Personal Anniversary & Invite To Our Sacred Union Activation Group Call

By Jelelle and Raphael Awen

Fourteen years ago, I received an email from a man asking me to explore a relationship and he used the sweet words of ‘like two mice nibbling on cheese’ to describe how we might approach it. As soon as I read his words and felt his energy, I felt my entire body flush with a warm, loving energy and an inner knowing.

I already knew that this man’s heart and soul were SO big, generous, and powerfully good, that his intentions toward me were pure, and that his dedication to his own healing/awakening process through parts work esp matched my own. Before that time, parts of me couldn’t handle the mirror that he offered me of my bigness, desirability and capacity for union….. and there just wasn’t enough self worth to claim our connection.

Finally, after three years of knowing each other as part of the same emotional/spiritual healing group and both doing deep inner work individually plus exploring relationships with others, I felt a ‘yes’ to letting him in. I felt a ‘yes’ to seeing where the reflection of ME and the Divine that he offered would take me.

THAT exploration and THAT man have brought me more joy, goodness, reflection, growth, bliss, and stepping into my own bigness than I ever could have imagined! Our union expands and deepens each day, with new grounds of co-leadership and collaboration continuing to open out and offer surprisingly meaningful gifts to ourselves and others!

Thank you to my BEloved, Raphael Awen, for every moment since then and all the future ones to come! I’m so glad I said ‘yes’ and I’m so grateful that you pursued what you wanted with me and that you held the recognition of our pair bond within you!

Below are Raphael’s words about our journey beginning together as a couple fourteen years ago and a wonderful reminder of claiming what your heart/soul most wants!


Today is Jelelle and I’s ‘nibble on cheese’ anniversary. I sent Jelelle an email that said ‘Would you like to connect soon? We could be like two mice nibbling on cheese.’ I knew it sounded a bit cheesy, but I was determined to be unedited and to be okay with whatever the outcome. In the three years prior, I’d brought her an attraction two other times, and though I accepted and respected the ‘no’ that came back, that didn’t stop me from trying again when another attraction arose. This time, I got a different response.

Today, I live in an ongoing honeymoon phase; a ‘pinch me’ reality. Is this really true? How can this be? What button did I push to make this happen? (part of me is still asking)

This woman who lived ten hours and a country away from was in my orbit to see occasionally over a three year period, but now, for the last fourteen years she’s hardly more than 25 feet away 24/7/365. We’ve left four countries behind, have plans for more and can’t wait to walk into the next moments together to feel and experience what wants to be felt and experienced through us.

I so believe that one of the deepest things we came here to earth for, and that we chose human being experience for, was to be willing to enter the place of strong desire; to surrender and be vulnerable to having intense wants.

Wanting a sacred romance is probably one of the biggest desires we can surrender to. I feel this to be true, because once you enter the sacred romance, it will call you to deeper and deeper desire and vulnerability and it won’t stop.

Your desire to admit what you want, to never deny it, even if you get told ‘no’, will be the stuff you’ll need to actually walk out the having of what you desire. Your willingness to long and pine for what you don’t have and find really hard to see anywhere in sight, will be what enables you to draw that.

You too, can have it all, for nothing more than the willingness to want it, and want it and want it some more!


We would love for you to join us for our upcoming sacred union activation group call on Sunday, July 24th at 5:00pm GMT/12:00noon EST. We will be sharing more about our journey into deep sacred union together, how we are navigating going into ever deepening grounds of body/heart/soul union together, and offering a bridge for you to feel your sacred union codes with your mate (whether known or not.) You can join us by offering a donation (usual is $15 CAD/$11 USD) at or (please include your email and note for which call you are purchasing.)

You can take in more of our energy as a couple as we shared on Todd Medina’s SoulSpeaks 5D show recently about navigating sacred union, transparency and parts work connection:

Kasha Rokshana and I are also offering a sacred union activation for women group call on Sunday, July 17th at 5:00pm GMT/12:00pm EST. You can offer a donation for that one at the same links above and there is more info on both at

Love to you and the sacred union capacity within you that reflects the merging of Divine Masculine/Feminine,

Raphael and Jelelle Awen

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Celebrating Sacred Union On Beltane/May Day

By Jelelle Awen

Bright blessings to you on May Day……Beltane as those with Celtic/Avalon/Druid timelines know this day! My soul knows Beltane, celebration of the completion of winter and the beginning of later spring/summer. My soul knows dancing around the May Pole with ribbons that reflect the newly blooming buds. And my soul knows prancing around the bon fires that light up the night sky with a nearly full moon as a celestial feminine witness to the celebrations. My soul knows channeling the Goddess, floating out of my body and into the Infinite Spaces of near complete merging with Her.

