Meet Your Star Family: Guided Meditation With Jelelle Awen (Video)

By Jelelle Awen
I haven’t released a new guided meditation in awhile since being busier with sessions and engaging in many meditation journeys during them. Yet, I’ve really wanted to offer a more public, universal one as a bridging for everyone to parts and Metasoul aspects of themselves. This new guided meditation came through as I’ve been connecting to the Lion’s Gate energies, alignment with Gaia and Sirius, and galactic consciousness activation that this offers. I know many souls ache for the reunion feelings and sense of soul purpose/soul gift transmission that connecting with their Star Family offers them. In this new meditation, I lead you through connection with your Star Family and we journey onto a light ship. This is GOOD timing with the Lion’s Gate portal opening going on in this Now…
During this meditation, I also introduce you to your Inner Protector, a part of you that has been in charge with keeping your veil of amnesia in place (including ‘abduction’ wounding experiences, which were actually visitations with Star Family.) Your Protector comes along with you on this journey to meet your Star Family on a light ship. This allows for more fluid and less resistant connection.
I also create a bridge to your Inner Child, who feels often both abandoned/separated from Star Family, plus unfelt/undiscovered abduction trauma as well. Bringing your Inner Child into your heart consciously as you connect to your Star Family allows for transformation of this trauma into magical joy, wonder, and curiousity of your Inner Child.

The music gratefully used in this guided meditation is from Lokos Channel: It is available for purchase here:

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