Ending The Money Madness With Wayne and Yeshua- Day 5: Not Withholding What You Have To Give


It’s like having ten loaves of really fresh bread on hand when you know you can only consume one. Hoarding them isn’t an option. Giving them away sows the seed of your trust in a providing universe. It’s imperative then to find folks who can use a fresh loaf of bread or two as soon as possible. Hoarding them leaves them to go to waste and serves only to heighten your fears of ever finding a benevolent and caring universe.

Wayne – Good Morning, Yeshua.

Yeshua – Hey, Wayne. Hello, how are you today?

W – I’d say I’m doing pretty well, actually. There’s a bit of morning fog in my field, and I’m sure I’ll be surprised by where we go today.

Y – So you’re hoping that I’m going to help you wake up?

W – Something like that. 🙂 I’m finding these last few days in dialoguing with you and sharing that with others…..doesn’t, on one hand, always feel like the most opportune time, with other stuff calling for my attention or not feeling super inspired like part of me imagined I should feel before I sit down to write. But, on the other hand, it is simply the choice, the heart, and the intention that opens it out for me. Did that make any sense?

Y – Makes a ton of sense to me. Letting your wanter, your heart, and feeling lead over thinking.

W – And I also get something about withholding what we have to give while we wait for a time when it feels better somehow to be giving.

Y – What is it that you get about that?

W – Hmmm, well, I certainly am not advocating for ‘shoulding’ ourselves about what, when, and how we should be giving our gifts. Okay, now the fog is clearing some more. What I felt was that my desire for more – whether it’s for more healing, more love, more resources, more people as in meaningful relationships in my life – is served by giving away some of what I already have. I need an outlet in order to find my inlet.

Y – Well said, Wayne. It’s like having ten loaves of really fresh bread on hand when you know you can only consume one. Hoarding them isn’t an option. Giving them away sows the seed of your trust in a providing universe. It’s imperative then to find folks who can use a fresh loaf of bread or two as soon as possible. Hoarding them leaves them to go to waste and serves only to heighten your fears of ever finding a benevolent and caring universe.

W – I get that. It’s really amazing to feel the freshness and goodness that can come out of my bakery! Part of me is still surprised that it’s actually in there to give, and that I’m not depleted by giving it away, but rather expanded.

Y – What’s the expansion?

W – The whole world, or my whole world recreates itself, gradually for sure…to a world of ‘I can have a lot of fun giving what I have to give and getting what I need in return.’ The fears of going without begin to dissipate. If I do face a deep financial crisis where I’m stuck to afford food or shelter, I hope that I could still be giving what I have to give and trusting in the Divine that I am being held and loved and cared for. I can go through anything with that kind of love it feels like.

Y – We are so talking about currency right now, you know.

W – I so get that.

Y – Amazing, huh?

W – Totally. 🙂

Y – Love is the real currency. Fear is also a real currency. Money is only and ever a reflection of that.

W – Whoa, now you’re going deep on me, Yesh.

Y – Time to wake up, man, we’ve got shit to do.

W – I’m on it. Jillian just handed me some food.

Y – Withholding what you have to give because you fear going without ‘currents’ fear and scarcity. It shapes the world inside of you and outside of you in scarcity.

W – Which really hurts.

Y – Big time hurts. Fear is a contraction of the heart. Whether or not the world is a loving place isn’t even a question, as the closed heart sees and feels only the option of scarcity and pain.

W – I feel some brilliance coming on…just needed to warn you.

Y – Give ‘er.

W – The money system we created where money is hoarded like bread or tomatoes yet doesn’t go stale, but instead increases in value through earned interest in a bank account, was an attempt to baptize our collective fear into a love creation.

Y – When the truth is actually the opposite: the larger their bank account, the farther removed most people get from feeling themselves being held in a loving and providing universe. They were designed to feel loved and held, to not be in worry and scarcity.

W – For the most of us, when we imagine feeling loved and held, having a big whack of money is the deal.

Y – Again, the truth is actually the opposite. Having and hoarding a big whack of money is what insulates people in their fear and scarcity and cuts them off from knowing and feeling love. It’s no different than you sitting on a relationality gold mine with yourself, Jillian and a few others, and the divine and thinking you can keep that alive and to yourself. It doesn’t work that way. It dies that way actually. You have to trade in the currency that you desire more of. Currency isn’t currency until it flows.

W – And our current money system is hitting a wall inside of itself. It’s always said that consumer confidence is what makes the economy be in good shape, but when the system is crafted in fear and scarcity and relies on ‘confidence’ to make it all go, that’s by definition insanity.

Y – …told you we had shit to do.

W – I was just imagining myself with those 9 extra loaves and a desire to find folks who could use them. I wouldn’t get picky of course; I’d just go out and find the first folks I could that would be happy to have them.

Y – All you would need to make that happen is their trust in you and their need.

W – Say more.

Y – They would need to trust that you didn’t have any ulterior motives, that you simply didn’t want to see your extra loaves go to waste, and that you would find joy and relief in seeing them go to someone. And of course they would also need to be able to use the bread. Trust and need makes the currency flow.

W – So then, If I have an abundance of trust and need, then what?

Y – You tell me…

W – I really don’t know in the moment, but I suspect that I would be much closer to having true wealth, that my fear of poverty is based in an actual poverty inside of myself. Somehow, when I am out of touch with my truster and needer, I am out of touch with myself and others. I am truly isolated and unknown, even if I hold a big bank account.

Y – And isolated and unknown is having no currency. Having no currency is death.

W – Whoa, this is a lot to track, Yeshua. It opens a ton of questions.

Y – And it sticks dynamite under the inherent falseness in the current money system. Money as you currently know it is in flow too. It’s flowing though a huge crucible. It’s going through a huge death and rebirth as we speak. It’s a timing that cannot be stopped. Humanity has simply earned and learned its way here.

W – I feel that, Yeshua. Actually, most days, I check the news in the morning and am a bit surprised to see that it hasn’t fallen apart while I was sleeping, and a bit grateful too as it affords me more time to adjust and live into the change. I’m still quite attached to the groceries my money can buy.

Y – This is like a great fuel conversion of your being from running on fear and scarcity to running on trust, need and love. All the interior work you do inside yourself is what you enables you to live out the external changes, with grounded heart and creativity, and even adventure. If life is anything, it is meant to be adventure. The advent of something new. Not even your current money systems could hold this back, though they tried.

W – I’m awake now.

Y – Me too.

W – What now?

Y – Go live your life, Man. Live it from the heart. Go stir up some real trust and need.

W – Thank you, Yeshua. I feel how I need life today to take this in.

Y – Life is the currency and the flow. Life is meant to only and always bring you more of you, more love, more abundance.

W – You’re hot stuff, man.

Y – Me? I better put the fire department on alert about you?

W – Hey, that’s my line.

Y – I know, I like it.

In this blog series, Ending The Money Madness, Wayne Vriend shares his unedited and vulnerable journal conversation with Yeshua, who he experiences as an ascended teacher energy available to everyone.These blogs offer an exploration of money, what it is, how to relate to it, the financial collapse and transition to yin-based currency, the false self system created around money, etc. Visit www.soulfullheart.com for more about the SoulFullHeart Way of Life and read 90 Days With Yeshua: Modern Message From An Ascended Teacher for more enlightening conversations between Wayne and Yeshua.

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