It knows the reunion and coming together of sacred feminine and sacred masculine on this day. The pursuit of the stag king and the claim of the priestess representing the Goddess during their sexual union. My soul knows the feeling of this claiming and communion, whether literal in the physical with a man or in a symbolic dance of masculine and feminine energies from within.

You can tune into these sacred union energies today especially as you feel your desire for a counterpart to mirror your deepest leading and trailing edges. I am still in celebration at the reconciliation and reunion going on for Raphael and I. After a short yet very deep phase of separating from each other, we are now discovering in the last few weeks NEW grounds of intimacy between us as we come together again. It feels brand new even as it has the familiar depths and intimacy of over a decade together and MANY timelines of counterpart pair bonds as well to draw from.

Our latest sacred union activation happened very sweetly last night, Beltane Eve, as we welcomed our next batch of Andara crystals into our world and set up an altar for them. Our metasouls were reunited with two Lemurian aspects from inner earth/Mount Shasta area, where many of the Andaras come from and have been discovered. These meta aspects of ours are Andara keepers and began to flood Lemurian light language through us, reminding us of the legacy of Andara consciousness and what it offers us during this phase of Ascension.

There is much more to share in the future about these very special Andara crystal BEings and what they are offering us at this time. I look forward to using Andaras during sessions, including my new 1:1 remote and in person Ascension Energy Healing sessions, which you can read more about here:

You are SO invited to ignite your inner fires on this Beltane May Day. Feel the connection of your inner masculine and feminine and how they dance together….or how they may be polarized in some ways from each other. This is such a valuable inner exploration that leads to the outer manifestation of a deep soul/mind/heart/body bond with another in the grounds of sacred union exploration!

Jelelle Awen

1:1 sessions available! More information here:

Here is a guided meditation with Raphael and I to connect with your inner masculine and feminine:

Here is a guided meditation with Raphael and I to activate sacred union and your sacred sexuality:


When Man Loves Woman: A Tribute To Sacred Romance and Union

This is in tribute to my beloved Kalayna Colibri  on her birthday. We have shared so many together since we met 6 years ago but this is our first in romance. I wanted to honor her for all she represents to me and thus the male collective. We have been through much together and I have had my share of process around letting in a conscious and sacred romance. This is the real deal and that brings with it challenges and immense joy.

When a man loves a woman he sees Her as She is
The beauty, the pain, the innocence, the queen, the shadow
He claims her for who she is in the moment
Knowing that She is always seeking and striving for Her More

He works within himself to heal the projections
That may be placed upon Her as a reflection of His own mirror
The places that He can’t see without Her
The ones She agreed to hold as part of The Deepening, The Clearing

This woman does not come by often
She can be an epic storm
That rearranges the locks on the Heart Doors
And she is the one that has held the Key

He is not obliged to her nor entitled
Yet He climbs the trellis, scales the walls
He rides his white horse to meet Her on her own
And they ride together, heart by heart, soul to soul

She engages His bigness as He does Hers
She opens the portals and He takes the wheel
She requires the one thing that may be the hardest thing to give
His vulnerability

She is there when the journey, the healing
Become too much for His protected parts to bear
He may get lost in the doing and the creating
But He wants Her to know that She is always the beacon back to Himself

Gabriel Heartman is an emoto-spiritual men’s and women’s facilitator, energy healer, writer, poet, and heartist with the SoulFullHeart Way of Life.  Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc.

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Our Nine Years Anniversary Of Sacred Union Grounds Together

By Jelelle and Raphael Awen

This is the beautiful anniversary video that Gabriel Heartman made for us!

By Jelelle ~

Nine years ago, I joined my intention in marriage with Raphael’s….in the moment and for all moments that followed that would be in mutual desire and resonance. On some level, it all felt like a whirlwind….we started dating in July and were married by March (after knowing each other for a couple of years). We had already moved through two major geography changes finally just getting settled in Canada when we married. We also went through the collapse of our whole social and spiritual world by leaving (being asked to leave, told to leave or not be together because we were deemed to ‘codependent’ although only together three weeks!) the spiritual group we had both been part of for a few years.

