Next Level Dark Nights And Profound Awakenings: Ascension Energies Update

By Jelelle Awen

The activation possibilities of your next level came in the last two weeks with the intense SOULar frequency geomagnetic storms (shifting YOUR magnetics and Gaia’s too) plus the winds blowing higher frequency SOULar light waves into your atmosphere. This was the marching quality of March…..marching in, blowing in, storming in just HUGE sometimes activations of your next level possibilities along with revelation of where parts of you may still have caps, stuck places, and resistances to these activations.

Following all this SOULar activity, you are receiving the illuminating lunar light of the FOURTH full moon since January. She is shining to allow for INtegration of all these activations. She is shining to hold space for the continual death and rebirth process that is Ascension. She is shining to provide a mirror for you to SEE what is next in both highest timeline possibility and what still needs addressing in order to keep BEcoming it. She is bringing in strong frequencies of compassion to model how to mother yourself and whatever comes up.

Your ‘next level’ is probably coming into your awareness now, taking center stage in your experience, bringing in another phase of Dark Nights and/or profound awakenings. The next level may be BEyond what you have known and experienced before, in many ways. There are the experiences of 5D Golden Earth consciousness as you can BE this more in your daily life. There is your galactic self connection reunion with Star Family and greater clarification of your soul mission and purpose for being here. There is a sense of BEing Divine Bliss and Oneness.

There are, too, the experiences of personal hells that Metasoul aspects (other timeline aspects from your same Higher Self Soul Source) are living out. There are revelations of unhealed inner polarities between parts of you that cause loops of pain and suffering within yourself and with others. There are more extreme ascension body experiences that call for your attention and focus. There is the falling away of relationships and geographies and careers/means of livelihood and the acute pain of loss and mourning.

These experiences may go up and down for you….sometimes even in the same hour or day! There is no longer the ‘this is my dark night phase’ declarations as the moment becomes less definable and just calls to be experienced beyond the mind’s labeling of it. There is no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ to these experiences. No ‘better’ or ‘worse.’ You can trust that ALL these phases are necessary for your process. The seemingly ‘higher’ ones water with love your capacity to hold space for the more difficult ones. The higher ones often push up the oil of the shadow and the pain that can no longer find a resonant frequency in your BEing.

As you accept and love it all, you find that you are just going through the fear places in order to open up MORE love. There is no ‘evil’ or truly dark here either as you discover that all these aspects and parts of you JUST want forgiveness, understanding, and compassion. These fear-based energies, these painful symptoms, these completions and conflicts, these Dark Nights, these dark timelines, all have ‘good’ reason for being there until they can experience new possibilities and start to let go back into love.

You can discover ‘implants’ and ‘entities’ and love them too, understanding that they are all part of you and have been a necessary aspect of your journey. The body symptoms that can be painful and difficult are less resisted then, as they are just wanting to be discovered in their root cause and loved into health and vitality. The revelations and awakenings of these things are just responses to the next level that your Higher Self and the Divine are inviting you to go into now.

The next level is the ongoing embodiment of your Service Of Love Self expressing AS this in more and more moments. Your Service of Love Self comes from an abundant flow of self worth and self love that allows for a healthy overflow to others. This next level is no longer service from self sacrifice. Or service from fear of persecution. Or service from a ‘giving to get’ place. Or service from gratification of ego/self image.

Your ‘next level’ wants to INtegrate now. You cannot move to your next level, BEcome your next level, until the old has been cleared out. The old is what used to be enough, what used to provide nourishment, what used to work and no longer does.

This next level is ultimately, too, about Service of Love to and with yourself and ALL aspects that need you. The next level is activating and integrating….inviting you to BEcome in deeper ways FOR yourself the Infinite Love that you ARE.


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