Sirian Energies Offer Hope/Possibility/Forgiveness During This Time Of Peak Fear & Violence: SoulFullHeart Weekly Museletter (Aug 5, 2019)

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The Lion’s Gate Portal energies have been swirling for some time now, coming to a head around and on 8/8, the day of the official portal opening. In our leading piece this week, SoulFullHeart Teacher/Co-Creator/Facilitator, Jelelle Awen, offers us a download from her own Sirian Aspect, Sela. Sela offers through and with Jelelle, a picture of the violence in the world right now finding reconciliation in every individual heart and soul, and a sense that this is all a sacred part of the process of our Ascension that plays out for our own individual transformation:

“This process of trusting goodness begins from within. It happens as you feel/heal/connect with the aspects of yourself and your soul that are living through and in violence, experiencing traumatic deaths, living in shadow, harming others in different ways, and being harmed too.

As you become a love ambassador to yourself and connect to the aspects of your Metasoul that can provide you a feeling sense of your own soul’s transformational journey from 3D into 5D (like the Sirians), you can FEEL in your heart then the goodness that lives and breathes in EVERY soul.”

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Next Level Codes From Sirius For Lion’s Gate 8:8

By Jelelle Awen

Abundance Unity Blessings to you on this Cosmic Christmas 8/8 Lion/Lioness Gateway! Love Roar!

You may be feeling the abundance of light streaming in to you today through the beloved planet Sirius, our spiritual ‘home’ in the stars, so much of our DNA (still so sleepy) coming from there. This is the peak day of really being WITH these energies from Sirius and your metasoul aspect/fragment that lives there. Your Lion/Lioness Feline BEing is waiting to share energies of compassion, calmness, grace and strength with you.

Today is also a time of TRULY letting go and unanchoring from the previous patterns from this life and other lifetimes that keep suffering loops in place. These loops can be obvious or subtle. These traumas keep you attached to the 3D/Lower 4D Matrices of codependence, fear contraction, feeling stuck/lost/confused, karmic energies of guilt/shame/feeling overly responsible.

Today offers an opportunity to transcend ALL that, even if for in brief moments. To run with your Lion pride from Sirius and feel the freedom that abounds in the higher dimensions.

Today gives you a taste of yourself as a sovereign BEing, a Divine Spark, and a beloved child of a Divine Mother and Father that LOVE you AS Love.

Still time to join Raphael Awen and me for our Lion’s Gate transmission today at 10:00am PDT over zoom…..and/or to receive the recording if you can’t make it live. During a 30 minute plus meditation, we’ll be tuning into these energies of abundance, align you with the gifts you may be ready to receive from them with the help of our aspects from Sirius. We’ll run with your Lion pride from Sirius, activating your Higher Heart/Third Eye/Crown/Personal Sun, etc. chakras in the process. AND you have the opportunity to share with us live if you want.

You can offer $15 CAD payment here through the shop and receive a doc with the zoom up until 10:00am or to receive the recording afterwards:…/lion-s-gate-8-8-ac…

Or here via paypal up until 9:30 am:

MUCH love to you on this Cosmic Christmas day as we go NEXT LEVEL in the service of love!
Jelelle Awen

Jelelle Awen is Co-Creator/Teacher/Facilitator/Ambassador of SoulFullHeart Way Of Life, a healing process and paradigm offering New Gaia Ascension frequencies to transmute trauma into love on emotional/spiritual/physical levels. For more information about 1:1 individual sessions with her and other SoulFullHeart Facilitators, virtual group transmissions, four day gatherings in Victoria, BC, writings/books, and videos, visit

Whatever You Most Need, You Can Receive: Message From Lion’s Gate

By Jelelle Awen

“Whatever you most need, you will be offered.” It felt like Ascension/Cosmic Christmas yesterday as the Lion/Lioness gateway 8.8.18 aligned and swung even more open…..bringing in cosmic and galactic support and Infinite Love that is still felt and meant to be on the personal and intimate level for awhile.