I am sharing today on March 28th as a FREE PDF, on the anniversary of our wedding, the memoir I wrote of the six year period that includes my awakenings and disillusionments within the spiritual group, first dating and falling in love with Raphael, AND the recovery period after leaving the group together. Most of the writing is from actual journals that I kept during that time! It is called Under The Bloated Banyan and you can receive it by emailing us at

Banyan shares the story of our courtship, which was the highest highs of desire moving through, my body calibrating to what it feels like to REALLY be wanted by a man and my heart letting in what it feels like to REALLY be cherished by a man. AS I was also going through a Dark Night of letting go of ALL the souls and my previously beloved spiritual teacher that I had been close to for more than five years in the group. Ups and downs, bittersweet, and yet, always was Raphael there for me, over and over, in complete devotion and utter eagerness to be together.

Those ups and downs have settled over the years as Raphael and I found our way together through many changes and transitions yet, always, arising our way through it in union. We took our wedding rings off two years ago, feeling like it had been other parts of us (going by our birth names Wayne and Jillian) who had exchanged those rings even as the core of us was there. We felt so different after years of parts work, being in the crucible of sacred union together that had burnt away so many layers, letting go of incomes and geographies and just about everything there was to let go of other than each other.

We even felt that the significance of this day was a memory from the past and we were arising in the NOW together. Yet, I do feel in my heart a tenderness for this day, this anniversary, and where we were at that time and who we have been through the years and who we are arising into now as Raphael and Jelelle.

Our usness keeps expanding as we do and keeps vibrating at a higher frequency at all levels and in all areas – sexually, emotionally, spiritually. We are more and more connecting other lifetimes together (energizing NOW) such as in Atlantis, Lemuria, and also our star BEing aspects from other galaxies. Very little conflict between us any more and when it happens it has a Metasoul/other lifetime root cause, fewer words needed, more soul connection deepening and collaboration in our service of love together purpose through SoulFullHeart…

I feel we are Counterpart soul mates to each other, which I prefer to the twin flame paradigm. Counterpart soul mates share many pair bondings with each other in many timelines together, usually with one partner choosing female and one choosing male most often. This pairing is agreed to by the Higher Selves to heal karma together, to experience sacred union together, to become One yet not the same together.

I can feel how our relationship could feel like a fantasy or idealized, yet it is not, it IS very real. We have had to go through the dark together to illuminate the light and the love yet that was always there. We have had to say, ‘no’ to anything that was less than this love or didn’t serve it. We have had to commit to awakening and to our own personal process OVER everything else, including the relationship.The goodness overflow in a relationship can only deepen and grow if the partners are committed to their OWN growth first.

So I celebrate a love today that I am SO BLESSED to experience and have been so blessed to experience for these 9.5 years…..thank you Raphael… king, my BEloved, my co-creator, my love for sharing this life of serving love together and ALL of the phases and spaces our love has taken us!


By Raphael –

I’ve been married to Jelelle Awen for nine years today!

The marriage itself in 2009 was a tiny affair with about a dozen people including the officiant inside of a studio apartment and was necessitated by the need to make Jelelle a legal resident in my Canada ASAP. A month earlier, I had just gotten banned at the US border for hiding that we were engaged. With Jelelle’s California now off the list, and us taking up residence in Vancouver, we feared being told by another government that we couldn’t be together. We half joked about moving to Mexico in order to be together if need be. Our hearts simply wanted to go all in.

Jelelle entered my life very unobtrusively via email one day back in 2005. She was the manager of the business coach I was doing weekly sessions with trying to get myself free of my little painting contracting business. My coach had told me his manager would be in touch to arrange a phone call as he had decided to leave the company and I would be getting reassigned to another coach. A few days later, as expected, I received an email from Jill (Jelelle’s name at the time).

You’d have thought I was a 14-year-old boy seeing a naked woman for the first time or something if you saw me that day looking at my email. It was a very strange reaction indeed that left a part of me looking at myself with a weirded out look. ‘Are you Okay?’

