Ending The Money Madness With Wayne and Yeshua- Day 6: Our Victimless, Co-Created Money Systems



Money is born out of the depths of our self perception. Folks convinced of their need to control and folks convinced of their need to be moderated in control gave rise to the current predominant money systems. No victims here. It was all co-created.

Wayne – Good Morning, Yeshua. I’m feeling more awake today.

Yeshua – Hey, why’s that?

W – Not sure really, some really good chocolate after dinner last night, and some fun squash with Christopher before that. Morning cuddles with Jillian already too.

Y – You’re just a glutton for pleasure. 🙂

W – Sure am, got it from you.

Y – We were talking yesterday about the need for getting in touch with your needs: how that is what makes you fully alive. What comes next is a willingness to get in deeper touch with what truly brings you pleasure. The universe, the divine, and life is not some sadist toying with our supposedly sinful nature. We adopted this view collectively out of our evolution and phases as a species discovering what we are not. You are now on the doorstep and just inside of the phase of healing the split between your humanity and your divinity. And money will be front and central in that healing.

W – There you go putting books in paragraphs again.

Y – You said you were awake.

W – Let’s start with the pleasure piece. Most folks wouldn’t agree that they have any problems with pleasure.

Y – But that is only true inside of the charade of the pleasures they have constructed to tell themselves that their chosen pleasures are enough. All in attempt to moderate their wanter into deadness. They’ve been subscribed to the lie that their problem is the never ending wanter. Is visiting a hooker or getting all jacked up on porn really a pleasurable experience?

W – Not for long really. I’ve certainly tried the porn experience and it can thaw out some frozen sexuality, but from there, the benefits taper off fast.

Y – Exactly. So why do people work so hard to make it enough?

W – You gave me that answer already: to govern their wanter.

Y – What else?

W – Fear of intimacy?

Y – Bingo. Big one, my friend. Look at that so called oldest profession in the world for a moment again. Money in exchange for services. It’s all about anonymity. I’ve paid you, you’ve performed the agreed services. We’re done. Little washing up. Clothes back on. No more obligations. No more ties. And all of that is about the fear of intimacy. Why would that be, Wayne?

W – Because intimacy, we fear will be the death of us…and rightfully so, because no intimacy leaves anyone of us unchanged. Something in us dies and something in us comes to new life in intimacy. Something like that is what comes to mind. Intimacy is a current.

Y – You’re on it, I’d say. Letting out all of your appetites into the world is vulnerable. It takes healing and growth and negotiation with the parts of you who will have nothing to do with it. Getting to the new world with an outed heart-on emotionally and a hard-on sexually is a journey worth taking. And no woman who saw that would ever exchange money for sex again.

W – What’s up with you and all the sexual metaphors, Yesh?

Y – I know, Magdalene and I really opened up some things. Things off the charts really, that I’m still digesting. I may be due for another earth life soon.

W – Sure sounds like it to me.

Y – In fact, earth life is the heaven. Earthlings always dream of heaven, and heavenlings always dream of earth.

W – My ears are wide open.

Y – Earth is so much the true heaven. When you stop to feel it, you can feel why people have been bent on raping it. Whoa, another sexual metaphor. I see what you mean about me coming back to sex a lot today. Okay, point taken. As I was saying, rape is the product of buried longing. You perceive you cannot have what you long for. You take what you fear you will never get, and in the process cut yourself off from knowing the depths of its pleasures.

W – I’ve always felt really sad for the rapist doing life on death row. Society likes to heap scorn on him. But it feels like, again, that that is a product of the split between our humanity and our divinity.

Y – It’s really fucked up in more ways than one. It’s a lot to feel. Most avoid feeling this split and take to raging at the offenders as a way to manage their deadness, and to manage their own offense to life itself. The only way we can live with feeling life at this depth is to feel that it is all on the path to living into and feeling what we are not in order to comes to terms with and take responsibility for what we are.

W – What are we, Yeshua?

Y – You are the divine out divining. Every last one of you. Nothing less. Ever.

W – And till we come to terms with that answer, our money systems will always and forever reflect something else.

Y – Totally. Money is born out of the depths of our self perception. Folks convinced of their need to control and folks convinced of their need to be moderated in control gave rise to the current predominant money systems. No victims here. It was all co-created.

W – Whoa, Yeshua, those are maybe the biggest fight picking words yet. ‘No victims here.’ Most folks are busy pointing the fingers at the greedy one percenters.

Y – Yeah, while they continue with religious, full-on, cult-like devotion giving their money, their time, their intimacy, and their life to them.

W – Phewww…whoa, you can sure come on strong.

Y – So can you, man. There’s some real pleasure for you, huh?

W – Orgasmic, man!

Y – You only walk your way out of a jungle the same way you came in. One sacred step at a time. Each step is powerful and meaningful, and, just so you know, there isn’t really an ‘out’ of the jungle because you, like the Divine, are in a never ending discovery of itself. One vista only calls to the next.

W – We’re back to the funnest fun again.

Y – Don’t forget your fun-o-meter in your backpack, as your inner child part named Marvin would say. I feel him in this. Is he here?

Marvin – Hey, Yeshua, I’m totally here. I miss you, Man.

Y – There you are. I’m so glad you are in this deal. Wayne needs you. And I need you.

M – I’m glad you are that cool with me being a part of Wayne, and I feel a bit self conscious being outed like this. Most folks don’t let their inner child out to play, or sadly even acknowledge that they have one.

Y – I feel both your loneliness and your courage to be outed. I honour both, Marvin. You are certainly one of my heros.

M – Okay, that’s a lot to take in. I’m one of Yeshua’s heroes.

Y – Can I tell you why that’s true?

W – Okay…

Y – You were willing to say out loud what you wanted, what you weren’t getting, and you were willing to live into the consequences of that. A true hero is nothing more and nothing less.

M – Thank you, Yeshua. That touches me as deeply as I‘ve ever felt touched. I’ll see if I can keep letting that in.

Y – You know you’re becoming like this inner grown up kind of child. Bent on having fun in the most meaningful and profound way. I’m waiting for you write a book or two.

M – I had a book title in mind for a long time called ‘Near as I can tell’ about my journey through Christianity.

Y – I get that. Sounds too humble though. I think you should write a book called ‘This is the Way It is!’ and maybe subtitle it in much smaller print ‘near as I can tell.’ :). You’ve earned that.

M – Okay, I’ll brew on that some. It’s funny, Yesh, all that talking with God and here I am now talking with you.

Y – Never ending journey, huh?

M – Totally. Thanks, Yeshua.

Wayne – My appetites are calling, Yesh. Let’s pause here, digest, and come back for more soon.

Y- I’m with Marvin. Totally. 🙂

In this blog series, Ending The Money Madness, Wayne Vriend shares his unedited and vulnerable journal conversation with Yeshua, who he experiences as an ascended teacher energy available to everyone.These blogs offer an exploration of money, what it is, how to relate to it, the financial collapse and transition to yin-based currency, the false self system created around money, etc. Visit www.soulfullheart.com for more about the SoulFullHeart Way of Life and read 90 Days With Yeshua: Modern Message From An Ascended Teacher for more enlightening conversations between Wayne and Yeshua.

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