The codes and their messages that I shared about yesterday seem to be primarily about unity abundance……they are an invitation, not necessarily a guarantee or a promise. The invitation is to increasingly trust that whatever you MOST need in order for your Higher Self/soul coming into your body and higher heart capacity to SERVE love will be offered to you.

How much you receive of these codes, how much you LET IN this invitation, how much you can say ‘YES’ to what your soul purpose is here….ALL that is up to you and the parts of you that may be resistant, in lack, and understandably just plain TIRED or SCARED or both. All of the reactions that come up to letting in love (which is what these codes really ARE) is sacred and the more you can BE with the reactions and the parts of you that have them is the degree that they can transmute this fear energy into receiving love.

Some of the GIFTS being offered in these codes are to serve you in an increasing sense, awareness, and higher heart intuition around feeling into these questions: what is abundance to you….inside and out? What is unity to you…..inside and out? What is nourishing to you? What gifts you and your soul? What gifts do YOU have to share and offer that contributes to unity abundance? What resistance do you feel from parts of you in letting in more abundance? And, also, what ISN’T abundance, unity, and feeling like gifts to you? What do you want MORE of and LESS of?

These are simple questions, yes, and maybe you feel that you are ‘beyond them’. Yet, in my experience, most people may not ask themselves even these basic questions as it is challenging to go within. To go deeper in the exploration of these questions is to connect with the part(s) of you that is resistant or protective or modulating love and then ask it WHY it feels resistant to these things. Or to connect with a Metasoul aspect/other lifetime aspect that is experiencing lack/angst/trauma and then integrate them into your world so they can feel with you into new possibilities of love.

This is what BEing, ascending, awakening, is about….this inquiry and seeking to understand and FEEL yourself to allow more higher love frequencies into your heart and your body. This self exploration and BEing real with self is a very important aspect of unity abundance as it creates these frequencies FROM within and then draws the experience of them from the outside in relationships.

Without the deepening of this inner unity abundance, whatever comes from outside will be deflected and modulated….not able to be fully received until you are WITH the parts of you that just can’t let love in fully yet….and of course you have parts of you that can’t, we ALL do…this is our JOURNEY here, to feel and heal this…..from within and also together.

“Whatever you most need, you CAN receive”…..this empowers you to feel both what you most need AND what you can actually receive and what the gap might be between the two and WHY. A fascinating exploration into the inner depths of your inner onion that the Divine is eager for you participate in as It gets to come along TOO!

This is my post from yesterday about Lions Gate:…/cosmic-christmas-lions-gat…/

Jelelle Awen
1:1 sessions to explore these questions and many more with me or another SoulFullHeart Facilitator….info at the link above!

Energy Update: Ramping Up To Heal 3D Wounding, Other Timeline/Lifetimes (Ancient Egypt)

By Jelelle Awen

These are the days and nights of near constant energetic influxes coming into Gaia’s atmosphere through Lunar/SOULar/planetary sources (that represent our inner cosmos and galaxies and star systems too.) There is a sense of ‘ramping up’ as we move into the total lunar eclipse tomorrow on Friday, July 27th and Lion’s Gateway on August 8th. This ramping up is personal to each of us, offering what we most need to see/feel/become aware of to move more into alignment with our highest timeline.

The ramping UP energies could be an illumination for you of more 3D-based and anchored woundings/traumas from this life, often held in parts of you such as your Inner Protector, Inner Child, Inner Teenager, etc. Life situations and relationships can come up to mirror these woundings and offer a way for you to become aware of them through getting to know the parts of you that hold them. Soft, compassionate, curious spaceholding toward these parts of you and becoming separate from the energy of them helps to emotionally digest these traumas.