As my life was at some really big turning points that year, I was drawn to check into the spiritual group my coach was a part of before I lost contact with him and so, some months later, I had driven down to Oregon to attend a seminar being offered. I had forgotten about Jill until a few days before the seminar when I found an article she wrote on the groups website. ‘Well, I guess, I’ll kind of know two people at the seminar’, I thought to myself, ‘my now former coach and Jill’, his former manager who I did end up speaking with for a few minutes a few days following the ‘weirded out’ email.

Jill and I greeted one another on the first day of the seminar and acknowledged the phone call from several months earlier. She said ‘I still recall on my notes from the call I had written and circled three times “someone I can connect with” [in regards to whom I’d like as a new business coach] as you repeated that so emphatically’. That pretty much said it about me then and it still does today.

What happened next is a long and amazing story (about 286 pages worth) and you can read that for free if you’d like as Jelelle mentioned we are offering her story of our beginnings today. PM or email me your email address at and I will send you the free PDF of Under The Bloated Banyan.

Three years after meeting Jill that first time, we finally became a couple. (I say ‘finally’ because it was my third time to bring an attraction. Life took off like a rocket, even more than it had three years prior when I left behind a stable marriage of 23 years and my Christian faith along with my entire social world as I knew it. Our much beloved spiritual group and its leader gave us an ultimatum to choose between dissolving our relationship or leave the group. It was abusive and we had the courage to admit what we’d been avoiding. It was time to go, but where? Jill and her daughter (Raianna) lived in California, and my little fine tuned livelihood was situated in Canada.

Wait, I’m telling the whole story again aren’t I? Like, I said, get the book.

What I’m really wanting to say today is something more vulnerable. I felt Jill was the biggest prize in this entire group and entering a relationship with her was so off the charts to everything I had dared imagine. Yet, I had done just that in the months prior, allowed myself to dream of a new life with the mate of my dreams before I could see her on any horizon of my life. Now, that I was in a relationship with Jill, it was a very good thing I had consciously chosen this and wanted this so deeply with everything in me, because the relationship called me to show up for what I wanted and tested everything in me. Our relationship got us kicked out of our beloved group and, then, the United States! Geographies, careers, families, all of it rumbled deeply to make room for what our souls had brought us to.

I entered a very socially secluded space in life where our relationship was not only at the center of everything, but was almost everything. The spiritual group was gone. Other than the grief of that loss to process, there was no social world we were a part of, other than Jelelle’s 15 year old daughterRaianna Shai and a few employees in my painting business, with whom we were friendly, but not friends. That in itself wouldn’t be that unusual, but what made it so bizarre was having a romance that was so utterly amazing with no place or people to digest it with or see its reflection, other than with each other. Each day seemed to take us to new places in connection, in heart, in desire, in sensuality and sexuality. This gave me the strange feeling of trusting the relationship more while also heightening the fear of losing it at the same time. The trust was more conscious I’d say and the fear more subconscious.

The one surviving piece being redeemed for us from the spiritual group we were a part of was awareness of parts of ourselves. I could see, feel and track the parts of myself and their needs in relation to all this unfolding. At times, I would go for a walk alone in nearby forest and have tears of amazement and appreciation at these amazing parts of me who could show up ongoingly for such an adventure, with so much change.

I still don’t know what I fell into. I’m still falling actually. Nine years later,…. looking for the handrails. Today, I will reach for the handrail of gratitude for the being named Jelelle this life, who I live and breathe with, where our average physical distance apart is about 11 feet.

Thank you, Jelelle, for BEing with me, with your exquisite BEing, for BEing in this adventure with me of love, of risk, of discovery and of service!


Photo was taken on our wedding day nine years ago in a small studio apartment in West Vancouver….Ah newlyweds, although we are STILL like this!

