Shifting Your External Circumstances By Shifting Your Internal Experience

By Jelelle Awen

Image by Bragitta Hodgson

Being YOU no matter the context, situation, or environment is a profound invitation for growth and awakening. Being the version of you that is spacious and sees the bigger picture, feels the deeper connection to life and Divine Source. And then, slipping and dipping, going down, being triggered, being ‘fused’, feeling emotions. And then, back up again to yourself when you can find yourself again and the situation is ‘right’ and the day is set up for it and the circumstances support it…

The circumstances offered by relationships, jobs and careers, geography, money, etc. impact you in these ways of lowered frequency, of not feeling like your higher self, when you need that reflection still, when you need something to rub up against, when you need the grist that it provides. These circumstances are sacred (as pain is sacred), yet, too, there is an invitation to consciously feel what the circumstances are reflecting to you and IF this is still YOU or not. The invitation is to feel if you want to BE what the circumstances are reflecting about you or not.

This is where the Universe invites you to go within, to FEEL and LOVE and KNOW yourself. Your ‘outer circumstances’ ONLY change when your inner reality does. There is NO other way. In 3D reality, it has been presented and we’ve been conditioned the opposite to this: WHEN my circumstances change, I will be happy. WHEN the externals of my life get better, I will feel joy. WHEN the situation outside of me improves, I will feel whole. However, the deeper truth that our soul knows is that only WHEN your internal experience changes and shifts does the external reality shift to reflect it.

This is where your POWER is. This is where your responsibility lives. INside. In self intimacy. In-to-me-I-see that is intimacy. And in this seeing of self you can see what and who you REALLY are versus what you have been conditioned to feel that you are. You can lift the veil of amnesia you chose as a soul and start to remember and see who you REALLY are and your multidimensionality and how much power you have. If your external circumstances are making you consciously unhappy and you are suffering over them, then this who you ARE in this phase of your journey. Is this being of YOU as you are seeing ok with you or do you want to BE something different? If you are consciously unhappy and looking for answers to not be anymore, then you are most likely wanting to see and feel something else.

As you awake and heal your heart, your soul, your body, your mind then you raise your vibrational frequency. The wounded frequencies create a magnet inside of you, drawing more wounded experiences and circumstances which perpetuates the cycle of suffering. You need this cycle until you don’t need it anymore. Until you have experienced enough love inside to let it go and your frequencies are healing and higher so that you are drawing more higher love frequencies from the outside to reflect your inside.

In SoulFullHeart spaceholding through sessions, we serve you to go within, we template for you how it feels when the internal reality of self love and higher self is more and more embodied and expressing and so drawing more and more external circumstances that reflect this goodness back to you. We support you to make CHANGES in your life to reflect this growing sense of self love at a pace led by you. It is all generated by you and your growing intimacy with SELF in the form of re-union with your inner family, your soul family, your angelic family, your star being family….and your selves that are represented in all these frequencies.

This is a transition, this being and claiming of true self expression and then having your external reality reflect this. I feel it is ALWAYS a transition in some form or another as we are ALWAYS growing in some form or another. Yet, too, there is a tipping point in this ascension journey where you no longer draw nor desire an outer reality of suffering, unhappiness, or frustration. You still make room and hold space for pain that comes up from inside of you yet you are no longer ‘flooding the decks’ of your ship with unhappy waters triggered by current circumstances. This IS possible as you go within, seek support, DO and BE something different in how you relate to self. This IS possible as you experience more love, reach a saturation point, and feel more and more that you ARE love and deserve love.

Jelelle Awen

Note: Stunning image of a healing heart and soul is by amazing artist Bragitta Hodgson

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