Lion’s Gate & Crop Circles Update: Cosmic Christmas & Galactic Activations Available NOW

By Jelelle Awen

Lion’s Gate & Crop Circles Update: Today, August 8th 8:8, is the Lion’s Gateway, peak of the galactic alignment with the planet Sirius. As Sirius rises in the sky, Orion’s Belt aligns with the Pyramid of Giza. From our viewpoint from Gaia, Sirius (as the brightest star in the sky) comes closer to us. We have often called this day “Cosmic Christmas” for the gifts that it can bring on the soul level.

Sirius is a STRONG and powerful source of soul activations, upgrades, and Ascension frequencies. As we connect to our soul aspects from Sirius, we can receive codes that bring us into our next levels of awakening. They often appear as feline beings with blue skin tones, although that can vary.

The veils are lifted during this gateway and the capacity to see/feel/know other lifetimes and timelines is revealed. Our soul aspects who live in ‘Ancient Egypt’ become visible and knowable to us especially during this time. These aspects are often more tuned into these higher spiritual energies that have often been covered over in our modern times. There is much to learn from soul gift exchange with our Egyptian aspects. So if you are drawn to that time period, especially right now, this is a sign of that connection being ripe and available to you for exploration and discovery.

As I meditated this morning, I connected with Sela, my blue feline-humanoid Lionness Queen from Sirius. As we touched third eyes together, She offered me waves of calm support and spacious grace. As I’ve been going through some deeper layers of trauma wound healing with my inner child (pushed up by a recent dental procedure) and some more death/rebirth phases too on a soul level, her frequencies felt soothing and expansive. I had this sense of cool water flowing over little fires everywhere within and to the places in the world where fires are literally burning as the Cabal/Matrix collapses.

Sela seemed to deeply feel and understand the energies of death and rebirth going on for humanity right now, as her species has gone through the Ascension process bliss mess phases and stages as well. The peaking of these energies seems to be these last weeks leading up to the pivotal U.S. election with increasing violence, contention, riots, protests, shut downs, indictments, division, etc. She offered compassion for the messy transition we are in as we stumble and fumble through the dark to find our way into the light.

She then showed me flashes of the most recent crop circle formations, all appearing in the Wiltshire, UK area over the last few days. Sela encouraged me to share them with you and invited us to feel into whatever messages we receive from them, offering that they are specifically connected to the Lion’s Gate frequencies and the upgrades available during it.

The crop circle formations and Sirius energy remind us of the bigger picture that can lost with so much contentious content. They form a bridge to our galactic nature and the remembering of the assistance and support that is ALWAYS there for us. As we are vulnerable and ask for it, so we can then receive it as love from the Divine in whatever forms and ways we most need.

Sela says now, “Trust the light that you are emerging into as you wake up from your long sleep. Remember that the dark has been a necessary illusion. Forgetting is the illusion. Separation is the illusion. Fear is the illusion.

Love is real. Unity is real. The Light is real. The Divine is real.

The rest is a playout of the illusion that is dying and being slowly reborn into what is real. This process of dying illusion is happening within you and in your world. As you can see this process, you can separate from it and connect to the love that you ARE in any moment. “

Blessings on this Lion’s Gate, Cosmic Christmas, and may new vistas of your soul’s bigness be revealed to you that provide support to navigate the shifts and changes!

Jelelle Awen & Sela

For more digestion about Lion’s Gate and a guided meditation/activation to connect with your Sirian aspect, Gabriel Heartman and Kasha Rokshana led a livestream last weekend and the recording is available here:

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You can read more about these formations and view the aerial footage at

Next Level Codes From Sirius For Lion’s Gate 8:8

By Jelelle Awen

Abundance Unity Blessings to you on this Cosmic Christmas 8/8 Lion/Lioness Gateway! Love Roar!

You may be feeling the abundance of light streaming in to you today through the beloved planet Sirius, our spiritual ‘home’ in the stars, so much of our DNA (still so sleepy) coming from there. This is the peak day of really being WITH these energies from Sirius and your metasoul aspect/fragment that lives there. Your Lion/Lioness Feline BEing is waiting to share energies of compassion, calmness, grace and strength with you.

Today is also a time of TRULY letting go and unanchoring from the previous patterns from this life and other lifetimes that keep suffering loops in place. These loops can be obvious or subtle. These traumas keep you attached to the 3D/Lower 4D Matrices of codependence, fear contraction, feeling stuck/lost/confused, karmic energies of guilt/shame/feeling overly responsible.

Today offers an opportunity to transcend ALL that, even if for in brief moments. To run with your Lion pride from Sirius and feel the freedom that abounds in the higher dimensions.

Today gives you a taste of yourself as a sovereign BEing, a Divine Spark, and a beloved child of a Divine Mother and Father that LOVE you AS Love.

Still time to join Raphael Awen and me for our Lion’s Gate transmission today at 10:00am PDT over zoom…..and/or to receive the recording if you can’t make it live. During a 30 minute plus meditation, we’ll be tuning into these energies of abundance, align you with the gifts you may be ready to receive from them with the help of our aspects from Sirius. We’ll run with your Lion pride from Sirius, activating your Higher Heart/Third Eye/Crown/Personal Sun, etc. chakras in the process. AND you have the opportunity to share with us live if you want.

You can offer $15 CAD payment here through the shop and receive a doc with the zoom up until 10:00am or to receive the recording afterwards:…/lion-s-gate-8-8-ac…

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MUCH love to you on this Cosmic Christmas day as we go NEXT LEVEL in the service of love!
Jelelle Awen

Jelelle Awen is Co-Creator/Teacher/Facilitator/Ambassador of SoulFullHeart Way Of Life, a healing process and paradigm offering New Gaia Ascension frequencies to transmute trauma into love on emotional/spiritual/physical levels. For more information about 1:1 individual sessions with her and other SoulFullHeart Facilitators, virtual group transmissions, four day gatherings in Victoria, BC, writings/books, and videos, visit