Jelelle and Raphael Awen

Energy Update: Expanded And Altered Realities As New Earth Arises From Within

By Jelelle Awen
It can be challenging to be ‘here’ and ‘here’ is expanding out in every moment, especially amped up by these December energies. My feet in the sand was soothing yesterday and yet, also, I let my consciousness take flight when it needed to. I had just gotten out of a powerful session with a facilitant/client who had been sharing from a higher frequency aspect of herself that we call the Gatekeeper. This need to hold higher frequency space for that unfolding, plus galactic sex with Raphael, plus a Metasoul aspect timeline of mine coming through strongly were all in my consciousness. In these moments, it is difficult to remain ‘in the body’ as I am in multiple ‘places’ at once.
Raphael and I were walking around the beach area here and it felt so much like a postcard. It LOOKS like a postcard already, yet the feeling of the reality outside of us being projected FROM inside us onto a screen was very strong…..along with a sense that none of it was actually real. All the activity of the merchants and buyers. The booming music and flashing tv screens. The children playing in the waves and the people too. The sand offered more realness, along with the crash of the ocean waves, and the squawk of the birds. The people mostly felt not real, in their own worlds and consciousnesses, in their own mostly 3D filtering of life that I honor, yet cannot resonate with or vibrate at any more.
I had the interesting experience of all sound of people being blocked out while I was lying with my eyes closed on the beach. There was only the sound of the ocean and the sensation of Raphael’s hand in mine. For that moment, I had a visceral sense of what it would feel like to open my eyes with the New Earth consciousness in place. What it would be like if my outer reality of higher vibrational consciousness matched the outer and the timelines truly split into two realities, one of denser frequency and one of higher. I saw and felt then Raphael and I walking down the empty streets of Puerto Vallarta, with very few souls still around to meet and greet us. I don’t know if this is where Ascension will lead us, but it was very interesting to feel this possibility.
The Ascension energies in this December corridor of 12:12 through the 12:21 solstice are inviting us to expand and open up to altered realities. Really to claim what OUR reality is and embrace it, even as if it has been judged as strange and different by 3D. And to see and feel how the 3D reality that parts of us have been conditioned to has also been an altered reality. A reality made flatter and safer by the five-sense limited settings and visible light spectrum. So little to feel when emotions are discredited! So little to see when the third eye/intuitive sensing is left out of the picture!
These December energies are potent in activating the third eye and yet, too, are inviting you into your higher heart. To breathe in and out from your sight ‘beyond sight’ and to compassionately take in what you see about yourself and others through your heart rather than Punisher-based judgements and filterings. To be OPEN in your heart with curiosity about whatever comes through, even those things and energies that scare parts of you.
Timelines are continuing to merge and overlap in big ways. You are invited to go beyond seeing and feeling anything as ‘in the past’, yet, rather that it is alive and vibrating with energy in the Now. If it is coming up for you, it is not a ‘memory’ or a ‘past life’, yet rather something that wants your attention because it is probably stuck or in trauma and needing love. Seeing things as ‘past’ or ‘ancient’ is a 3D filtering of 4D and higher realities to make them seem safer and more distant from us. You also begin to realize that you can change and alter these timelines that have seemed to be ‘from the past’, leading to exponential healing of karma. This is the process we engage with in SoulFullHeart sessions with people, quite amazing and transformative stuff!
THIS is a very alive and interesting phase to BE in. We are invited to accept it as it is and trust that every step is necessary to acclimate and calibrate to the transition and transformation that is coming and is happening in this Now!!
The photos were taken yesterday here on the beach… we were quite captivated by the stretchy clouds like cobwebs across the sky….unusual for here. This mermaid with wings ‘stuck around’ for almost an hour, hovering right over us. I felt she represented our star BEing self, a merging of the waters and of the angelic.

Jelelle Awen is Co-creator/Facilitator/Teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is a Soul Scribe and author of three books about Ascension, Divine Feminine and Masculine, emotional body integration through parts work, quantum healing through Metasoul Aspect connection, sacred union, light body transformation, and much more! 

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Letting In Joy That Comes From INtegration And INtimacy

By Jelelle Awen


Just feeling much joy in the moment, goodness about my life and where ALL this is headed….even when it is hard, dark, challenging, necessarily painful at times. THIS return to joy, the natural bubbling up of it that especially comes when you have gone in and through something difficult inside of yourself….it creates this sense of trust that it will be worth it to GO IN. To feel. To BE. To connect.

The veils continue to be so thin between other lifetimes that going in is doesn’t even seem optional at this point…esp. for those of us awakening. I have been in that inner process this week with a new Metasoul (‘past life’/other lifetime) aspect of mine from an ‘Ancient Greece’ timeline…that has been quite a bit to navigate at times. Feeling her tears and her fears…and in connection with a Metasoul counterpart from the same timeline of Raphael‘s which he shared about yesterday in his beautifully vulnerable posting about his process. These two Metasoul aspects had angst, power plays, are lovers and yet had little intimacy as they both tend to push it away. None of this feels like it is in the past or actually ‘ancient’ so these energies are strong and influential. As we bridged to them inside of ourselves, we then created a NEW bond between them….including beginning the process of changing a tragic outcome to their timeline.