Many 3D anchored parts of people are being triggered right now in response to these more intense energies….sometimes in sudden outbursts and conflicts or with strong emotions such as despair/depression, acute anxiety, rage/anger…..all coming up to be felt. This is the ‘trailing edge’ of your BEing, the deeper core wounded frequencies of your emotional body, that just want to be loved, bridged to, and integrated into your growing Divine Self.

The ramping up energies could be lifting more of the veil of amnesia for you to see/feel/remember other timelines/lifetimes in your Metasoul (your personal Higher Self soul source). These timelines can be strongly bleeding through right now, especially with whatever frequencies the Divine is amplifying for collective/personal healing. That seems to be the ‘ancient Egyptian’ timeline in the moment, especially as we head into the Lion’s Gateway. This timeline is not actually in the ‘past’ nor ‘ancient’, yet energizing in the Now and contains many dark/difficult/polarized frequencies in it. As we relate with these timelines in the current and feel their present day influence on us, it helps us to separate out from them.

I have been connecting the last week with my Metasoul aspect/sister from ‘Ancient Egypt’ named Ashme. She is not just a ‘past life’ and she is not ‘me’, yet rather she is a sister from the same soul source, a fractal (if you will) from the same source, that is alive in the Now. As we bond together, I feel her life in Egypt, where she belonged to a cult of Sekhmet (a form of Divine Feminine Goddess that has strong warrior/wounded masculine tones in its representation).

As I go into her timeline with her through meditative visits, I am able to help her heal the textures of patriarchal abuse and misuse of Divine Feminine magic/energy that she is needing relief from, along with a co-rescue from this timeline into a higher dimensional space (for my Metasoul, that is almost always to 4D Avalon). As Ashme lets go into my heart space and trusts more all of our Metasoul sisters that have awakened, she releases her gifts of higher dimensional consciousness to me.

It is this gift exchange between us and our Metasoul aspects that heals and releases karma on a quantum level as unification of the soul happens on a profound and deep level. This is also the work that we do in session space with people to connect with their Metasoul aspects and the timelines they are living in.

There is more about parts/Metasoul aspects/the Gatekepper that we connect with in our SoulFullHeart process through bridging and ongoing sessions here:

While karmic timelines can come forward, it is also possible right now to connect more fluidly to higher dimensional timelines such as Sirius frequencies. These are being activated with the Lion’s Gateway as the planet Sirius comes into its closest proximity to Gaia all year. Sirians have a beautiful, wise, spacious feline energy that can be very soothing/comforting/empowering as you connect with your Metasoul aspect from there. Kalayna Colibri shared a beautiful conversation with her Sirian aspect in this writing:…/message-from-the-lyrans-yo…/

ALL of this ramping UP is an opportunity to move more into embodiment of your higher self in your body and in your heart. It is an opportunity for sacred union within as the masculine and feminine relationship within you from parts/Metasoul aspects of you to each other is revealed and healed. It is an opportunity to BEcome service of love in an embodied way without transcending or bypassing your humanity.

Raphael Awen and I will be hosting a live stream Q & A and guided meditation on my Jelelle Awen FB page and our SoulFullHeart Experience Youtube Channel on the eclipse day, July 27th, at 12:00 pm CDT!! We will offer a bridge to these ramping up energies for you to receive whatever you need to see/feel/know from your Higher Self as your next steps of integration.

MUCH love to you as we move into the embodiment of our sacred humanity together!

Jelelle Awen
We offer 1:1 bridging sessions to connect to your readiness and resistances parts of you may have to the next steps/highest timeline. More info here:

Jelelle Awen is a Parts Work/Metasoul & Galactic Aspects/Sacred Union Teacher & Facilitator, and Ascension Guide. She is Co-creator/Facilitator/Teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life awakening/healing process and community. She has written four books about Ascension, awakening, and emotional body healing. Visit for more information about bridging and ongoing sessions virtually over zoom and in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, events/retreats, videos, books, etc. Visit our donations page to offer a monthly or one time money donation to support our offerings.