Discerning All Via The Heart

by Leena Colibri



What if the deepest discernment about what you’re perceiving with your senses lies in your heart?
How does that news you’re taking in actually feel to you? Can you feel the sources it is springing from? Can you feel if there may be some puppet strings being pulled, maybe not just on the people the story is about, but on the network that’s airing it or the newspaper that’s publishing it? Can you feel there may be some unseen energetic influences taking place too?
There are many different investments behind what we take in on a daily basis. It feels to me like every piece of media we allow in has been placed there for some sort of purpose. Conspiracy theories aside, what in the collective unconscious, that we all are a part of, could have created what we are seeing?
We are co-creative beings…and as a result, we create everything we see, hear, feel and we also create from it. We are creation in a constant state of creating. I am creating right now. I am placing words around a feeling I am having inside myself, which is creating more feelings, more sensory perceptions. I am asking Archangel Metatron to infuse me with a message he wants to impress upon anyone who can take this in today.
It feels like what he wants you and me to know and be aware of, is that all we’ve been taught about mental discernment that lies in research and relying on resources outside of ourselves, cannot overpower the discernment that is innate to us. This is very different for each of us, as we are at different places in our healing and consciousness. We are ready to take in some information and not others. We are ready to perceive and discern consciously with our hearts, or we are not. No matter what, we take in much more than we may actually realize. So much goes undergound and sneaks in under our radar, usually somehow influencing us and having an impact that will somehow play out. Now that the veil is thinning around the way we see and feel the supernatural, etheric and celestial, these influences are becoming less like an underground river and more like a tidal wave. We are beginning to separate out what it is that mainstream media wants to feed us as truth and what we feel is actually true, i.e. what is really going on behind the scenes, why we are seeing a certain story at a certain time, whether or not it is a smokescreen for something much bigger and possibly darker.
I feel like what Metatron, other Archangels and benevolent energy beings, as well as love-polarized celestial beings want us to be aware of is how and why we are taking in what we are and also, how we are reacting to it. There is much to rise above right now, as the influences pour in even stronger to combat our growing consciousness and awareness of true love. Even in this moment, I feel as if I am wading through a thick, soupy fog to dial up to where Metatron wants me to take this, and it feels like negative entities and energies may be trying to nudge me away from what I’m trying to share. They are part of infinite love too, but they have forgotten that, just as many parts of us have. You see, if we all were to claim our power and the infinite love and creativity we are made of, then we win. Our fights for equality as various different types, shall we say, of human beings, is not the real focus of effort. It’s in realizing that the fight has already been won, because we were never NOT equal, even if those who think they are in power want to tell us that we aren’t and want us to feel essentially powerless. LOVE HAS ALREADY WON. We are walking out the battle ground and most of it, though it feels very real, is a projection we have created from our co-creative power. We cannot ever stop creating, even if we feel stuck, stumped or stagnant. We must remember this, as it will make this ride into and through our ascension that much more surrendered and perhaps even that much faster and easier.
If you have trouble taking this in, try tracking that. Try to feel where in your being it is having trouble landing. It’s okay if it is. There is nothing to fight here, just an awful lot to be aware of. If you need support, because none of us are meant to do this entirely alone and we all need each other, we in SoulFullHeart are here, Metatron and the other Archangels are here, the Arcturians and other celestial beings are here… we are not now and never have we ever been alone and told to walk this out by ourselves.


Leena Colibri is a SoulFullHeart facilitator, writer and poetess. Find out more about the SoulFullHeart Way of Life at www.soulfullheartwayoflife.com


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Kalayna Colibri

Kalayna is a SoulFullHeart Co-Founder and Facilitator, soul scribe, and poetess.

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