Navigating The ‘Limbo’ Feeling During Transitions

By Kalayna Colibri

Biding time in a sort of bittersweet limbo… yes, this is a way to describe what I’m feeling right now, even as new self-discoveries and this world discoveries too are poking up like little sprouting plants through the soil.

These times of transition between geographies or any transition period you may find yourself in, have a sort of silent alchemy yet a determined flow. All we can really ‘do’ during times of big change, besides knock various things off the ‘to do’ list, is surrender and intend. Visualize what we want and remember why we’re making the changes in the first place. Feel all there is to feel even while visualizing… the doubts, the anxieties, the hopes, the excitement.

It’s all held in love, with love, by love… even the ‘setbacks’ or the pieces that fall apart at the seams. To continue to show up and intend is what we’re being invited to do when making and creating changes. We actually can’t ‘make’ anything happen, but we can show up and respond to the flow and where it’s all heading.

Love to you and all the parts of you wrapped up in whatever changes you are moving through… self-love and making space to be, feel, desire, are always the biggest things needed, even when the ‘doing’ calls. No bag we can pack of things we want to bring with us compares to gathering up all parts of you as you move into your next phase.

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7 thoughts on “Navigating The ‘Limbo’ Feeling During Transitions

    1. I get that and am living it too. I am offering that the preparations are necessary yet also that part of the preparing itself is the need to go inward to breathe, feel and check in with parts… catch up with yourself. If time allows for that, which for some phases of change, sometimes there’s very little space for that. ❤️

    2. I felt to add too, that personally, as I feel the strong need to constantly be in preparation mode in moments, I’m also checking in about that… seeing what that’s really about. It’s good to see if there’s a part there or even a Metasoul Aspect that is doing the ‘doing’ or is sort of wrapped up in it, if that makes sense. Much love! ❤️

    3. This is all so timely – I was thinking about this very thing this morning, how it’s so hard to not feel like I need to prepare for a big change… How it will look, what I should do. If I’m even “doing it right!”

      I get the image of being in a small wooden boat in the open sea, trying to row my way through choppy waters – but I’m only tiring myself by trying to control it. The water is moving. Change is happening. Best to flow with it… Sometimes easier said than done! ☮️

      1. Every step in the process is so sacred, including the steps of feeling even this piece you’re feeling, about a need to do it ‘right’ and more, which I know I can relate to as well! ❤️ very apt image about the small boat too.

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