How To Hire And Fire A Spiritual Teacher



By Raphael Awen

Those words may sound like a 3D approach to something sacred, but in my emerging sense of it, no dimension is more sacred than the other, or higher or lower as we like to differentiate them from our 3D perspective.

Prior to being an emoto-spiritual teacher, I was a painting contractor, and I see a lot of similarities between hiring and firing a contractor as I do in hiring and firing a spiritual teacher.

First off, no expert gets to serve anyone by the authority of their expertise or attainment. There isn’t actually any authority to be found in expertise or attainment as far as transaction between 2 parties is concerned. As a painting contractor, I got my authorization to serve from the homeowner, having earned their confidence to be able to address their need. I claimed expertise and the desire to address their need, yes, but the authority to serve came from them. I had something they wanted, and they entered an exchange with me.

When for whatever reasons, they came to prefer the services of another, their attention was drawn elsewhere and so was the inherent authorization to serve them also withdrawn.

When you find yourself being drawn to a resource, be it a latest author, a counsellor, a mega-church, or a shaman in Peru, or a dentist for that matter, you are deepening in authorization to be served, while you are exchanging energies, and thereby confirming the next step in deepening process.

This, like any relationship can be, and often is, a big honeymoon experience that ends in hurt feelings and slamming of doors as either party projects images onto the other that aren’t accurate as each other’s shadow gets to come out and play, and wreak some havoc.

While the 3D self is very quick to claim victimhood in these situations after having been ‘swindled’ out of money or time, the higher self chose and even orchestrated and drew the harm experience for its growth and evolution into more of the love essence that it is.

From a higher dimensional perspective, we are now now being invited to feel a deeper consciousness about what it is we are being drawn into and why, as we let ourselves reach out to a resource around us. We are also being asked to feel deeply what it is that we really want, and this makes us more vulnerable, not less.

I’m offering and developing SoulFullHeart work because I believe it is the best thing out there, hands down. If I believed any differently about another kind of work or spiritual paradigm, I would go embrace that work deeply and offer that. This is my claim of my expertise, my heart and my passion. At root, I want to serve people for whom anything less wouldn’t be enough for them. This isn’t ‘all are welcome’ like a sign on a church door. This is all are loved, yes, but in order to go deeper, we need to meet on the ground of what we both really want, and why, and to let that form the projectile of the relationship.

We’re all being asked to quit pissing around and deeply go into our chosen spiritual choices and practices. For many, that will mean blowing themselves right out of a given spiritual attachment. I embraced Christianity so deeply this life that my press through the front door found me facing the back door much sooner than part of me was prepared for, and herein lies the fear of changing this much, at this pace, and finding yourself on the outside, feeling alone and having to look deeply within.

Welcome to Ascension!

This is what you came here for. You don’t have to go it alone any longer than you do need to, if you are willing to want and need and ache for what it is that you really want.

Raphael Awen

I invite you to check into SoulFullHeart deeply if it’s energies call to you deeply. I don’t actually want to serve paltry interest. I want to serve your arising passion, heart and honest vulnerability. We offer a free intro session and in exchange we ask you to confirm your interest and respond to 3 simple questions. Then we go from there, finding and feeling more of what it is that we both most deeply want, together. Let me know if you are interested in the free intro and why. I look forward to hearing from you. 

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