Being ‘Fast Tracked’ Related To Ascension And Awakening

By Jelelle Awen

Wonderful afternoon unfolding, just arising from one thing to another, sitting in the sun, sharing tea and veggie sandwich at a cafe, no rush, just moving along to the next place and the next, taking our consciousness with us…..enlivening conversations with my two favorite angelic earth men on the planet Raphael and Gabriel. We talked about how it feels like we are all being ‘fast-tracked’ …those of us on this journey to ascend and heal and BE healers offering to others.

We feel this in SoulFullHeart as our personal processes are speeding up, quantum healing in moments, mega soul and heart healing happening fast, and continual creativity and ideas for offering and serving love. We are being fast-tracked because it feels like an intense phase is coming up with many of the old structures of the old timelines collapsing and falling away. Those of us, like you who are reading these words, with healing gifts will be very much needed. Those of us with a heart to serve and give will be in very much demand. Those of us called to serve love will be very busy it feels like.

Part of the fast-trackness is claiming of your soul gifts and their expression, being bold to offer who and what you are, seeking to learn and train and grow so you can offer more, being wiling to feel the self image attachments that may come up and heal them, being willing to feel the unworthiness feelings that come up in parts of you and heal them. Finding wayshowers to offer a path and process perhaps that you can be part of and offer and serve love through (that is available through SoulFullHeart as a facilitator by the way, if you are drawn to that as it feels like we will be needing more souls to serve as SoulFullHeart facilitators in the future).

I have felt for many years the sense of collapse and recognized too that sometimes only through collapses and completions can the new be born. Out the ashes arises the phoenix……this phoenix is the NEW sacred human. Some souls will arise into this, those of us who have been feeling this for maybe many years and on this awakening path for many years. Or maybe you have just ‘popped’ recently into awakening through intense awakening experiences that came about seemingly ‘suddenly’ (although orchestrated by your higher self all along). I am hearing of this ‘sudden popping’ from more and more people who seem to find themselves transported from 3D and into 4D and even into 5D and higher dimensional states in some ways very quickly.

The eclipse coming up soon feels important as a ‘marker’ in time (even though time is not real); a placeholder to feel how we are entering a new phase of intensity in this intense year of 2017. What you have lived with that comes from a lower frequency will no longer be able to be justified or tolerated. Relationships that are being held onto out of safety will collapse. Jobs that don’t serve love or your higher purpose will fade away with new opportunities coming to you. Geographies that don’t speak to your soul will ‘run out of ground’, inviting you to explore and find new terrains, perhaps connected to a conscious soul family community. Soul mates/counter parts who ‘signed up’ to be in ascension will find each other more easily and things will probably progress FAST between you, no longer with years to ‘get to know each other’… probably won’t want to wait anyway!

I feel for the human body as it is stretched and reconfigured as it is fast-tracked too. As it is outfitted in a new ‘suit’ of crystalized energy to replace the carbon ‘bodyprint.’ This can bring body pains, body discomforts, body flus and body rashes, sudden congestions as the body shifts into a higher frequency. Recognizing when these symptoms are an aspect of the ascension process can help…sometimes the pains are ‘old’ objects and structures that your soul has held onto or are being energerized in past lives suddenly dissolve and leave some residual pain behind. They are like scaffolding that is no longer needed or a vestigial organ that has ceased to serve a function any longer. This happened for me yesterday as my reptilian brain stem dissolved (I wrote about this today in an earlier post.) Head pain can be the pineal gland growing and shining and turning ‘ON’ too.

Self love is so important during the fast-track. Going within to find your grounding with Mother Gaia and going without into nature to connect with Her too in a conscious way. Going within to connect with angelic guides, spirit guides, star Being selves (even Archons-Reptilian selves, as I offered earlier). Going within to breathe, to center, to clean and protect and activate your chakras. Going within to feel parts of yourself and their emotional reactions and digestions to ALL of the changes, especially your 3D self that has been comfortable and secure in 3D life and maybe even comfortable too in the last ‘vestiges’ of that old life, content in the rubble of the old life.

Much love is available from so many sources to help those of us who are being fast-tracked…..from my heart to yours, I extend my most precious gifts of service and exploration of the sacred feminine to women who feel drawn to experience a women’s group call with me on April 15th (more about that here: and Raphael is announcing a men’s group call soon plus our ongoing group calls (nearly every weekend now). OR an individual SoulFullHeart session with me (or the others) for support, energy healing, SoulFullHeart process work, ascension guidance, higher self connection….oh so much magic happens in these spaces!…and LOVE too. More about that here:

Love to you fellow fast-trackers….see you and feel you as we zoom through the timelines and multiple dimensions and collapsing and changing realities and experience of the self….. looking for love, resonating in love, BEing with love and offering/serving love….


Jelelle Awen is an emoto-spiritual teacher, soul scribe, wayshower, multidimensional bridge, lover of love and co-creator and facilitator of SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is author of an upcoming book, Becoming The NEW 5D Sacred Human.
Visit for more information about space holding sessions with her, group calls, videos, community, etc.

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