Unanchoring Your 3D Self To Fly The Skies Of Your Highest Timeline

By Jelelle Awen

In two weeks from today, I will be flying with my BEloved Raphael Awen and daughter Raianna Shai on an airplane from here in Puerto Vallarta to Victoria, Canada. Honestly, it has been YEARS since I’ve flown and I’m so curious how it will feel now with more multidimensional and galactic perspective. We are flying at night, so the stars will be close…the higher elevational frequencies just outside the window. I can already feel my star seed child so excited to be in the air again in the physical (even with many journeys to visit light ships through meditation recently)!!
While there is a TRUE sense of excitement about this life shift (which is about following Divine guidance to be in a geography that supports more in person service through sessions, retreats, and groups) there have also been rumblings in moments of tensions inside me…mostly brief and calmed with an inner connection to whichever part or Metasoul aspect is feeling them. Then, service of love calls again to write, share, sessions and I am elevated to the bigger picture sense of reason around it ALL.
Letting go of the comfortable and the known to step into more leadership/service/outedness of our soul gift expression always causes some tension for the parts of us that have become comfortable/safe in the familiar. It’s like we have to unroot these parts of us…….unanchor them with MUCH love and be open to feel their anxieties too without judgement in order for more joy and surrender and bigness to open up and become accessible.
In a session this week, a 3D self of a facilitant came through and this part of her was SO clear about what 3D consciousness thinks about all this awakening/ascension/spiritual ‘stuff’ as represented by her ‘science-minded’ and practical birth father. The 3D self has been conditioned to ‘maintain the status quo’, to ‘do what everyone else does’, to ‘climb the ladders’ and ‘fit in the boxes’ just like others. To be different is to risk being called crazy…..to reveal your awakening consciousness is to risk being totally alone. There are VERY real fears in these parts of us about being abused, becoming a ‘moving target’ and (in our metasouls) even being killed or persecuted if we step up and out into our gifts. We felt much love for this part of her together (who she really has known herself to BE most of her life) and she began the process of differentiating from this energy in order to continue her process of BEcoming more of her service of love self in ALL areas of her life without compartments and bubbles.
The versions/parts of you still anchored to 3D consciousness have good reason for being so. They’ve been supported most likely by your birth family, by schooling, by society/cultural standards. They may still be connected to relationships that are more resonant in 3D frequencies.
These parts of you are waiting to be ‘freed’ from the prison of expectation and conformity. They are waiting for your open heart to invite them out of the prisons and into the free fields of the awakening soul and the expanding heart. To directly connect with these parts of you allows you to separate from them….to become more of your 4D/5D self in that moment that you feel more compassion than judgement toward these energies inside yourself.
You are being invited to step up and step out. To become a bridge to those who are newly awakening through (firstly and primarily) becoming a bridge to all parts of you that are still clinging to 3D consciousness out of fear and familiarity. This inner differentiation work is critical right now and ongoingly. Gaia/cosmic/SOULar/lunar frequencies support this shifting to higher consciousness and can provide upgrades on ALL levels to ease this shift into flying your highest skies with all parts of you coming along for the ride!
Jelelle Awen
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I talk more here in this video about the 3D self and the 5D self: 
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