The presence of these two Metasoul aspects of ours was around as we made love in the early morning, and I could feel them taking in the goodness, pleasure, heart connection, and soul connection that Raphael and I experience together. It is interesting to have Metasoul aspects ‘witness’ in this way, especially during love making, and it def. brings a wonderful, multidimensional frequency, a soul richness to it! And sometimes tears come as soul pain and karmic binds are washed out by love. It feels like such a blessing to have a partner go into these grounds with me, in the flesh, navigating all these dimensional realities and in life too.

The void can be an aspect of this process and may even be a necessary one for you, as I wrote about yesterday……yet, too, inviting self intimacy into your life with genuine joy and loving presence when you are ready then ALLOWS for intimacy to come with others in ways that are so nourishing, intimate, deep, and meaningful. These new textures of intimacy help wash away the trauma and pain from the previously dissatisfying experiences of relationships. Connecting with the parts of you that resist this intimacy, that want to protect you from getting hurt, that guard your heart, I feel is SO important to experiencing this intimate self relationship and with others too….it certainly has been for me and my Beloveds. You can read more about the process we offer around parts work/Metasoul connection and integration here:

Raphael and I will be hosting a live stream in about three hours….at 11:11am CST on our SoulFullHeart Facebook Page and You Tube Channel….you can ask us questions in the moment about ascension, spirituality, emotional body healing, parts work, the SoulFullHeart process, 3D/4D/5D selves, sacred union, sacred sexuality, connection with Guides/Metasoul aspects, disclosure. Ask in the moment or you can offer your question here and we’ll respond to it during the livestream, which will probably last about an hour:

We’ll also be hosting a SoulFullHeart group call on November 11 at 11:11am CST (couldn’t resist that lovely repeating number energy) offering teaching, guided meditation, and personal sharings for a $11 min. donation/energy exchange:

WE’d love for you to join us in the joy, the radical realness, the GIFTs and the learning….in the LOVE.


Jelelle Awen is an Emoto-Spiritual Teacher, Sacred Feminine and Sacred Union Facilitator, Soul Scribe, waySHOWer, and co-creator and teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is author of  Sacred Human, Arising Wonder: Ascension Through Integration Of Your Emotional Body With Your Spirituality and  Keep Waking Up! Awakening Journeys To Avalon And Beyond.

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This Sacred Union Dance With You

by Kalayna Colibri (for Gabriel Heartman)

G & K collage, 2017

With ease we love.

As love we breathe.

In each moment with you
with us…
a place of golden hues
and sinews of silky love tones
uniting our hearts, souls
and bodies too…

Years, lifetimes
and no time
bring poignant everythings
and love flow
like crashing waves upon a hungry shore.

In you I see me and the mateship within
With you I feel us and the starships of all
and in constancy the ceiling above
continues its upward flight
on cotton clouds of whispered rememberances
and newly arising constellations.

May we love until the stars fall backward
into laps of ancient gods unknown.

And our inward glances
bring new tidings
of a love that is meant for all!



Kalayna Colibri is a SoulFullHeart facilitator for women around (and under) the age of 30, energy healer, indigo-crystal bridge, soul scribe, and poetess. Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc. Visit our Patreon page to offer a money donation to support our offerings at

The Hum Moving Through: Poem Celebrating Sacred Union

By Jelelle Awen


This hum moving through…it’s yours, yes, AND it’s mine now too. You gifted it to me with your kingness coming into my bodily castle and easing into the throne next to and within mine.

It’s the vibration of US, tenderly toned together with life, with love, with fears, with tears. Was that yesterday that I felt such sorrow and you were there then too….just as present in the pleasure as the struggle.

This signature of our voices rising…….coming together in languages from other lifetimes, dialects of heart, spoken by our tongues, yet felt most deeply by our souls, and beyond words too.

The paradises and struggles, both, of other lifetimes move into this now with us. They snuggle into this bed and offer us both loss and gain, bliss and pain.

These other lifetime aspects play us the scenes of those previously forgotten experiences so we can now remember what we have been and ARE together and all that we might yet become.

How deep we go! How much we share and have shared together! How much more we have to experience! The Infinite Possibilities of this Infinite Love speak of ALL these truths in our common moments.

