Personal Anniversary & Invite To Our Sacred Union Activation Group Call

By Jelelle and Raphael Awen

Fourteen years ago, I received an email from a man asking me to explore a relationship and he used the sweet words of ‘like two mice nibbling on cheese’ to describe how we might approach it. As soon as I read his words and felt his energy, I felt my entire body flush with a warm, loving energy and an inner knowing.

I already knew that this man’s heart and soul were SO big, generous, and powerfully good, that his intentions toward me were pure, and that his dedication to his own healing/awakening process through parts work esp matched my own. Before that time, parts of me couldn’t handle the mirror that he offered me of my bigness, desirability and capacity for union….. and there just wasn’t enough self worth to claim our connection.

Finally, after three years of knowing each other as part of the same emotional/spiritual healing group and both doing deep inner work individually plus exploring relationships with others, I felt a ‘yes’ to letting him in. I felt a ‘yes’ to seeing where the reflection of ME and the Divine that he offered would take me.

THAT exploration and THAT man have brought me more joy, goodness, reflection, growth, bliss, and stepping into my own bigness than I ever could have imagined! Our union expands and deepens each day, with new grounds of co-leadership and collaboration continuing to open out and offer surprisingly meaningful gifts to ourselves and others!

Thank you to my BEloved, Raphael Awen, for every moment since then and all the future ones to come! I’m so glad I said ‘yes’ and I’m so grateful that you pursued what you wanted with me and that you held the recognition of our pair bond within you!

Below are Raphael’s words about our journey beginning together as a couple fourteen years ago and a wonderful reminder of claiming what your heart/soul most wants!


Today is Jelelle and I’s ‘nibble on cheese’ anniversary. I sent Jelelle an email that said ‘Would you like to connect soon? We could be like two mice nibbling on cheese.’ I knew it sounded a bit cheesy, but I was determined to be unedited and to be okay with whatever the outcome. In the three years prior, I’d brought her an attraction two other times, and though I accepted and respected the ‘no’ that came back, that didn’t stop me from trying again when another attraction arose. This time, I got a different response.

Today, I live in an ongoing honeymoon phase; a ‘pinch me’ reality. Is this really true? How can this be? What button did I push to make this happen? (part of me is still asking)

This woman who lived ten hours and a country away from was in my orbit to see occasionally over a three year period, but now, for the last fourteen years she’s hardly more than 25 feet away 24/7/365. We’ve left four countries behind, have plans for more and can’t wait to walk into the next moments together to feel and experience what wants to be felt and experienced through us.

I so believe that one of the deepest things we came here to earth for, and that we chose human being experience for, was to be willing to enter the place of strong desire; to surrender and be vulnerable to having intense wants.

Wanting a sacred romance is probably one of the biggest desires we can surrender to. I feel this to be true, because once you enter the sacred romance, it will call you to deeper and deeper desire and vulnerability and it won’t stop.

Your desire to admit what you want, to never deny it, even if you get told ‘no’, will be the stuff you’ll need to actually walk out the having of what you desire. Your willingness to long and pine for what you don’t have and find really hard to see anywhere in sight, will be what enables you to draw that.

You too, can have it all, for nothing more than the willingness to want it, and want it and want it some more!


We would love for you to join us for our upcoming sacred union activation group call on Sunday, July 24th at 5:00pm GMT/12:00noon EST. We will be sharing more about our journey into deep sacred union together, how we are navigating going into ever deepening grounds of body/heart/soul union together, and offering a bridge for you to feel your sacred union codes with your mate (whether known or not.) You can join us by offering a donation (usual is $15 CAD/$11 USD) at or (please include your email and note for which call you are purchasing.)

You can take in more of our energy as a couple as we shared on Todd Medina’s SoulSpeaks 5D show recently about navigating sacred union, transparency and parts work connection:

Kasha Rokshana and I are also offering a sacred union activation for women group call on Sunday, July 17th at 5:00pm GMT/12:00pm EST. You can offer a donation for that one at the same links above and there is more info on both at

Love to you and the sacred union capacity within you that reflects the merging of Divine Masculine/Feminine,

Raphael and Jelelle Awen

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