feelings of betrayal and hurt are underneath these reactions to your growth. You are offering a mirror to them of something new, a new place they could go beyond these polarized reactions and 3D living…yet, they may not be ready for it and it HAS to be chosen by them, sovereignly and in their own pacing/timing.

There are often many timelines working themselves out here in these relationships dynamics….rarely are all these energies that have built up just from THIS lifetime. Souls shift roles and places with each other in order to facilitate MORE growth and learning. You can connect to what these timeline playouts are between your Metasoul and theirs through conscious connection with them. These timelines are very often overlaying and bleeding into this one, esp. in the case of soul mates and soul family connections.

There is an invitation to feel the part of you that the other person represents. Their judging mirroring an Inner Punisher part of you. Their defensiveness mirroring an Inner Protector part of you….perhaps in shadow still or ‘off your radar’ and now this other person has brought them forward for you to get to know. Going inward in response to conflict with others allows you to clear and feel and heal the ground from within that drew the contention in the first place.

Feel these kinds of interactions as temporary opportunities for growth. Eventually, you won’t draw them at all when you no longer need the mirror of them. When you have felt and connected to your shadow aspects. When you have let go of the previous dense, 3D timelines because it is complete. In the meantime, they are a gift from your Higher Self to show you MORE you.

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Jelelle Awen

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