Energy Update: Increasing Non-Linear Reality Processing, Metasoul Emotional Bleed Throughs, UPgrades

By Jelelle Awen
Whew energies!!….here but so NOT here…there but NOT there either. Here and there and everywhere….words FAIL! Yet, I feel the trust in it ALL and so many higher BEing aspects/guides coming in every time I checked in and ‘slept’ and drifted (couldn’t DO much else) for awhile today, most of the day. The linear tracking of things is mega difficult too, so I kNOW to surrender to that and just drift if drifting it is and don’t try to really DO anything much.
I was in swirls of sacred geometry today, received beautiful messages and downloads from Metatron and my Arcturian guide/aspect Binkh (who I hadn’t connected with in awhile and it was so GOOD to feel her and the other Arcturians who are actively around for support right now!)….yet, I can’t remember much of it at all other than that the Metasoul is a flower with all of our other lifetimes like petals connected to each other and NOT in the past at all! Maybe I can share more about that one later as it digests…..I felt it all this go IN beyond my mind as I ‘handed over’ the process to my higher self/guides/aspects…..UPgrading, sorting, boosting, shifting going on.
The emotional body of our other lifetime/Metasoul aspects is getting so thin now and their ‘bleeding through’ timelines are SO emotionally backed up and want us to hold space for them. I spent much ‘time’ with Mareeka, my Atlantean aspect that I’ve shared about before, who is now in the ‘new world’ and misses Atlantis terribly with much to process for her around leaving behind loved ones who will ‘go down’ in the Atlantis falling timeline. She is a pioneer now, in a new land, bringing a new way….which is very much a theme of my metasoul. I brought her into my heart space and we landed there together, collapsed together, cried together. Again, the mind can’t really GO here, so I let the emotional body lead in these moments and the higher heart as that is the frequencies most needed to respond in these moments.
I ate only very light raw foods today and mostly smoothie as heavy digestion didn’t feel like a great thing, although the grounding of SOME food was good and recommended by Binkh. She didn’t recommend complete fasting due to the ‘light headedness’ that these energies can bring in. You may find that foods that have been comforting may not provide it anymore and what hasn’t been that appealing might become way more so with strange new cravings! Meat, dairy may become completely indigestible to you now as you FEEL more through unity consciousness upgrades the animal’s consciousness and soul.
The Lion’s gate has swung open and the gifts are coming in…the mind can’t get it, can’t track it, and parts of you may feel tense, anxious, or concerned…yet, if you can BE with all this and connect directly to the energies that are in reaction, you can BE with it. The BEing with it is key as I don’t think much of ANY of this can be tracked or analyzed or actually understood and is even being done!
Much love to YOU in the transition, the UPgrading, and the remembering! Here we BE in this together!
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