The Challenges Of Moving Into A Higher Timeline

By Jelelle Awen



It is NOT easy to move into a higher timeline. To extract from 3D life, from so much conditioning and expectation, from well worn habits and patterns and reactions……It is NOT easy and, at times, it can be very painful and hugely challenging. It can be very often saying more ‘NO’s’ to what isn’t your higher timeline than it is saying, ‘YES.’ It can feel like all you are saying is, ‘no’ as you help parts of you separate from what is no longer what you want as you embody your higher self into your body. It can be saying No to relationships that were once beloved yet are no longer supporting your highest expression and intimacy desires. It can be saying No to previously beloved habits that you now realize are self harming or destructive. This no saying is held with increasingly trust that it will open up more ‘yes’ and more possibilities of love as you are willing to claim and advocate for what you really want and most serves the love that you ARE.

It can be so challenging not to fall into victim, finger pointing AND yet to feel the harm that has occurred for parts of you AS you hold that you chose it all as a soul. This, for us, is where parts work comes in as you identify the parts of you that feel victimized and WHY they do and help them move into more mature adulthood. You set higher standards for yourself, with your parts, and raise your maturity level through this process and THIS moves you into your higher timeline taking your emotional body along with you. Without this self propulsion, it is easier to stagnant, ceiling out, remain flat and attached to 3D life and relationships.

Yes, the current love and light energy influxes are here to help us out in this very challenging ascension process. But, the degree that we can actually let them in is up to each of us and the self negotiation with the parts of us that block, stall, and are anchored in fear. Letting IN these love and light high frequencies is where our self sovereignty and choice comes in, either deflecting or receiving….either changing or resisting. The universe lets us choose and THIS is what makes the process both very magical and also seemingly very challenging at times.


Jelelle Awen
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