Practical Ascension: Physical Area — Live Stream Q & A

You can find the recording of this live stream at the bottom of this article. ❤

by Gabriel Heartman

As the Blood Moon eclipse and Lion’s Gate energies approach, many of those in contact with us have been feeling many physical symptoms. They are varied in their manifestations from headaches, body aches, dizziness, sleeplessness, tiredness, et al. The physical body is our tuning fork, our harbinger of internal dis-ease. It is one of the seven key areas of life that Kalayna and I set out on an adventure to explore in our Practical Ascension series a few months ago.

Just as with many celestial events, our bodies are inevitably tuned into the very thing that make up the cosmos. Da Vinci and others that influenced him, felt that the body symbolized the universe itself in total. A grand design of Divine purpose. INside each of us lie the codes and activations to a whole new way of BEing. A sacred being of great importance. However, in this galactic experiment we chose to forget that very thing in order to learn something new about ourselves.

In this forgetting, we have created a karma and a trauma that have been our “breadcrumbs” back home. This lies in the emotional body which invariably finds its way to our physical bodies. As we enter into each new energetic territory, we feel that all that trauma which comes to the surface in our physical bodies is seeking to be felt, given love, forgiveness, space to tear or rage in order to transmute, heal, and integrate.

Timelines may be bleeding through and those can cause physical reactions as the past/future is always with us Now. It is going into a relationship with the pain that can lead you to new understandings among the totality of your soul story. Gateways and portals to the places that you have had to hide, defend, and forget the Love that has always been with you for the sake of safety and preservation.

Join Kalayna and myself as we continue the Practical Ascension journey with the ‘physical’ area and connect it with the upcoming energies as we also respond to your comments and questions around a very popular topic.

Sending much love,

Gabriel Heartman & Kalayna Colibri ❤

Here is the recording of the live stream: 

Gabriel Heartman is an emoto-spiritual men’s and women’s Facilitator, energy healer, writer, poet, and heartist with the SoulFullHeart Way of Life. Kalayna Colibri is a SoulFullHeart Facilitator for women around (and under) the age of 35, emoto-spiritual teacher, energy healer, indigo-crystal bridge, soul scribe, and poetess. 

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Poem: This Vessel I Call ‘Me’

by Kalayna Colibri


Every new relationship of every level of depth,
offers me a new mirror,
offers me a new place to go,
offers me much to feel,
even if only for a few moments before the need passes.

Every new place I go in my inner geography,
brings me to a new outer place,
brings me to a new sense of everything,
brings me home to myself in a deeper way,
even if the journey was no longer than 5 minutes.

Every connection place
in my unique sense of time
and timing,
happens in dimensions within,
and with you.

All of the journeying,
all of the play,
all of the challenges,
are here and not here, but in here.

This vessel of a body that I call my home,
is the unique one given to me
for this purpose of adventuring,
and for so long,
far too “long”
(though time, in essence, cannot really be measured),
parts of me have held it as something to be tamed
when really, all they need,
is to learn to embrace it as an opportunity.

This life is an opportunity. This skin is the vortex. And this heart is the engine that keeps it all in perspective, moving forward, finding those relationships, both inward and outward, that make me dance in this rainbow of enriching imperfect-ness. For being-ness is what I can’t run away from, and loving-ness is what I strive for, hide longing for, and fly away in joy for. Love… is the essence, the beginning and the end. And the circle that encompasses each fraction of the void between alive and dead, surrounded and alone, grounded and soaring.

I cannot ever master what I feel.
But I can move forward more into my sacred humanity,
to embrace all that I am,
all that I have been,
and all I ever will be…

…Love… in fleshy, warm, human form.



Kalayna Colibri is a SoulFullHeart facilitator for women around (and under) the age of 30, energy healer, indigo-crystal bridge, soul scribe, and poetess.  Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc. Visit our Patreon page to offer a money donation to support our offerings at

The Importance Of Sacred Space For Self Love And Care


I am emerging now, out of a sacred space. A space of self love and self care. A space where my primary focus was on my own needs. A space I have been in for almost a week, altered from the usual and brought into something new.

I found this space not from deep meditation practice, but rather through body illness, body detoxification, and body realignment. It might seem strange to offer that being ill provided a sacred space, but it did, as I surrendered to what it was bringing to me. Even as I certainly had moments of discomfort and pain, I could feel a trust that it was all part of a bigger process. It was preparing me for what is coming next both in my own life, in SoulFullHeart, and in the world.

As I sip on a potent concoction of herbal extracts given to me by our new herbologist, I feel the love of the plants that are moving through my blood stream, bringing vitality, immunity… I am newly focused now again on my nutritional health, taking it to an even higher level of self care and love….without self judgment or regiment or vigilance. Just tuning into what feels good, what is good, what is alive. That has been another gift of not being well as I could listen to what my body was telling me about eating foods (such as wheat and sugar) that lower my vibrational frequency.

This was a minor illness, easily cured, yet it brought the gifts of a need for a self containment after months of time spent in serving love to others, sharing my energy and writings, etc. My desire now is to continue this self care containment space without the need for illness. I feel a sense of increasing my practices of meditation, multidimensional travel, creativity through projects and to hold a protective container around my energy and what energies I take in.

I have connected the illness too with a choice I made to move on from holding individual facilitation space for others and to focus on creative projects such as a book about the SoulFullHeart process, a documentary, etc. that I have been working on for awhile or been wanting to manifest. This was a tender decision, after many years of working with people. I am now shifting to supporting Raphael, Leena, and Sequoia in their facilitation and serve others through group circles and webinars in the future. I could feel how for the part of me that has primarily been a facilitator, this is a big adjustment that will take time and love with me to digest.

My experience brings up for me a reminder of how important self care and self love are for all of us. Sometimes it takes an illness or emergency for us to actually go in and be in stillness, to rest, to breathe, to turn inward. Life can bring us this, yet, also, we can bring ourselves to life with an intention to give ourselves the love that we have been giving others and to connect with ourselves and parts of us in much deeper and meaningful ways.

Jelelle Awen is co-creator, teacher, and writer of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information.