The Importance Of Sacred Space For Self Love And Care


I am emerging now, out of a sacred space. A space of self love and self care. A space where my primary focus was on my own needs. A space I have been in for almost a week, altered from the usual and brought into something new.

I found this space not from deep meditation practice, but rather through body illness, body detoxification, and body realignment. It might seem strange to offer that being ill provided a sacred space, but it did, as I surrendered to what it was bringing to me. Even as I certainly had moments of discomfort and pain, I could feel a trust that it was all part of a bigger process. It was preparing me for what is coming next both in my own life, in SoulFullHeart, and in the world.

As I sip on a potent concoction of herbal extracts given to me by our new herbologist, I feel the love of the plants that are moving through my blood stream, bringing vitality, immunity… I am newly focused now again on my nutritional health, taking it to an even higher level of self care and love….without self judgment or regiment or vigilance. Just tuning into what feels good, what is good, what is alive. That has been another gift of not being well as I could listen to what my body was telling me about eating foods (such as wheat and sugar) that lower my vibrational frequency.

This was a minor illness, easily cured, yet it brought the gifts of a need for a self containment after months of time spent in serving love to others, sharing my energy and writings, etc. My desire now is to continue this self care containment space without the need for illness. I feel a sense of increasing my practices of meditation, multidimensional travel, creativity through projects and to hold a protective container around my energy and what energies I take in.

I have connected the illness too with a choice I made to move on from holding individual facilitation space for others and to focus on creative projects such as a book about the SoulFullHeart process, a documentary, etc. that I have been working on for awhile or been wanting to manifest. This was a tender decision, after many years of working with people. I am now shifting to supporting Raphael, Leena, and Sequoia in their facilitation and serve others through group circles and webinars in the future. I could feel how for the part of me that has primarily been a facilitator, this is a big adjustment that will take time and love with me to digest.

My experience brings up for me a reminder of how important self care and self love are for all of us. Sometimes it takes an illness or emergency for us to actually go in and be in stillness, to rest, to breathe, to turn inward. Life can bring us this, yet, also, we can bring ourselves to life with an intention to give ourselves the love that we have been giving others and to connect with ourselves and parts of us in much deeper and meaningful ways.

Jelelle Awen is co-creator, teacher, and writer of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information. 


Back To Me: Feeling The Emotional Root Cause Of Illness And Injury


By Christopher Tydeman

In the moment, I am on my back. For the past ten days I have been mostly on my back. At some point I strained a muscle and it has caused much pain in sitting and generally moving around. Except when I am laying on my back. My first response was to determine the origination of the injury from a physical stand point. While there was definitely a physical component, doing a strenuous exercise before I was ready and not having strong core muscles, in SoulFullHeart we ask ourselves what was the larger emotional preursor to the injury. Since the emotional body is connected to the physical body, there is an emotional root cause. Now, I could look at it energetically, in terms of a dis-ease in my first chakra, which is true, and get some relief through some energy work, but that still doesn’t take me to the deeper layer, where if left unfelt, would just come back around again at some point in my life. I have not truly “healed” myself; I just kicked the can down the road.

All the physical and energetic remedies should come secondary to the emotional. Now, if I was in absolute pain, I would self-lovingly find relief, but I would still need, and desire, to feel the emotional root at some point afterward. I have been doing exercises and using cold and hot compresses to aid in my recovery, but I have been offered to feel what the injury brings up for me. What is my back trying to tell me? What part of me needs me to feel it so I can help heal its wounds? What is the greater context to being in this state of incapacitation? If I spent my time taking drugs, watching movies, or trying to solve my “problem”, I am missing out on a sacred gift.

How could back pain be a gift? A part of me would ask the same question. But by asking some questions and being vulnerable, we get to feel a bigger relationship to life. What was happening in my life when the injury occurred? What was I suppressing or resisting? How do I feel about myself in this state? Where do those feelings come from? Are they really mine or do they come from a part of me that has held them? What can I offer this part of me to feel that it has a safe place to express itself? What is my current connection to the Divine and what support and guidance can I let in? These are SoulFullHeart questions. They bring in much more consciousness than what western culture in general would just see as a situation to fix or something to power through.

In my case, before the injury I was feeling a deep tension around this new chapter of my life. I left Canada with my SoulFullHeart family to exodus from the unsustainable culture of the western world and seek sanctuary in Mexico for its climate and ideal growing conditions. It was also a choice to feel myself differently, more authentically, away from the conditioning and comfort zone of that world. Who could I be? Who would I be when all the default toggles and switches didn’t work anymore? This brought an immense control/fear response from a part of me as I engaged in the journey from Canada, crossing borders, driving in a foreign country, trying to communicate with minimal Spanish, not knowing whether our desired destination would work for us or if we would be welcome. There was a sense of just surviving each day for a part of me, holding a need for control and knowing. I did not have much authentic me in the room to feel the joy and the adventure, as well as the fear from this part.

As we eventually found a welcome home at Rancho Amigos, we had to find a temporary home in nearby Tomatlan until the home we are staying at on the ranch is ready. This is where I feel the tension swelled and pooled up in my lower back and created the perfect condition for a part of me to be felt in its fear. It also created the space for me to reconnect to the Divine Mother, which had been lacking for some time. I have needed this time to feel my desire for being in community with those who see and encourage my bigness and gifts, being in connection with the Divine and the context and love that comes with that, and being in relationship to my parts that need to feel me holding them in all they need to be held in.

Being immobile brought me to feelings of inadequacy, frustration, control, burden, and a need to ‘do’ to in order to feel my value and worth. I began to journal with a part of me that had the voice of punishment and judgment. This is a big place for me to go, as it has been a lifelong crucible for me to value my own worth and feel my own power. This is amplified in community when others are having to do a little more to make up for the resting body, and to feel the love with which they do it because you are genuinely cared for. THAT is what ultimately triggers the underlying lack of worth. That is the water that brings up the oil that Kathleen referred to in her last blog.

I am still in dialogue with this part of me. It takes time for them to feel comfortable enough to really feel the depth of the pain that they hold. But it is starting place from which true healing and transmutation can happen. Over time, the voice and energy will soften, transform, and integrate. It will lead me to my true power, in heart and spine. Hmmm. Interesting. This is something I would not have felt if I hadn’t gone into the emotional and spiritual aspect of this injury. That my back represents my growing spine, my inherent self-authorized power and creativity, and my energetic ground to the earth below me. Wow. How cool.

With resting parts, a new wave of creativity has been unearthed in me. A desire to reclaim my heartistry through designing meaningful mandalas for myself, for others, and the Divine. I have felt my authentic desire to be a healer, to claim my place within an intensely beautiful community, and to feel the greater context of what this life has to offer. There will still be moments of uncertainty, doubt, and fear, but through this experience I will have more of me to be able to be with that. This, I’m sure, will be a gift that will keep on giving “back” to myself.

So the next time you find yourself sick or injured, I hope you find some inspiration to ask yourself some bigger questions. Questions that may lead you to take stock of the why and get you on a path to truly healing yourself authentically and consciously. If you wish to know more, visit our website at to learn about our body consciousness retreat in April that focuses on this type of conscious, integrative healing. It will change the way you relate to your body, heart, and soul. Guaranteed.

Christopher Tydeman is a SoulFullHeart facilitator and healing arts facilitator.