3D/4D/5D Relationships Guided Meditation – DAY 14: 33 DAYS DEEPEN W/JELELLE AWEN (VIDEO)


DAY FOURTEEN: DEEPEN 33 Day Video Series – 3D/4D/5D Birth Family/Friends/Romantic Relationships Guided Meditation

This is day fourteen of 33 in my daily video series called Deepen. Today, I talk about relationships of all kinds and how they ultimately offer a mirror of the inner relationships between one part of us to another. Relationships are the most challenging ground to navigate during awakening and the one offering the most gifts too. I talk today about what relationships look and feel like that are based more in 3D consciousness frequencies, 4D bliss mess ones, and 5D unity consciousness ones.

In the meditation today, Yeshua and Magdalene join us to explore your relationships that are based in an agreement to experience 3D frequencies together. I invite you to feel the heart cord binds that may be going on in those relationships as well. You then invite in the souls who are exploring 4D consciousness frequencies together with more soul resonance and karmic lessons, along with fewer heart cord binds and more heart chord resonance. You then raise your frequency to explore 5D relationships that may currently be in your life as potential capacity to experience or are coming in a future timeline.

This exploration should help you identify and feel which consciousness frequency your relationships are based in and which you would like them to be and what boundary setting/letting go/completing may need to occur in a self loving way.

Here is more about 3D, 4D, and 5D consciousness states: https://youtu.be/3Ai-3RbeO5E

Thank you for joining me on this fourteenth day of 33….as we move into Deepening energies together…..one beloved part of us at a time!

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Jelelle Awen
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