The Sacredness Of Being “Off-Centre”




No one is ever truly centred in any perfect sense.

When we ride a bicycle, our centre of gravity tips from one side of true centre, crosses through centre and then back again, making for forward momentum as we zigzag in and through centre in this way.

An airplane sets a course to its destination, immediately begins ever so slightly flying off course, notices it, and then course corrects, and does this over and over again until it reaches its destination.

Human life journey isn’t any different. At times, the veering off course can be what feels wildly erratic, and sometimes an entire lifetime goes by without a single course correction, but even then, the soul is making its own way home, in its own time and in its own way.

Even for those of us who feel more centred, we are in many moments finding ourselves, like that airplane, maybe ever so slightly, but yet, off course. This is a built in call for us to return to our centre, which is as close as feeling ourselves, as the divine beings we are.

All of us have this portal of access inside of ourselves to return to centre. None of us is without this sense of being off centre when we are, and none of us are without a sense of which direction to take in order to find centre.

For some this may not appear to be true as far as the conscious person is concerned, but in their subconscious, they don’t lack this reality, nor do they lack access to it, as this essence goes beyond the conscious mind.

We are all fragments and fractals of God whose reality we owe to the divine deciding to fragment and fractal itself into so called ‘others’. We are ‘the divine, out divining’ in every movement of our lives. This is equally true for every ‘other’ around us.

Where this truth is especially true, that we are all ‘the divine out divining’, is in the things we see and feel as negative aspects or negative experiences in our lives, the things that make us feel shame or ‘less than’ in any way. Herein, as we come to self-forgiveness and self-love, we make our deepest strides in our homeward journey.

Prior to the divine birthing soul fragments out of itself, there was no centre per se, for all was centre, and thus no need to return to centre. It is only in these soul-birthed-God-fragments of you and me that a departure and return to centre mechanism exists. This was the divine’s choice to explore itself through the closest thing it could create that afforded the illusion of separation. We are in that illusion finding our way home. We are not outside of God in any way, except in the perception that we are outside of God,…that is in our consciousness.

What a magical experience it is to prove this to ourselves as many times as we need to, whether in a lifetime, a year or in a day….by simply returning to centre, and letting in a feeling based experience of the love that we are and that we are immersed in.

When we do find ourselves in perfect centre, without any departure at all, we will have completed the mission of our soul birth, to return to the All that we were birthed out of, till we get tired of perfection and want to again try something different.

I wish you many returns to centre in the new year.


Raphael Awen is co-creator, teacher, and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Please visit for more information and inspiration.

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