This is NOT just ours, it is not something that can be owned. It desires to be shared, so that others too can awaken to the siren song of sacred union within that draws to them THEIR frequency of heart, soul, body, and mind mate….adding their unique tones together to the Hum of Universal Oneness.


For my BEloved counterpart soul mate Raphael Awen… makes part of him a bit shy when I write and share in afterglow but, also, I believe he LOVES it too and what better inspiration is there?!  This photo of Raphael and I reminds me of our Lemurian Metasoul aspects and their life together, which is coming through in the now…Rae-Na and Rae-Nor, beautiful energy, beautiful union, much to teach us….more about connecting with Metasoul aspects with your counterpart soul mate here:

This Sacred Union Adventure With You

By Jelelle Awen

This is one of my favorite photos of Raphael and I, here in Mexico at a remote ranch with our dog Koda

Ah, my love…..I’m feeling grateful for this adventure with you….a life LIVED in the fullness of every moment, arising without expectation or force or planning or strategic effort. Just arising ANEW!
My explorer being on missions with you… Into the INNER realms we go…..places of soul journeys and heart domains and body planes that open out into more and more vistas of wonder and newness. Into the OUTER expression of a bountiful experience on ALL levels, practical to transcendent, that connects itself back in ALL ways to our love.
There is NO ONE I can imagine journeying with as so many soul aspects of us already ARE from and in the stars. Our connection and all its expressions spanning so many ages and periods and timelines. Already, we are united in the exploration of the next unknown frontiers…and so it is too in this Now.
This adventure with you, into the next and the next….a life LOVED in the realness of every moment, creating with authenticity, open heart and mind, our worlds to experience together.
I am honored to continue, to choose, to seek, and to BE on this journey of LOVE with you on a mission to Infinite Possibilities and BEyond! ❤
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The Inner Dance of Sacred Romance



INside every MAN lies a Queen to his King.  A Goddess to his God.  For any MAN who seeks sacred romance the journey begins in his own heart.  An active engagement to find Her among the settled ashes of the old relationship to WOMAN.  For she is not of that mold.  She has no cage yet is the container for the arising King to shine.  This is new kind of hunt, one that doesn’t seek to dominate, but rather to integrate.  One that experiences the union first INside in order to set the ground for what can transact on the outside.  

This has been referred to as Heiros Gamos, or the Sacred Marriage.  More an external ceremony that represents what happens internally.  This inner mating gives birth to your Self.  Your inner belonging and self-love that cannot be taken away, unless by your authority.  This union fills you with your own worth, power, and desire as a MAN.  You feel your own goodness, vulnerability, and sensuality.  It courses through you like electric pulses and flowing water.  This sends out ripples that cannot go unnoticed by the one it is intended for.  

Feel Her come in and out of your field like a dancing flame and a wind swept leaf.  Let Her command your attention to that which is unattainable.  Unknowable.  Smell the sweet scent of lavender and jasmine.  Sense the grace of her movement and the softness of her touch.  Let it enter you and enliven you.  Taking away the edges and straight lines that can get too rigid and tight.  Take flight into Her grounded chaos and stellar flight.  Beauty is elucidated and never held static.  She is always arising, shifting, dying, and birthing,  She is alive with the passion of presence.

Bring to Her your desire for MORE.  Your passion to feel your own core masculinity shine by the reflection of Her vibration.  Your need for growth and Self-knowing.  The awakening of your soul gifts and to feel the glorious ecstasy of Her portal to heights unknown.  Build your castle within to honor Her presence INside you… as YOU and for YOU.  She is a gift to your evolving Self, your sacred emerging MANhood.  She is always there but you must woo her and pursue her.  She will make it all worth it.  

As you do unto Her, you do unto WOMANkind. This shifts the old dynamic collectively and She can’t help but to notice.  You are a light of tender heart, brave soul, and passionate lover.  You seek Her NOW for you are filled in your own BEing for it can’t help but to want to MANifest itself in this physical dimension.  Like a reservoir ready to tear down the dam.  It cannot, will not, nor does not wish to be held back any longer.  It is ready to find its counterpart other to enter into the unknown dance of Sacred Romance.

Gabriel Heartman is an emoto-spiritual teacher, men’s facilitator, energy healer, writer, poet, and heartist with the SoulFullHeart Way of Life.  Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc.

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