SoulFullHeart Weekly Museletter: Amplification Of Unity Desires And Following Your Heart: Archangel Metatron Weighs In On The Eclipse

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“That’s actually the bigger deal here, Raphael, is the wave of desire and ache for change that gets occasion to move through the collective. It’s always there, but today, it gets a unity amplification to go to some serious next levels. We don’t actually want a tidal wave that wipes out everything, we want one that surgically achieves everything you as a species are ready for to let in. This is a huge earth party that others in the multiverse are attending and very excitedly so. Soon, you will all know and see so much more of your role as a planet, as one among so many more and be overcome for years in wonder and awe and reverence that will bring the deeper levels of this change that you know awaits you personally and collectively. It will come in stages. It will come while some won’t see or feel it consciously, but none will not be changed by it. The universe is throwing this party and you don’t wanna miss it.” – AA Metatron with Raphael Awen

This week was another incredible week for the ascension of our species and each of us individually who have signed up for this amazing journey.  Raphael tunes into AA Metatron to feel the gift and epicness of the celestial movements that have been occurring culminating in the total solar eclipse.  The energies coming in are meant to effect us both collectively and individually.  Bringing us to our greatest heights in expressing our greatest desires.  Energizing us with the codes to take us to our very next steps if we are willing to feel and heal all we need to on our way there.

We have a lot of fantastic writings from Jelelle, Kalayna, and Gabriel as well that digests all of the emerging codes and arising timelines that are wanting to be made manifest in our Highest possibilities.  Jelelle explores integrating our lower and shadow aspects during ascension, Kalayna explores sacred masculinity messages and its importance in the emerging New Earth, and Gabriel tunes into pre- and post-eclipse transmissions from the withIN.  We are also excited to include another amazing writing by our newest member Raianna Shai who is discovery the gifts of going in and connecting with her soul guardian.  It is a must read for sure!

Don’t miss information on our upcoming group call this Sunday at 11:11am CST.  PLUS, new recordings and information on our new 30 minute free intro calls!  We love to share our love to you and would enjoy to receive whatever heart donation you feel that resonates with our offering.  You can go to our donation page for more info on how to donate.

Thank you so much for your interest and support for SoulFullHeart Way of Life!

Here is the link to this week’s museletter:


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