Routine Is An Illusion

By Raphael Awen

Routine is an illusion created by aspects of our being. A very real feeling illusion for sure. Real enough to create despair and longing, and herein lies the power of this illusion called routine.

Routine is living our lives on autopilot, feeling little, if anything, going through motions that ensure we are being good enough humans despite our being checked out, checked out of our hearts and deeper desires.

But in a super intelligent universe of which each of us are totally a fractal part, even this disconnect from our hearts is purposeful. We go through despair which re-opens us to the innate courage of our own hearts and souls.

We subconsciously choose paths in life because we think that path will spare us from ever having to choose ever again. We go all in, our passion surrendered not to choice, but instead to fully embracing what we chose; to the idea that we won’t ever again be troubled with such grand choices. Commitment, duty, obligation, ‘married for life’ now take up the space where adventure, discovery and true journey once lived.

This however is also a powerful expression of our power to choose, even if it is expressing currently in an attempt to avoid our choice and power. The more we shut down, the sooner we are faced with potent despair and longing, the stuff which our souls are made of, that lead us on to our next places; our goodbyes and our hellos.

My guess is that your life and desires in a whole bunch of areas of your life are rumbling like you hadn’t quite imagined they would. Part of you feels like everything is falling apart. I offer that you are right where you need to be, right in the midst of rumbling routine, with new choices being backlit for you to see and embrace.

I offer a process of finding your own internal guidance through these places and more in a Bridging Session. More here: I’d love to help – that is if your choice is leading! More T the link above.

Much love, and I so hope to meet you in the journey of courage and adventure that you are!

Raphael Awen

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Being Willing To Want

By Raphael Awen

The life we want, as well as the life we don’t want are the whole point of being here, coming here, having consciousness here.

We actually have the ability to tune out this dimension and completely bypass it altogether, but we chose to forget that, so that we would have the feeling of being stuck here.

Faced with this challenge, we are invited to not only remember our bigness and inhabit it by way of remembrance, but also to even grow beyond the original bigness that we dimmed the lights on to discover something unimaginably more.

We needed to forget, in order to remember, in order to become something more. That more is imagined into being by making it ‘literal’ – in the beginning was the waveform of life energy called, ‘the word.’

Imagine that – the tongue is this life form creator wafting out life on every turn. We’re learning how powerful it is to create, even if by nothing more than creating more darkness and pain to one day awaken to its power to begin to take full responsibility for our creations, and turn this creative life force to what we most deeply want.

I want life. I want love. I want more than I’ve had the courage to dream up, up till now.

Will you want with me? Will you admit what is and isn’t working for you? In that, we’ll find all of our needs and more being met superabundantly.

I can help you with this identifying what you want process. If you’d genuinely like help, I’d so love to help you. Check into a bridging session at the link below with myself and let the quest begin.

Raphael Awen is co-creator, teacher, and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Check out our sessions for a new and profound going-on place in your spiritual and emotional journey at

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